Money Reiki – Easy Way to Abundance and Prosperity !

Money Reiki – Easy Way to Abundance and Prosperity !


Human being is the finest creation of the Almighty.  Mankind evolves from billions of years from an amoeba to the most powerful creation of the God.

God has given every possible resource to the Human kind to evolve itself.  The five elements the Earth, fire, Water, Air and Space are given to every living creature without any restriction or limitation.

The Universe is ABUNDANT in nature, be it the Earth, Water or any other element.  It’s the greedy nature and negligence from the  mankind, we started lacking these resources.

The existence of the human being on this planet is so well structured and well planned which is beyond imagination.

We have everything that we need to live our life span on this planet without any major problem or difficulty.  We have gifted with  fertile earth to produce anything that we want, we have given water and fire, air and space to make our existence remarkable on this planet.

HE has given these resources without any discrimination to everyone –  small or big, black or white, rich or poor.  Actually when the human species born on this earth, or evolved there is no discrimination as such.  All the resources were equally available to all.

The greed and selfishness of man created imbalance in the lives of the human beings.  So now our society worldwide facing these problems of – Haves and Have nots, rich and poor.

But there exists a  Divine Spiritual Energy of Money, to everyone’s avail.  You just need to tap it.

Money Reiki  by Stephanie Brail,

Stephanie was inspired to Money Reiki in a meditative state.

Money Reiki is not a get rich scheme.  Money Reiki enables you remove the negativity that you hold around money. MONEY-REIKI-DOLLAR

Money Reiki teaches you that with persistent application of energy healing with proper action, you can gradually overcome your financial problems.

Money Reiki is more about clearing out the negative energy in relation to money.

Money Reiki can work as a tool for manifestation for yourself as well as for others, as it washes away the negative energy.

Affirmations do not work for me

Sound familiar, lot of people complain about it.  If you are one, then try Money Reiki first. Money Reiki makes a perfect adjunct to prosperity, abundance work you are doing.

Money Reiki should be done first to help up your energetic system so that affirmations will have a stronger effect.

It may take time.

Money Reiki may take time, if you have many past lives that have embedded negative experience in your psyche.  The best part is you don’t need to know the issues, energy will do the work.

We all have different issues about money so results may differ from person to person.

MONEY-REIKI-DOLLARMoney Reiki is more than just Money Making Method.

Money Reiki is not just  all about how to achieve abundance and prosperity but it includes three different kinds of energies, and how to deal with them.

1.Your Personal Money Energy.

2.Tribal Money Energy.

3.The Spiritual Energy of Money.


The Spiritual Energy of Money is pure energy of Money that exists on spiritual plane, which is filled with love, light and generosity.

Money Reiki heal your personal money energy and tribal money energy, and increases the frequency of Money on the planet.

Money Reiki affects the planet.

Each person who uses Money Reiki, directly and indirectly lift the vibration of money.  The energy around  money becomes more positive.  As people interact with money, they will be subtly touched and inspired to do better thing with it.  Practicing Money Reiki will indirectly heal other people from negative addictions of Money.




Money Reiki is best used on Physical objects as well as on situations.

Send Money Reiki to your Computer, Laptop and other equipments, if you are using for making money.

Send Money Reiki to your Debit card, Credit card, pass book, checkbook and any other financial tools.

Put Money Reiki on all your resumes, when looking for a job.

Give Money Reiki to money itself, whenever you handle physical money bless it with money reiki, so it will come back to you again manifolds.

Money Reiki helps to remove the negativity from the cash and help the vibration of money supply.

MONEY-REIKI-DOLLARThree Levels of Money Reiki.

Money Reiki includes three levels, with each level your skill to deal with  your money problems improves drastically.

Each level is assigned with some symbols to clear the negative energies/ beliefs of clients regarding money.  Money reiki has seven symbols in total, the last three symbols of GrandMaster level are most effective,with high frequencies.

Money Reiki Practitioner

Money Reiki Master

 Money Reiki Grand Master                           

The most amazing thing about Money reiki is, it teaches you to bless the money energy.  Every time you spend, you bless the money as well as the receiver of the money.  No doubt, this practice increases the frequency of the Money, yours too!

Your feelings and energies towards Money become more of a Gratitude rather than of negativity.  As your personal frequency changes, naturally the money flow increases in your life.

The application of Money Reiki in your day to day life is endless and helps to solve the money problem in people’s life and lead them to a life of Prosperity and Abundance.

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12 thoughts on “Money Reiki – Easy Way to Abundance and Prosperity !”

  1. Wow what an extremely interesting article and product – I can think of a few world leaders that could do with reading through this Money Reiki experience (maybe we’d get a better world to live in all round!). 

    Could you maybe elaborate on how Stephanie Brail gets us to hone in and remove the many negative thoughts and feelings related to money – is this all done through the power of perssausion or simple meditating?

    Did the teachings actually work for you?

    • Hey Chris,

      Money Reiki is not a get rich quick scheme.  Stephanie or I never mentioned it once, that after attuning to Money Reiki you will be rich over night.

      Money Reiki cleanses your negative vibrations, thoughts about money from this life or previous one.  Slowly, you get rid of your mindset.  It is all about what you think, thoughts influenced us in a positive or negative way.

      Money Reiki can create a different world altogether, as it removes any negative feeling towards money.  Money Reiki is not all about meditation, yes meditating on symbols help you a lot.

      Dollar Symbol Meditation with Money Reiki

      Does Money Reiki helped me, yes, tremendously and that’s why I am promoting on my website.

  2. You are absolutely correct in saying that we should all have an abundance of earth, fire, water, air and space, but it is our own negligence which dictates what we end up having in the end.

    Money Reiki looks like an excellent alternative for people who battle with affirmations. I agree that it is very difficult to think positively all the time. I know reiki uses symbols and hand gestures for various different things. Is it the same with money reiki? Are there certain gestures that you do to bless the money and the person receiving it?

    • Hey Michel, 

      Money Reiki has have different symbols, which can be used for cleansing and manifesting.  But in Money Reiki you do not need to place your palms on your body like in Reiki, but on the money itself or your documents all related to money and your business.  But Reiki is the base of the Money Reiki, if you are attuned to Reiki, it is more easier to absorb the Money Reiki energies.

      It is a very easy method to bless the Money and the Receiver – Just say I thank you in the mind, whenever you receive or give others.  If possible always give Money Reiki to your cash by placing your hands on it.  

      Affirmations simply don’t work if you have a negative mindset,  Money Reiki is all about cleansing negative believes around money.

      Read here – Why Affirmations Don’t Work?

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