Dollar Symbol Meditation with Money Reiki (Updated)

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Money Reiki is a branch of Reiki, by Stephanie Brail. Stephanie guided towards Money Reiki in the trance.

Money Reiki basically aimed to cleanse negative energies around money. Money Reiki is not a get-rich-quick scheme, on the contrary, Money Reiki slowly cleanses your thinking pattern and negative karma regarding money.

Money Reiki starts with the practitioner level and gradually leads you to become a Money Reiki GrandMaster.

Read More on Money Reiki – Practitioner, Master, and GrandMaster

Money Reiki has many powerful symbols throughout each level. The first level of Money Reiki is Money Reiki Practitioner Level.

In this first level, you get attuned to the Dollar Symbol, one of the most popular currencies in the world. Though you receive only Dollar Symbol in the first level of Money Reiki, Stephanie allowed attuning to other currencies of the world as well. So powerful isn’t it?


You can attune yourself (after GrandMaster Level) to these currencies or you may request your Money, Reiki Master, to attune you to the desired currencies like Euro, Rupee, Dinar, Yen, Pound or any other currency.

I strongly recommend you to get attuned to all the major currencies in the world, thereby you will be able to activate any currency, whichever is needed in a particular situation.

For e.g., if your business is on an international level, you can activate the particular currency of a particular country and thereby can attract more clients from that particular country.

How to use Currency symbols like Dollar Symbol?

Once you are attuned to the Money Reiki Practitioner level, you have a few symbols in your arsenal, you must practice these symbols in your day-to-day life. The more you practice the more your frequency gets attuned to these currency symbols.

Here are some ways you can practice Currency Symbols.

1. Visualize any currency symbol like Dollar, Euro, Pound, etc on your palms, activate Money Reiki and the particular
symbol by intoning its name thrice. For eg. Dollar symbol, Dollar symbol, Dollar symbol.

2. Visualize the golden yellow rays and Dollar Symbols emitting through your palms, and now send Money Reiki to your all financial documents like bank passbooks, infused with Money Reiki.

3. Give Money Reiki to your electronic devices that you use for business purposes like laptops, and cell phones for increased sales and business. Follow the above procedure and send Money Reiki to all devices.

4. Send Money Reiki to your office or to your working space, if you are working from home daily, visualize the space in golden yellow light and intend that it is cleansed and cleared from any negative energies that are hindering your financial growth.
After Master and Grand Master attunements, you have more powerful symbols like Golden Pyramid and Clearing symbols to help you in this process.

5. You can use Money Reiki stickers to enhance the Money Reiki energies in specific areas. For eg. stick Dollar Symbol stickers inside your wallet, purse, locker, or your water bottle.
Stickers are versatile and you can use them wherever your want. Send Money Reiki to these stickers before you start using them. and if you are not attuned to Money Reiki, check out my Money Reiki Infused Stickers.

Dollar Symbol Meditation

After you get attune to the Money Reiki Practitioner level, you get Dollar Symbol. I always insist on meditating on the symbols.

You need not worry about the perfect way to meditate with symbols, you just need to focus on the symbol with the intention to receive any specific guidance on how to apply this symbol in your daily life.

Benefits of Meditating on the Money Reiki Symbols

Reiki works for the highest interest of the receiver, so there is no right or wrong way to apply Reiki or its symbols.

Each one may receive different directions or guidance relating to its uses, and that’s perfectly fine. Each one has its own money related to baggage and karma, that needs to be cleansed specifically with the help of spiritual guidance.

And that is one of the major reasons to meditate on each symbol, whenever possible. Another benefit of meditating with Reiki Symbols is that the energies of each symbol are different and you need to adjust to these frequencies.

Whenever you meditate with symbols, you are subtly attuned to the energies of these symbols very well, and symbols start to work magically for you.

The more time you spend to attune your energies with symbols, the more you get versatile in its uses. Once you are familiar with how symbols work, it’s become quite easy to use it in your daily practice. You intuitively know which symbol to be used in a particular situation for the best results.

Step by Step Dollar Symbol Meditation

Always practice meditation when you have ample time, a minimum of half an hour. Never rush through the meditation process, You may finish your meditation within 15 or 20 minutes, that is fine. Once you are done, you automatically came to know.

Even after you finish your meditation, allow your body to slowly come back to normal. Do not suddenly get up or make any sudden movement of the body part, it may be harmful as it gives a sudden jerk to your brain.

