About Me and Reiki

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Here’s My Story!jivita

Hey Friends,

Welcome to Reiki Amazes.

I am jivita from Mumbai, India – Reiki Master Teacher.

First and Foremost, I want to pay my Gratitude to Savitribai Phule, without whom, Indian Women were never able to learn and have her own identity.

Reiki has been a guiding force throughout my life since I first started with Reiki.

Reiki introduced itself to me back in 2003,  you are right, Reiki discovers you and not vice-versa.

Now when I look back,  found myself a totally different person. Reiki works on me really hard, and today I take this opportunity to share my story with all of you.

Reiki is pure energy, each and everything is made up of pure energy. So when there is an imbalance, at any level, physical, mental or emotional,  there is no better solution than Reiki.

Reiki and its effect cannot be described or proved in medical terminology but can be proved with the help of Kirlian photography. 

When I introduced to Reiki, I had no idea how  Reiki is going to evolve me as a much better person at different stages of life, though the path was and is not easy, I take a sigh of relief as Reiki is always with me.

Today I give my introduction as a Reiki Master, just to let you know that I have completed all the three levels of training, all the attunements, all the years of hard practice on myself and others. It’s my personal opinion that one cannot master Reiki.  Each and every day we teach and learn something new. It’s a process of evolution, it’s a process of how you relate Reiki to yourself, your situations, your atmosphere, and your near and dear ones.

I like to call myself a mere Reiki Channel, and I am so grateful to the Almighty, that I am given the opportunity to channel the Reiki where it is needed.

I have worked as a yoga Teacher, Vaastu expert, Tarot card Reader, as an astrologer and I love Crystal therapy, and I surprisingly found that all therapies teach you about the five elements in this Universe.  The whole Universe is interconnected via five elements.

These different modalities teach us how to clean our energy systems, personally, I found Yoga and Reiki are the easiest to learn and apply.  Both Yoga and Reiki have scientific shreds of evidence to prove their importance in medicine.

How I Got into this work


When I first introduced to Reiki, in 2003, was the toughest time of my life.  One of my friends asked me to take a Reiki Class, as Reiki is known for the most effective relaxing therapy which heals you on the deepest level of your existence.

Since thereon, I attuned to the different levels of Reiki and Karuna Reiki.

What Inspires me

nature inspires me


Nature Inspire me, The Sun, moon, earth, flowers, animals everything about nature inspires me.  Music and Reading are my hobbies.

I am very fond of P.L.Deshpande, great Marathi writer, you can find his work on Amazon.

What do I believe?

I believe Reiki is one of the easiest alternative therapy, to learn and practice.

Reiki is beyond caste and creed and can be activated by anyone.

Reiki works for the highest interest of the receiver.  Reiki does not do any harm to anyone.  Reiki is constructive energy, which guides you whatever is the best for you.

My Leisure Time Joys


Yoga is one of the guiding forces in my life.  Practicing Yoga gives me immense peace and satisfaction.  At the same time, it is one of the most effective stress-relieving methods. I am a certified Yoga teacher and had been teaching yoga for many years.


Angel Card Reading

Angels are a very important part of my life.  Each and every day, I get guidance and help from Angels.  I am grateful to Angels, as they introduced me to my soulmate.  I continue to get their guidance through Angel Card Reading.

Educational Experiences

  1. Yoga Teacher

  2. Reiki Master Teacher

  3. Karuna Reiki Teacher

  4. Money Reiki Grandmaster

  5. Master in Astrology, Numerology

  6. Master in Vastu Shastra

  7. Angel Card Reader

  8. Tarot Card Reader

  9. Numerology

  10. Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) Practitioner

  11. Law of Attraction Coach

  12. B.A. degree from Sathe College, Vile Parle.


How I Become Solopreneur!

One fine day I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, and it changed my life totally!

I had never thought that one day I will have my own websites because I don’t have any training in Computers!

But after joining WA, I realized that having websites and managing your business, does not need any technical knowledge, at least on the WA platform.

Check Out  My WA Profile, !!


Hey Friends, enough of me:)).  So if you need any of my services feel free to contact me HERE,  and here’s a Free 7-day course on “Heal with Your Hands”, hope you will like it!

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