Money Reiki Healing Empowerment

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Welcome to Money Reiki Healing Empowerment

Money Reiki Healing Empowerment is a tool given by Stephanie Brail, who gave us Money Reiki.  Money Reiki is a branch of Reiki and Stephanie got inspiration in a meditative step to develop this form of Reiki.

Money Reiki Healing Empowerment (MRHE) is a powerful technique that combines the principles of Reiki with the specific focus of healing and cleansing any negative karma or contracts related to money. While a regular Reiki session aims to restore balance and well-being in all aspects of life, MRHE hones in on the financial dimension, helping individuals to release any blockages or limiting beliefs that may be hindering their financial abundance.

It’s always good to start with MRHE, as it helps strengthen the person’s energy system, so they can handle the full attunement of Money Reiki.

Even if you are already attuned to Money Reiki, it’s always better to go once in a while through Money Reiki Healing Empowerment. It serves as a gentle reminder to regularly assess and adjust your money energy, ensuring that you are always in alignment with your desired financial goals.

Through this ongoing healing process, you are able to cultivate a greater sense of abundance consciousness, attracting more opportunities and prosperity into your life.

  You can use all the Money Reiki and Reiki Symbols if you are already attuned to it.

But if you are not attuned to Money Reiki, one can use only the Golden Pyramid Symbol, while offering MRHE.


Golden Pyramid Symbol is a very powerful symbol of Money Reiki, and it does most of the cleansing work it needs to be done, before passing Money Reiki attunements.

It goes deep into the energetic layers, clearing away any negative beliefs or patterns that may be blocking the flow of money and abundance. It’s like pressing the reset button on your financial energy, allowing you to start fresh and open up to the limitless possibilities that abundance has to offer.

MRHE is a gentle attunement that lifts up the money vibration of the recipient.  So to receive Money Reiki Healing Empowerment set aside 10 or 15 minutes, switch off cell phone or any other distractions.  You need to be mentally present in the whole process, otherwise, it will be not effective.

  1.  Sit comfortably in a chair or lay down to receive MRHE.  Mentally intend to receive healing empowerment.
  2. Concentrate on breaths for a few minutes.  When breaths become gentle and calm, imagine Golden Pyramid descending and spinning clockwise.
  3. You can also call upon Archangels and higher energies like money devas, to cleanse any negative money karmas and contracts to be cleared.
  4. Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael can help you greatly, visualize Archangel Raphael healing all your money related worries and problems.
  5. Visualize Golden Pyramid opening up and swallowing any negative money karma and contracts.  Don’t rush through this step.  Then visualize all the negativity is transmuted and released.  Alternatively, you can visualize, negative money karma and contracts vaporized and disappeared.  Some may get a visual of black clouds getting disappeared.  Anything is fine and different people may get different visuals.
  6. Once you are done, ask Archangel Michael to protect you from any future hexes and bad money karma.
  7. Now visualize Golden sunlight descending upon you and filling your entire aura. Engross this visual in your mind.
  8. Slowly open your eyes and say Thank You to all the higher energies that were present in this Money Reiki Healing Empowerment.

Money Reiki Healing Empowerment is finished and you are ready to receive your Money Reiki Attunements, whenever you feel right.

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How is MRHE different from traditional Reiki?

While traditional Reiki focuses on overall wellbeing, MRHE specifically targets financial energy. It uses unique symbols like the Golden Pyramid to address money-related issues.

Do I need to be attuned to Reiki to practice Money Reiki?

While being attuned to Reiki can enhance your experience, beginners can still practice MRHE using the Golden Pyramid Symbol.

Who can benefit from Money Reiki Healing Empowerment?

Anyone seeking to improve their financial situation or relationship with money can benefit.

Can Money Reiki Healing be done remotely?

Yes, MRHE can be performed remotely, similar to traditional Reiki, as it works with energy that transcends physical distance.

If you are guided to take Money Reiki Healing Empowerment again, feel free to go through the process.  If you are a Money Reiki student, you can give yourself and others MR healing empowerment sessions.

If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to comment below, I will be glad to know your opinions.

Reiki Blessings,


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6 thoughts on “Money Reiki Healing Empowerment”

  1. I am interested in getting attuned and intiated into money reiki. If I could know how much is the fee for attunement, I can arrange and be ready.
    I have completed 2nd level Usui reiki.

  2. Madam i have done Narayan Reiki mean Reiki Basic and Advance course. I want to take money reiki to learn from you. Kindly guide.

  3. Can you please advise a protocol I can use or follow for money reiki? with the symbols and how to use them in order? Such as zibu?

    thank you


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