Learn Money Reiki – Attract Abundance & Prosperity

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Money Reiki Cleanses, Protects & Prosper You!

Money Reiki is a Spiritual Energy of Money and it can, for sure solve your money problems.  Once you are attuned to Money Reiki, your financial life greatly improves with the newly gained Money Reiki vibration.

Money Reiki has 3 levels:

Money Reiki Practitioner

Money Reiki Master

Money Reiki Grandmaster

In each level there are some Money Reiki Symbols, which help you to cleanse any negative debris from the past and present life.

Money Reiki also has a specific symbol, which cleanses as well as protects you from future financial accidents and trauma.


Here is What You Get:

Money Reiki Practitioner Manual
Money Reiki Practitioner Symbols/ PDF

Money Reiki Master Manual
Money Reiki Master Symbols/PDF

Money Reiki GrandMaster Manual
Money Reiki GrandMaster Symbols/PDF

Attunements For All Three Level

All future updates

Also, All The Support & Coaching You Need To Build A Successful Money Reiki Website

Meet Jivita

I am jivita, Reiki Master Teacher & Money Reiki GrandMaster.

Certified Yoga Master Teacher

Law of Attraction Coach

EFT Practitioner

Read More About Me Here



Money is as abundant as air.

Prosperity is a way of living and thinking and not just money or things.

With several years of practicing Reiki, I was constantly wondered if there is a way to have Abundance & Prosperity for all. Accidentally I found Money Reiki by Stephanie Brail.

I learned Money Reiki & started applying it to my daily life. Slowly but definitely, I started seeing results.

Astonished by the results, I started teaching Money Reiki, as I have a passion for helping people achieve their dreams.

I am honoured by their Feedback ?

I came to know about Reiki first time in 2013 at my worst time & I felt good.

Then several times she personally gave me reiki. After taking reiki I’m feeling relaxed & calmed in my life.

I am feeling very proud of jivita and her website Reiki amazes. wish you all the best. God bless her – Varsha Dave

“The Money Reiki Course I took was GREAT!

At first, I was a bit skeptical and scared because I did not know her. As soon as we met for the first time VIA Zoom, I felt instant relief. I knew I could trust her in training and attuning me to this beautiful energy. She taught me a lot in the time we had together with this course.

I highly recommend this to anyone seeking more fulfillment in their lives, especially those who are here to enrich the lives of others. Now that I have been done with this course for a couple of weeks, I can tell a big shift in my life. Abundance in all areas of my life has shown up. I have also used the Reiki in healing sessions on others, they have also felt huge shifts in their lives.

I am so grateful for her continued support as I continue to walk the path of Reiki.” – RMehl

Thank you jivita, that’s awesome. The master attunement was marvelous. I am honoured to work with you. – Claudia

In a nutshell, here is what you will get when you take Money Reiki Course.

Money Reiki Combo is a package of all three levels of Money Reiki. 

Yes, it’s in the PDF form and as provided by the author Stephanie Brail, in its original form.
To help my students understand the concept in more detail, I added extra study material like a PDF for all symbols which you can print and practice.

Also, I provide many articles on Money Reiki written by me which include different techniques of meditation and the difference between major Money Reiki Symbols.

  • You will receive attunements for all 7 symbols in video format.
  • You will also receive Money Reiki Healing Empowerment for free if you want.
  • You will get email support during the course and even after you complete the course for life:)
  • You will get a Completion of Money Reiki Certificate.
  • You will also get a chance to write for Reiki Amazes for which otherwise I charge $20 per article submission. 

This is to help you hone your skills as a writer and establish yourself as an authority in the field.

You will also get a Special Bonus from Reiki Amazes, where I offer my students to start their own Reiki or any other website. 

It includes a free website + Hosting + Basic Training (includes 120 lessons) + my personal guidance to set up your business.

Buy Money Reiki Now! Energy Exchange: Rs. 3645.00

Click Here to buy Money Reiki in INR

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