Allow your body to slowly return to normal, and slowly make some finger/hand movements or leg movements.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position or lie down. Totally relax your body and mind by focusing on your breaths for some time. Take deep breaths and slowly exhale. Slowly you will find your breaths are calmer and relaxed. Take as much time as needed to achieve this state. This is the most important state. Unless your breaths are slow down and calm, there is no use to continue further.
  2. Do not worry if you find it difficult to totally focus on your breaths, if you are practicing meditation for the first time, it’s going to be a tough job for you. Practice daily and within a few days, you will be able to focus fully on your breaths.
  3. Once totally relaxed, invoke Reiki and Money Reiki. Reiki symbolizes a pure white light whereas Money Reiki can be visualized as a Golden Light.
  4. First activate Reiki, the way you are taught to, then activate Money Reiki. Visualize a Pure White Light on your Crown Chakra, take a few moments to feel any vibration near Crown Chakra. Most of the time you get a tingling sensation whenever you activate Reiki and concentrate on Crown Chakra. Some may see different colors in Third Eye Chakra.
  5. Once you activate Reiki, also activate Money Reiki, a golden Light entering through your Crown Chakra.
  6. A mixture of White rays and Golden Light entering through your Crown Chakra. Slowly it goes down to each Chakra up to the Root Chakra.
  7. Pay special attention to any vibration, color or guidance as Reiki passes through each Chakra.
  8. Work more with Root Chakra, as all of you know, Root Chakra is primarily related to money and any related problems.
  9. Once done with Root Chakra, see the light reaching to your legs and toes, and engulfing each and every corner of your room. You must be aware of the flooding technique of Reiki. Allow Reiki to flood through your body and cover each and every object of the room.
  10. Now activate Dollar Symbol, by intoning it thrice in your mind. Visualize a rain of Dollar Symbols, engulfed with white and Golden light, entering through Crown Chakra, reaching to each Chakra till Root Chakra.
  11. Use flooding with Dollar Symbol, allow Dollar symbol to flood through your body and filling the entire room with Dollar Symbol.
  12. Visualize the room flooded with Dollar symbols of every size.

Advanced tip of the Dollar Symbol Meditation

If you are an advanced Meditation practitioner, and used to meditation, here is a tip for you!

Only practice this when you are comfortable with the above step-by-step meditation.

Once you reached the level where you can easily flood Reiki, Money Reiki, and Dollar Symbol through you, move to the next step.

Let the Reiki, Money Reiki, and Dollar Symbol flood through you, now shift your focus to your breaths.

Observe if your breaths are calm and study.

Now practice inhaling Reiki (Pure White Light), hold for a second or two, and now slowly exhale Pure white Light.

Always visualize this Pure White Light cleanses and removes any negative thoughts, negative karma, any money related hexes from your aura.

Try this for 5 minutes or as you are guided to.

Now inhale Money Reiki (Golden Light), hold for a second or two, and now slowly exhale Gold Light.

Always intend, you are filled with Gold Light and you are attracting Abundance and Prosperity in your life.

As you get used to this technique, now intend while inhaling Golden Light, that You have become a Money Magnet and you attract Money wherever you go.

Try this visualization as much as you need, intuitively you will come to know when it’s done.

You can Visualize, the rainfall of Dollar Symbol over you, and start to inhale Dollar symbols in tiny form and exhale Dollar Symbols.

Continue until you are guided.

Meditation is not only meant for spiritual benefits, but it is a tool to connect with your subconscious mind. Use Meditation in your daily life, to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Be creative with Meditation and Visualization, and I bet, Meditation will become a part of your daily routine.

You can meditate on any of the Money Reiki Currency Symbols i.e. Pound, Euro, Dinar, Rupee, and so on, in the same given method.

Let me know about your experiences with this meditation.  This meditation can be done by anyone but will be more effective if you are attuned to Money Reiki.

Learn Money Reiki

Love, Light, and Reiki.

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2 thoughts on “Dollar Symbol Meditation with Money Reiki (Updated)”

  1. This is one of the best money attracting meditations I have ever come across! Thank you for sharing this. I am very appreciative. I can feel the Reiki energy flow from this meditation going down into my crown chakra and expanding out through my aura. It feels very nice! Blessings and Namaste to you!

    • Thanks Carrie,

      Meditation is one of the best ways to convey your wishes and dreams to the sub-conscious mind. Meditation can be and should be used as a manifestation tool.
      Dollar Symbol Meditation is very easy in a sense that we all know what a dollar sign is and you need no more practice to be familiar with the symbol. The dollar symbol is already imbibed in our conscious. So the first part is already down. The next important thing is to go into a meditative state and visualize yourself that money is flowing into your life.
      I am glad that you liked it:)


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