Free Vasudha Symbol Training & Attunement

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I am excited to share with you Free Vasudha Symbol Training &Attunement.

The Vasudha Symbol holds immense power to attract abundance and prosperity into your life. However, before you can manifest anything, it’s crucial to work on your mindset. Often, the root cause of our problems lies in our thought patterns and beliefs. That’s why I’ve created a comprehensive video training on the Vasudha Symbol Attunement, which many of you have requested.

This attunement is divided into 10 parts, each carefully designed to help you unlock the full potential of the Vasudha Symbol. So, if you’re ready to attract abundance and transform your life, this training is for you!

What’s included:

1. Introduction of Vasudha Symbol
2. Various Symbols for Abundance & Prosperity
3. Origin & Meaning of Swastika Symbol
4. Swastika & Symbolism
5. How To Draw Vasudha Symbol
6. Meditation on Symbols
7. Usages of Vasudha Symbol
8. Tips for Reiki & Money Reiki Students
9. Healing Chakras with Vasudha Symbol
10. Vasudha Symbol Attunement

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