Money Reiki Master’s Symbol – Easy Tools to Manifest Abundance & Prosperity

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In Money Reiki Series, we have discussed Dollar Symbol Meditation with Money Reiki as a part of Money Reiki Practitioner Level.

The next is Money Reiki Master Level – Which has three symbols: GOLD POT.

  • Euro Symbol
  • Manifestation Symbol
  • Golden Pyramid Symbol

Euro Symbol

Among these three symbols, you can use and meditate on Euro Symbol, same as with Dollar Symbol.  Dollar symbol, Euro Symbol are the currencies of a particular part of the world.

Any particular currency is not the energy of money, as one currency may not be valid in another country.  But these Currency symbols can be attuned and activated for different reasons.

First of all, any currency symbol- be it Dollar, Euro, Yen, or whichever is the currency of your country, can be attuned in the first level of Money Reiki.

Once attuned and activated, it can help to lift up the vibration of money.  I attune all of my students to all the major currencies of the world like the Dollar, Euro, Yen, Rupee in the first level of Money Reiki.

This way  you can use and practice these symbols for different situations like:

  • Manifest opportunities in your own country with your currency.
  • Manifest opportunities in other countries with different currencies.  This particularly is helpful if you work on the International level.
  • These different currency symbols can be used to attract work, business, and opportunities from the countries which use these currencies.
  • Regular use of these currency symbols also raises the money vibrations for those countries.

Before using these symbols it is important to:

  • Infused symbols with Spiritual Energy of Reiki.
  • Glowing with white/Golden Light.

Manifestation Symbol

Manifestation symbol is one of the most powerful symbols of Money Reiki.  Before using any symbol, it is important to get attuned to it.

After the attunement, it is important to practice these symbols with paper and pen, until you get used to it.  I always suggest practicing the symbols on paper first, once you are good at it with pen and paper, you can easily visualize it any condition.

Visualization is important whenever you practice Reiki, Money Reiki, and Symbols.

Manifestation Symbol is also known as Completion Symbol.  It is the most powerful symbol when you want to manifest things in your life.

Manifestation symbol can be used in two ways:

  1.  Manifest things money reiki master's symbols-GOLD POT.
  2. Attract things to you. (Always remember to use these symbols for honest and ethical purposes. Never misuse these High Vibration Symbols for Selfish purposes.)

How to use Manifestation Symbol for manifestation?

Before using and activating these symbols, a meditation on the symbols is necessary.  Even 5 to 10 minutes of focused meditation will bear great results.

First of all, activate the Manifestation Symbol,

Write down your wish or what you want to manifest on a piece of paper.

You can also use Affirmations to manifest, affirmations directly work with your subconscious mind, so give better results.  Choose an affirmation which you most relate to or get attracted to.

Draw Manifestation Symbol, on your wish and on all the four corners of the paper.

Give Money Reiki for a few minutes or till you guided to.  Now fold it and place it in your Money Reiki Box.

How to use the Manifestation symbol to attract things (Clients. money, job, etc)?

First of all, activate the Manifestation symbol.

Hold your hand out, palms up, visualize the Manifestation Symbol vibrating on the palms of your hand drawing and attracting goodness to you.

Practice this daily for 5 minutes.

Golden Pyramid Symbol

Golden Pyramid Symbol is a 3 D symbol, Visualize Golden Pyramid rotating on its base in a clockwise motion.

Golden Pyramid symbol mainly used as a cleansing symbol.  It can clear deep karmic issues surrounding money.

While giving distant attunement or distance Money Reiki healing, use it to clear any money related obstacles.

Ask for any negative Money Karma or Contract to be cleared.  Visualize in your mind, Golden Pyramid opening up to swallow the bad karmas or contracts relating to money.

These are then transmuted and released.

It’s always better to first activate Golden pyramid for a few minutes or as much as necessary with intent to clarify any negativities with the particular person or a situation.

Then activate the Manifestation symbol, it will give you a better result.

Where to use Golden Pyramid symbol?

Be creative while using Golden Pyramid symbol.  Always remember its basic function while using.  Since its main purpose is cleansing, you can use it innumerable ways.

  1. Activate and use on your laptop, or device you use for your business to cleanse any negativity around it.
  2. Activate and use the Golden Pyramid in your office or in any room, to cleanse any negative vibrations relating to money.
  3. Activate and use it in your Cash box.
  4. Laminate it and keep it in your Money Reiki box, Wallet and Purse.
  5. Every day, for a few minutes, visualize Golden Pyramid over your head and cleansing all your aura.


Imagine many different situations, where you can activate and use the Golden Pyramid and the Manifestation symbol.

Now it’s your turn, let me know in the comments below at least one situation where you can use any of the above symbols.

Be creative and if you have any questions, suggestions let me know in the comments below.  If you like my post, pl share it with your friends and family.

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Thank You,

Love, Light & Reiki.

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8 thoughts on “Money Reiki Master’s Symbol – Easy Tools to Manifest Abundance & Prosperity”

  1. I knew that this was a thing that people would visualize having the money and it would often come into their life with more focus. A new thing that is starting to pick up steam is people making a video with lots of money in it and counting it and saying if you watch this video daily you will attract the money. Do you think that this actually works?

    • Jonh there are many ways of attracting wealth & abundance. One method may not be suitable for all.  Generally, we can say that if you are attracted to a particular method to attract wealth & abundance, it will work for you.  Your energy matches with a particular way of attracting things in your life.

      There are various methods to follow, choose which suits you, for eg. visualization, affirmations, switch words are all different ways of attracting things or ways to work with your subconscious mind.  Or you can use all of them, one cannot say which one is better.  It’s just what suits your energy level that matters.

  2. HI, Shubhangi!
    I love astrology. I am passionate about it for years already but didn’t decide yet to create a website about. I have even prepared a book about Astrology but didn’t “polish” and published it yet. I am now more into online and affiliate marketing. But, I am sure I will start in the future hat website as well. I did even study Astrology for three years.
    However, never done Reiki. I didn’t learn any other alternative discipline, skill o technique. Though, I believe in vibrations and a “higher spirit”. Karma (action) is also a point many argue about. Your own actions from the past and the present ones will build your future ones. It is a life cycle. Maybe with money as well. I know that there are people attracting money and people block money to come into their pockets! There are people saying it is your karmic influence. Astrology is a way to combat such influences. I wish I could know more about Reiki. Your site and tips will help to know more about this skill.

    Thanks for tips on how to attract money!

    Best regards,

    • Hey Igor,

      it’s great to know that you have a deep interest in Astrology.  It’s a very deep science, and hard to grasp in detail.  Excellent that you have written a book on the subject.

      The one theory that I believe most is karma theory, it’s most logical.  As we sow, so we reap, that all about karma.  You have control over how to react happenings in life.

      The way you react today decides your destiny of tomorrow.  Very strange though, happenings in your life is the outcome of your yesterday’s deed.  So it’s important to keep a watch on our karma.

      Reiki can help greatly if you believe in it.  It guides your life in such a strange way and keeps you on the track.  Also, Reiki always works for the highest interest of the receiver.

      It’s so astonishing, so I always say Reiki is amazing, it amazes me every day – so the name of my portal is Reiki Amazes!!


  3. I am a Reiki Master for many years, is there a difference to practice money reiki to help others break through financial barriers?

    • Welcome Randi to reiki amazes.
      Yes, there is a definite difference. Money Reiki is a specialized branch for tapping the spiritual energy of money. It more geared towards releasing any negativity around money.
      Through traditional reiki, we can definitely heal the person and situation but difficult to overall heal if the person has a negative mindset about money.



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