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Many of you requested me to send  Reiki, so here is the easy way to!                                                                                              

Just fill in the details, and you will be listed to receive free distant healing!

Every Tuesday, I will send distant Reiki who are enlisted.

Why Tuesday?  You might be thinking that no?

Astrologically, you should pay your debt on Tuesday, so that you will be free from debt as soon as possible (Tip !)

We all are indebted to the moment we born on Earth.

This is my little effort to give my services to all of you, for free.

I have created a short video so that you can receive free Reiki healing every day.  Watch This Video. anytime you need a Reiki boost.

But this “Request a Reiki” will be added to my weekly list of the members.

Once you are enlisted, you will remain on my list until you request to delete your name from the list.

P.s. Please send your latest photo, if possible to shubh@reikiamazes.com

How to receive Distant Reiki Healing?

Every Week I am sending Distant Reiki Healing for free through Chi Ball, as a service to all of you.  Now how to receive this distant Reiki Healing.

It’s quite easy. sit in a comfortable position, or lie down.  Now intend to receive the Reiki distantly.  For a few minutes concentrating on your breaths.

Now say in your mind that I am ready to receive the Distant Reiki Healing sent by Shubhaangi, for the highest interest of me.

You may feel a sensation on your crown chakra, or some may feel a tingling sensation in Agnya/Third eye chakra.

It may take 10 minutes or more, intuitively you know that you received the Reiki.

If you wish, as a thank you note you can Like my Facebook Page Reiki Amazes.


Love, Light, and Reiki.

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7 thoughts on “Free Reiki Healing – Request a Reiki !!”

  1. I have a question for you:
    May I use your symbols in public?
    The reason for my question is that it looks perfect and is in the perfect colour.
    Hoping for a positiv answer.

    Best regards

    • Hey Jette,
      I am not sure of which symbol you want to use? If you are talking about Reiki Symbols on my site, pl feel free to download it and spread the knowledge of Reiki. None of the symbols are particularly mine, all are meant to use for the healing purpose. The only condition is that you should be a Reiki Practitioner, otherwise you will not know how to activate these symbols, other than that there is no harm ever so.
      You also mentioned that you want to use it in public, I don’t know what you mean? But if you are asking if we should use it on net or discuss symbols, pl read about it in Reiki Symbols Secret or Sacred?
      Hey, Do you know that today is Dr. Mikao Usui’s Birthday, let’s wish him – Happy Birthday Dr. Mikao!

      If you have any other queries, pl let me know I will be more than happy to answer them:)

  2. Hi Shubhangi,

    Surendra here, i had asked for free healing, how do i send my pic as asked in website.

    Once you are enlisted, you will remain on my list until you request to delete your name from the list.

    P.s. Please send your latest photo, if possible.

  3. Hello,
    ı wonder is there any difference between bioenergy and reiki if so which one is more efficient a what for used they.
    and will you please tell me and what can ı do for my problem.. ı initiatory bioenergy o mount ego but ı couldn’t start to use it because of don’t know how and not sure if it efficiently please tell me haw ı ma going to start to use this energy for me and for the others..
    once upon a time ı also initiatory kundalini reiki and love it very much.

    thank you very very much all my purpose is to heal myself and the other please help me
    with love
    hakan alkan

    • Thanks Hakan,

      Bioenergy, Ki, Prana are the different names of the same energy which resides in all of us. I am glad that you are initiated in Reiki and if you do not know how to practice it, contact your Reiki Teacher. I am sure you will be a profound Reiki teacher.
      Also, you can search on Youtube for more information about Reiki and of course, you can go through reikiamazes.com to learn more about this amazing healing modality.

      Start practicing Self-Reiki, slowly you will gain the confidence of practicing with other people.

      Much Love & Reiki

  4. Thank you so much for helping me when I really needed help. Your reiki though distantly performed not only reached me but worked through my aches and pains in systematic and soothing vibrational form.. The best was there was an instance where I felt so light that I saw myself with closeed eyes drifting up. A new experience.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you dear healer and pure soul❤️

    Best of light and love ✨✨✨✨

    FIza Khan


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