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Welcome to Vasudha Symbol Attunement!

Vasudha Symbol is one of the powerful symbols to attract abundance and prosperity.  If you want to attract or manifest anything, first you need to work on your mindset.  Many times the root cause of many problems lies in our thought patterns and many beliefs.

I can’t resist recommending a book that I read most of the time when I struggled with any problem.  It’s Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.  This book changed my life in many ways and I am sure it will change yours too.  So I am adding this book in PDF format in the resources area, feel free to download it from the link below.

Many of you requested me for the Vasudha Symbol Attunement, so I decided to create a Video training around it.

The attunement is divided into 10 parts:

  1. Introduction of Vasudha Symbol
  2. Various Symbols for Abundance & Prosperity
  3. Origin & Meaning of Swastika Symbol
  4. Swastika & Symbolism
  5. How To Draw Vasudha Symbol
  6. Meditation on Symbols
  7. Usages of Vasudha Symbol
  8. Tips for Reiki & Money Reiki Students
  9. Healing Chakras with Vasudha Symbol
  10. Vasudha Symbol Attunement

Also do not forget to check the individual pages, as I have added many resources for this Vasudha symbol attunement like PDF document, images of Vasudha symbol for lamination, links to useful resources, and so on.

Though I have a video uploaded on my Facebook Page Reiki Amazes, I thought it will be easier for my readers if I upload training on my website.  So here is the Vasudha Symbol Attunement for all of you.

I Wish Abundance & Prosperity To All!

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