Cho Ku Rei – Symbol of Power, Protection and Prosperity!

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(Updated: June, 2022)

CHO KU REI  is one of the most popular symbols in Reiki, used worldwide.  Cho Ku Rei is not only used in Usui Reiki but also in other forms of Reiki and Martial art. The main function of Cho Ku Rei is to provide power, protection, and prosperity.Transparent 1-CKR.png

Cho Ku Rei is popularly known  as Power Symbol, as the meaning of Cho Ku Rei is generally described as “Place the Power of the Universe here.”

The Origin of Cho Ku Rei 

The name of the Usui Reiki Symbols are the Japanese Kanji or the words in the Japanese language.  Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki (emotional and mental symbol), maybe a combination of Sanskrit and Japanese Kanji as Japanese Buddhists sometimes combine Sanskrit with Japanese Kanji in their sacred writings.

The meaning of Cho Ku Rei can be described as:

Cho – Curved Sword (sickle) which draws a curved line.

Ku –  To enter something and produce wholeness, to produce space where nothing exists.

Rei – Spiral, essence, mystical power that which is not explainable.

In short, Cho ku Rei produces wholeness and heals in a mystical way which is beyond explanation.

Cho Ku Rei is pronounced as Cho-koo-ray and one of the ways to activate the Cho Ku Rei is to repeat its name thrice.  Most of the practitioners start Reiki treatment by activating Cho Ku Rei.  Cho Ku Rei helps in empowering the Reiki practitioner.  It is rightly known as the “switch” to activate the healing energy in the Reiki practitioner.

Cho Ku Rei Symbol is very easy to draw and memorize. Learn how to draw Cho Ku Rei.

You must be a second degree of Reiki practitioner to activate this symbol.

Difference between Clockwise and anti-clockwise Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei can be drawn in a clockwise as well as anti-clockwise direction.

In a traditional Usui Reiki, an anti-clockwise Cho Ku Rei is popular and most practitioners follow this tradition.  As Cho Ku Rei Symbol is used for the amplification of power, it can be used in any situation.

But some Reiki Practitioners believe that Clockwise Cho Ku Rei should be used and is more powerful to eliminate the excess energy in some situations.  Some Reiki Practitioners use Clockwise Cho Ku Rei in critical cases like Cancer to reduce the energy.

In my personal opinion, Reiki is an intelligent energy and works for the highest interest of the person, it should be advised not to dictate the Reiki energy where to flow and in which area it should be reduced and where to increase its flow.

In my experience, any such intention to guide Reiki energy is of no use, Reiki flows where it is needed and for the highest interest of all!

Honestly, I have tried many times to direct the flow of Reiki energy, but to no use!!

Reiki Energy flows where it is needed!! 

What is the double Cho Ku Rei Symbol?

Double Cho Ku Rei is a Symbol of Karuna Reiki – Kriya Symbol.  Traditional Usui Reiki does not have any symbol such as double Cho Ku Rei.

Many students are confused between Kriya – A Karuna Reiki Symbol and using Cho Ku Rei Symbol.  Kriya Symbol includes both clockwise and anti-clockwise Cho Ku Rei Symbol.Kriya-Symbol-Karuna-Reiki.png

It has to be drawn simultaneously, with both hands.

There is a great difference between Kriya and Cho Ku Rei Symbol.  It must be made very clear that traditional Usui Reiki has only four symbols –

  1. Cho Ku Rei

  2. Sei He  Ki

  3. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

  4. Dai Ko Myo

The first three are second-degree symbols and Dai Ko Myo is a Master Symbol.  The traditional Usui Reiki consists of these four symbols only.

Kriya is of a Karuna Reiki Symbol and has a totally different way to draw it, with an altogether different purpose.  Kriya Symbol is mainly used to manifest the material goals.

How to draw Cho Ku Rei Symbol?

Cho Ku Rei is a very popular symbol, so there are many versions of how to draw it.  Every Reiki Practitioner has its own way to draw and teach the Cho Ku Rei to the students.

1. With a Thumb:  Using Right hand/dominant hand, fold four fingers and use the only Thumb to draw the symbol.

2. Using Index finger:  Using only the Index finger, draw a symbol.

3. Using coned fingers:  Most popular with Reiki Practitioners, using coned fingers – Index and Middle finger, to draw the symbol.  Joining these two fingers form “PRAN MUDRA” which is a very powerful Mudra in MUDRA VIGYAN.PRAN-MUDRA.png

Pran Mudra basically improves your Immunity and is a cure for all diseases.

So to improve the immunity of the person, it works very well with Cho Ku Rei.  It is well known that Cho Ku Rei is used for amplification.  Cho Ku Rei amplifies whatever you put your intention to!

Pran Mudra works well with Mooladhara/Root Chakra.  So any problem related to the Root chakra, using this Mudra + Cho Ku Rei, helps immensely!

Draw Cho Ku Rei with Index and Middle finger!

