“Does Reiki Distance Healing Work?”+ All About The symbol Hon Sha Zen sho Nen.


Reiki I is more of a hands-on or in-person Reiki.  It teaches you about your physical body, its parts, related emotions i.e very basics of Reiki.  Definitely, the basic or foundation must be very strong or profound. Unless you can not build a very successful Reiki practice and principal in your and other’s life.

When you follow the 5 principals of Reiki, religiously practice the self-Reiki for the following days, you started noticing little changes in your life, intentionally or naturally.  Impressed with the ongoing changes and results while practicing Reiki, very naturally you decide to go for Reiki II.Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen.jpg

Reiki II gives you more power and strength, to tackle different situations and problems.  Reiki II attunement empowers you with more healing capacities by offering you three symbols- Cho Ku Rei (Power Symbol), Sei he Ki (Emotional Symbol), and Hons Sha Ze Sho Nen/ HSZSN (Distant Healing Symbol).

The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is pronounced as Hon-Sha-Zee-Sho-Nen, and it can be activated by repeating its name thrice.

The Meaning of the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Hon – The center, the essence, the source, the beginning, the start out of itself.

Sha – Shining

Ze – To walk in the right direction.

Sho – the goal, aim, honest being.

Nen – silence, to be open in the deepest being of your nature (who you are)

The General meaning of the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can be described as no past, no present, and no future, so it is said that HSZSN works beyond time and space.  We can send energies by invoking HSZSN, to the past – to heal trauma, to the present – by connecting and sending energies to any specific goal, target, person or planet, and to the future – visualizing it for a specific situation.

Another version of the meaning beautifully describes the meaning and purpose of the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is – The Buddha in me contacts the Buddha in you.

Buddha is a title given to –  one who is awake or risen or enlighten/woken up to reality.

The purpose of the symbol is to bring down the energy into your Anahat Chakra/ Heart Chakra and open the mind so that Reiki can operate beyond time and space.  Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen acts as a bridge for energy to flow.  Though important particularly in Absent Healing, it is used always.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is a very powerful tool as it can be connected to the past, present, and future for healing purposes.  HSZSN widely used for the Absent Healing – you can heal a person in his absence/healer does not need to give in personal healing.

You can send healings through HSZSN – it acts as a bridge between healer and healee.

You can connect with higher energies, angels, and Archangels, for guidance through HSZSN.

Does Distant Healing work?

Yes, your doubt is right when you ask this question.  Generally, we believe in a Scientific theory which states that the greater the distance from an energy source, the weaker the energy becomes. So how is it possible to a Reiki Channel to send the healing energies to the other side of the planet?

James L. Oschman – a Scientist, explains holistic healing, in this interview.

According to James Oshman, there are many concepts in Physics that mediate distance healing.  One of the examples is of scalar waves, which work beyond time dimension and their effects do not diminish with the distance.

What are Scalar waves, watch this short  video


So by now, it’s very clear that our DNA and BRAIN are the two most important things, which enable one to connect beyond time and space dimension.

DNA creates scalar waves, as well as receives scalar waves if it is in tune with the frequency.

Scalar waves do not decay over time or distance.

No information gets lost.

other some less known facts about DNA

DNA emits and absorbs light, and is the so