List of Body Parts And Related Emotions to Give Reiki

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In my last article, 26 Reiki Points For Self Treatment – refresh yourself every day, we discussed the 26 body points for Reiki treatment.  But many asked me for detailed body parts and their related emotions.

So, this is the list of our body parts and their related emotions.  How fantastic is it that when you practice for 26 Reiki body points, at the same time you are treating your said emotions as well?

Our body reacts to the way we feel our emotions.  Our emotions play a major role in our body’s overall health condition.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.

Body Parts and where you feel the emotions!





Self-Reiki helps you a lot in keeping your body, mind, and soul in total harmony.”

So never miss your Reiki Practice.  Mere 15 minutes a day and you will be in total charge of your health in most cases.


Have You ever thought that these body parts stores your emotions?  I think Reiki is the easiest way to heal your body, mind, emotions at the same time, Do Reiki


Body parts and related emotions!



ForeheadIntellectual expression
EyesWindow of the soul, how we see the world
EyebrowsIntuitive center, 3rd eye chakra, emotional expressions
EarsCapacity to hear, good or bad
Noserelated to smell, sense and self recognition
Mouthcapacity to take in new ideas, survival issues.
Faceit expresses various masks of our personality, it also shows how we face the world.
JawAny kind of tension here, indicates blockages of emotional and verbal communication, fear of expression.
NeckIntellectual thoughts and emotions, stiffness in neck is due to withheld emotions.
Arms and handsExtensions of heart center, shows both giving and receiving capabilities, expresses love and emotion.
Chestrelationship issues
Heartcenter of love and emotion
Solar Plexuswisdom center and power issues
Abdomenour deepest feelings stored here, seat of emotions.
Pelvis / Overayroot of basic survival needs, seat of Kundalini energy
Genitalsrelated to Root Chakra, survival issues, fear of life and existence
Thighstrust in one's own ability, personal strength.
Kneesfear of death,fear of change, fear of responsiblity.
Calf musclesself control issues
Lower legfear of action, not able to take action towards goals.
Anklescreates balance
Backall unconscious emotions and tensions stored here.
Shoulderfear of responsibility / responsibility area
Upper backanger of any kind stored here.
Lower backparticularly Men, store their emotions.


Ok, now you know the secret of your Emotional Health, promise me that you never miss your Reiki Practice.  Now don’t ignore signals of your body, treat them on time, and always stay healthy.

Learn Reiki to heal your emotions and yourself!!

To start with here is a 7-day free training on Healing!


Love, Light, and Reiki.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this bit of information, this is very interesting, It is so amazing about our bodies and the impact tat our emotions can have on them. Thanks for being so detailed with this all the best.

  2. So reiki is the name of that treatment. I didn’t know but I have read about how emotions affect our body most especially our organs. I find this post really informative and helpful at the same time!

    • Zwitsy, Reiki is a spiritual healing treatment, that is it heals a person on a spiritual level also. So definitely its impact is much wider. I am glad that you found it informative and feeling happy that you did find it helpful.

  3. I love your article. It is very interesting and very useful to new Reiki student like me. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience.


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