4. Using Three Fingers:  Thumb, Middle and Ring FingerApan-Mudra.png

Form APAN MUDRA by holding these fingers together.   Now draw Cho Ku Rei.

I found using this method very useful, as Apan Mudra cleanses the negativity and works well with Heart Chakra.

So try this method of using Apan Mudra + Cho Ku Rei for clearing negativity and problems with Anahata/Heart Chakra.

5. Same way you can draw symbol using all your fingers together, but it is not mentioned in Mudra, still popular with some Reiki Practitioners.  Though we find that it is very popular mudra in BharataNatyam- Mukula Mudra.Mukula-Mudra.jpg

Mukula means a bud, but it also denotes the following meanings:

  • A lily flower
  • Eating
  • Manmatha with his arrows. (God of love or the churner of hearts)
  • Holding the Signet
  • Navel
  • Flower or a Bud

So, maybe beneficial with Heart Chakra and Manipur Chakra!

6. Draw Cho Ku Rei symbol with your palm.

Drawing symbols using your palm is another popular way, visualize the Reiki energy flowing from your palms, while drawing the symbols.

Is it just a visualisation without any scientific base?Draw-CKR-by-palm.png

NO, it is now proven fact that Energy Healers emit Alpha and Theta waves through their hands, so it is rightly called “REIKI HANDS.”

In the early 1980’s the frequency of trained healer’s hands were measured by Dr. John Zimmerman, (University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver), using a SQUID(Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) and found the surrounding bio-magnetic field of trained healers hands vibrated at alpha and theta wave ranges compared to the hands of non-healers.

7. Attunements are the amazing part of the Reiki Journey.  Second Degree Attunement enables one to send Reiki distantly with the help of symbols.  But the Master Degree Attunement enable one to send Reiki just by intention!

Miracles began after Master Attunement!  You don’t need to draw symbols physically every time.Third-Eye-CKR.jpg

Masters can draw any symbol or send Reiki just by intention!  Draw Cho Ku Rei with  Ajnya Chakra/Third Eye Chakra.

Imagine a beam of light through your Ajnya Chakra and making a Cho Ku Rei and heal the situation.  This is very useful when it is not possible to draw a symbol by hand, like in a crowded place.

Heart Chakra is another Chakra, which works best when sending Reiki through Chakra!  Imagine a beam of light through Anahata/Heart Chakra – spreading love and light where needed!


Just with an intention, you can send Reiki to any place and in any situation!





8. Another way to draw Cho Ku Rei is to draw with your tongue!

yes, draw Cho Ku Rei with your tongue on the palate mouth, if you want to work with Reiki in a secret way!

How to use Cho Ku Rei for Power,  protection, and Prosperity.

The Cho Ku Rei is a unique symbol which can be used effectively for power, protection, and prosperity.  Let’s take some examples where Cho Ku Rei is used for power, protection, and prosperity.

Cho Ku Rei for Power and Protection

Many Reiki Practitioner starts the Reiki session by drawing the Cho Ku Rei (CKR) symbol on the palms.  There are many minor chakras on the palms, so to activate minor chakras on the palm and amplify the Reiki energy, it is a popular way to draw Cho Ku Rei symbols on the palms.

Draw Cho Ku Rei on all the walls and windows, ceiling, and flooring to clear the negative energy and make the surroundings safe for your session.

An easy way to clear the negativities in the room:

1. draw Cho Ku Rei on all walls in a clockwise direction. (wall 1-2-3-4)

2. Now draw Sei Hei ki on the corners of the walls in an anti-clockwise direction. (Start with wall 4-3-2-1).

Sometimes, new second-degree attunes do not feel the Reiki energy flowing through the palms.  It is best to draw Cho Ku Rei Symbol every time you practice Reiki.  Once you are attuned, Reiki naturally flows through you but sometimes it may take time to feel the energy.

Same way, if you did not practice Reiki for a long period, you may feel that Reiki is not flowing through you.  In any such situation, start Self-Reiki daily, and use Cho Ku Rei Symbol frequently.

Draw Cho Ku Rei Symbol on each chakra of a person to heal and protect from negativities!  Cho Ku Rei is beneficial for treating depression and cases of low self-esteem.

To boost confidence draw the Cho Ku Rei on the Mooladhar/Root Chakra and Swadhisthana/Sacral Chakra with the intention to boost and protect the chakras simultaneously.

Cho Ku Rei and Foodprotect vegetables-with-CKR.jpgCharge-water-with-CKR.png

Draw Cho Ku Rei on Food, water and every edible before consuming, thus protecting from mal-effects of chemicals.

Applying Cho Ku Rei on edibles give protection as well as strengthening.


Protect everything you want by Cho Ku Reiprotect-house-with-CKR.jpgProtect-family-with-CKR.pngprotect-house-with CKR

Protect yourself, your kids, family members, home, pet, plants with Cho Ku Rei!

Draw a Cho Ku Rei on everything you want to protect!!

