Why Self Healing is Important for Healers?

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Updated: Feb 2021.

Self – Reiki means giving Reiki to oneself.  If you are attuned to the first level of Reiki, You can self-Reiki Yourself and of course, give Reiki to anyone by placing your palms on body parts.

Reiki is a spiritual healing energy that basically intends to balance the energy and maintain the energy equilibrium.  What happens when you Self-Reiki?

When you Self-Reiki you pass healing energies to yourself, your aura and your chakra system, and the whole existence of you including – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

These all layers of our existence start to align themselves, as we regularly self-Reiki.  It is very obvious in our day-to-day life that sometimes we get upset, angry, depressed, and it’s a way to react to different situations in life, and that’ completely ok.

But when you self-Reiki on a regular basis, you become more balanced and deal with such situations in a more practical way.

Do healers need to Self Reiki?

Every being is made up of energy and healers do need to self-reiki.  Reiki Practitioner acts merely as a Reiki Channel and though whenever he sends Reiki to others, he gets healed and balanced, it is necessary to Self-reiki.

Though the method and technique may differ according to their Attunement level.  If you are an Ist level attune, then you should place your hands on your body parts and give Reiki to each of the 26 points for the first 21 days after the attunement.

For the second level and Master attunes, it may not necessary to place your hands on the body and give Reiki to each of the body parts.  It is sufficient to place hands on the main seven chakras and give Reiki.  But Self-Reiki is a must for every Reiki  Practitioner.

How Reiki can help you?

As everyone knows, Reiki is a spiritual Healing Energy, it works for the highest interest of the receiver.  on a physical level, Reiki is of great help to remove any physical pain.  It is excellent in Stress Management.

Today most of the diseases are psychosomatic in nature which means these diseases have their root in stress or mental tension.  Reiki sessions can greatly beneficial in stress-related problems.

The first and foremost feature of Reiki is that it provides instant relief from anxiousness and relaxes the person.  Even if you are receiving the session for the first time, you will feel relaxed.

On a mental and emotional level, it heals the traumatic impressions on the subconscious mind and balances the person on an emotional level.

Spiritual level –  Reiki is not a religious but a spiritual energy healing modality, which works for the highest interest of the receiver. Overall it is difficult to say on which level Reiki is working, but it always flows where it is needed.

Self Reiki and  chakras

Reiki 1 includes giving Reiki to 27 points, which includes major and minor chakras.  When we self-reiki, these chakras get cleansed, and blockages if any, get removed.

Even if we just look at the points (Head) we place our hands on top of the head, forehead, ear, temples, eyes, cheeks.  All these points are important for getting guidance from higher realms.

Top of the head (Sahasrara Chakra), Forehead(Third Eye Chakra/Agnya Chakra), Temples (Ear Chakras). Ear chakras help us to connect with Angels.  Likewise, the third eye chakra and Sahasrara chakra are related to spiritual experiences.

So when we give Reiki to these points, we clear all the blockages and can easily access the Higher guidance and that is what needed while working as a Reiki Healer.

The same is the reason when people say that after Attunement they can easily get connected with Angels, Higher realms, and higher vibrations.  But it does not necessarily mean that every individual can get connected to higher Realms after Attunement.

Same as with other major chakras like Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar, Sacral, and Root chakra.  These are the main chakras but we have numerous subtle chakras in our body.  We have chakras like star chakra-above our head and below our feet (earth chakra).

Chakras are located basically in our auric field and not in our physical body, but when we heal our gross body, the subtle body gets healed and vice versa.  But placing your hand on your body is also important, as touch itself can heal a person.

As an advanced healer, you can heal yourself just by intending to heal, or activating Reiki around your aura, or by creating a Reiki shield around yourself are the few ways to give Reiki to yourself, but the importance of Self- Reiki cannot be denied.

Self-Reiki – An easy form of holistic healing

Whenever you give Reiki to yourself, remember you are not healing only your physical body but also other seven subtle bodies at the same time.

Not only that, everybody part is related to an emotion, so while we are giving Reiki to a body part we are also healing our emotions at the same time.

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The other way to heal ourselves is to talk with our bodies.  We can talk with our body parts and can give suggestions and instructions to our body.

It is now proven that every cell in our body has consciousness, and can understand what we are talking about.  Hence it is always said always talk positively, as every cell of our body is listening to what we are saying and react accordingly.

So how amazing is that, a simple act of Self-Reiki and total health on all planes.  What is your experience of Self-Reiki?

I know sometimes for the Reiki 1 practitioners, it’s time-consuming since it consists of 26 points to cover every day.  But it is important for the cleansing of the body and it must be done to get better health.

If you need any tips and suggestions on how to simplify Self-Reiki pl let me know in the comments below, I will be more than happy to answer your queries.

Also, all my Reiki friends who are attuned to the Second degree, let me know the ways you practice self-reiki, I will be glad to include it in my blog post.


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2 thoughts on “Why Self Healing is Important for Healers?”

  1. Hi
    I love reiki i also love spiritual healing so i am always interested in learning more about this.
    I think there must be a great fulfillment doing reiki helping people feel relaxed and cleansed from the inside out.
    The set up of the page is so nice and laid out well great advertising/

    Regards Tracey

    • Hey Tracey,
      Really Glad that you connect with Reiki amazes. Giving Reiki to others and lessen their stress, is a great fulfilling experience. Basically, the main intention of Reiki is to balance, balance on all levels, but it starts working where it most needed.
      Reiki always amazes me how it operates differently on different people according to their different situations, and so you will find the name of my website Reiki Amazes!
      When I think about the whole process of how Reiki works on all aspects, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, I go speechless. I find myself very blessed, that Reiki is a part of my life.



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