Money Reiki Master – Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity!!

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Money Reiki Master is the next step towards Abundance and prosperity!

What You will learn in Money Reiki Master Level?


GOLD POT.Attunement to Three New Symbols.

Types of Attunements

How to pass the attunements to your students

Attunement Guidelines

Pricing Money Reiki.

How to make Crystal Clear Intentions?


Learn How Money Reiki Master Level can help You!

Money Reiki Master level enables you to do a perfect cleansing and healing Money Reiki session for yourself and your clients.

The new symbols first removes the negativity, any mental and emotional blockages, and  make it really easy to manifest one’s wishes with the help of Manifestation symbol.

With Different currency symbols and by inviting Spiritual Energy of Money, you engulf the person with Money Reiki.

It’s a beautiful experience to heal and offer your services for Financial healing.


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