Read more about how to Safeguard Your Loved Ones with Cho Ku Rei


Cho Ku Rei and medicationsprotect-medicines-with-ckr.png

Allopathy comes with its own side effects which are very harmful. Every medicine and drug has it’s own side effects.

Always apply Cho Ku Rei to medications to reduce its side effects.

Cho Ku Rei for Prosperity

Cho Ku Rei is also known as “Power Symbol” – as it amplifies your intention and give power to it.  Cho Ku Rei Symbol is used with combination symbols for different results.

For prosperity use  CKR

CKR + SHK (Sei Hei Ki) + CKR for clearing and healing money related blockages.

CKR + HSZSN (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) + CKR for healing financial issues in the past / past lives.

Draw CKR and clear the blockages especially on lower chakras i.e. Mooladhara(Root), Swadhisthana (Sacral) and Manipur(Solar plexus) chakra.


CKR and Abundance Checks:Abundance-Check-with-CKR.png

To write Abundance Checks on the New Moon is a very popular ritual.  To amplify and seal the energy of the Abundance Checks draw CKR symbols on the four corners of the cheque.

You can also draw other prosperity symbols like Midas star and Vasudha symbol in combination with Ckr, if guided to.

Another simpler ways to gain prosperity through CKR Giving-Money-CKR.png

Draw CKR on all your currency (notes and coins) while receiving or giving.  By doing so, you’re wishing abundance to the receiver also, as You get back what you give to others a million times.  Never forget to draw the CKR symbol while giving money to anyone.


Draw CKR on your debit/credit cards, on your wallets, Bank passbooks, cheques, and all documents relating to money with the intention to gain abundance.


Mani means jewel or precious stone, in Sanskrit and  Hindi, Manipur Chakra is a source of financial abundance.  So heal your Manipura Chakra for material things.

Marble Blue Cho Ku Rei Reiki Symbol

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Try to align in your lower chakras, as lower chakras indicate the material things in the Chakra system.  Mooladhar, Swadhisthana, and Manipura chakra play a very important role in achieving material things.

Reiki Symbols can be used in a number of ways, there is no right or wrong way to use these symbols!  You can use as it as you are guided to.

I would appreciate it if you let me know by commenting below what your preferred way to use Cho Ku Rei in your Reiki practice is.

Just remember, only second-degree attunes can use these symbols, and don’t forget to intone the name of the symbol thrice every time you use it!


But that does not mean that only Reiki attunes can use these symbols, those who are not attuned to Reiki can also use these symbols in a safe way!  Want to know how non-Reiki attunes can use Cho Ku Rei?

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Love, Light & Reiki.

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  1. Wow. I too do know all the things discused by you but
    You have done it nice and clear.

    God bless you.

    Lover n light.

    • Wanda, once you are attuned to Reiki, you never loose your symbols or Reiki, once attuned always attuned. So not to worry, just practice it more and you will be able to channel Reiki and its symbols efficiently.
      How to practice Self-Reiki? Read Here:

      • Hi..
        Thank you and Gratitude to u..believe me I dont how I got engrossed in ur website and started reading..
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        Did level one and 2 and practicing since a 3 years now…recently got attuned for master…

        Still my practice is to connect with hon sha zen sho ne….but I am confused do we need to draw master symbols and connect or with hszsn…

        And when and where ti use serphant sign

        • Congrats Sheetal for completing your Reiki Master Level, the whole new world of amazing magical happenings are awaiting you. If you are haaving any doubts, you can always connect with your Reiki teacher.
          I would suggest you concentrate a few minutes on each symbol whenever possible for you, it will make symbols clear for you. Master Symbol and HSZSN have different features. The master symbol works best on the soul level while HSZSN can be drawn for distant healing. You can read my article Does Reiki Distant Healing Work?
          Serpent symbol is of Karuna Reiki Symbol. Now you have attuned to Master level, you can learn and attune to Karuna Reiki.
          I wish you all the success.

  2. Hi,
    I was attuned to Ran Sei as a Master Symbol for Usui Reiki, my master uses that one instead of Dai Ko Myo. I have been trying to find more information online, but I haven’t been lucky. Have you heard or do you know more about this symbol?

    • Hey there,
      I have not heard or find any information about Ran Sei Symbol. I am very curious, can you pl send me the snap of the Symbol and any information about it.
      Reiki has many symbols, besides four main symbols, from other Reiki Masters, so you will find many variations of the same symbol also, use them as you are guided to.
      You can also meditate on the symbol, for further guidace, and if this symbol is attuned and passed on to you during your Reiki Attunement, nothing to worry about it.
      Practice it and see what results are you getting, I would appreciate if you share the symbol with all of us:)

      Love,Light & Reiki

  3. Thank you very much for such important and small small effective ways to use Cho-Ku-Rei symbol. Please accept my gratitude for sharing in such simple language. Thank you once again.

  4. Hi Shubhangi,

    Thanks for such an amazing knowledge, I wanted to ask that is it necessary to Draw Cho Ku Rei everytime to activate other Transitional Symbols? By making sandwich or can we just use them without drawing CKR.

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