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Reiki I –  is the base or foundation of the Spiritual Healing Energy – Reiki.  Reiki I is the introduction of this healing energy, Reiki.  Reiki I explain in detail how to apply Reiki in person or hands on Reiki.  Reiki I student have to practice these 26 Reiki Points for continual 21 days.

After Reiki I attunement, one is able to give Reiki to self, others, animals, plants, Reiki food, Water, medicines, and n number of things, with hands-on Reiki.  One is able to channel the Reiki Energy just by placing the palms on or above the patient’s body.

So, very rightly it is called Reiki Hands.  One does not need any other tool to heal others.

Why treat these 26 points ?

Every body part is related with some emotion, and over the years there may be an energy block in these parts.  Initially, by giving Reiki to these 26 points, we try to clear all the major Chakras, emotional blockages if any and at the same time, related body parts.


Why treat for 21 days ?  It is Reiki Detox !

When you attuned to Reiki I, 21 days continual practice on these 26 points is a must.  Why ?  This is the Cleansing Period, which you must not miss after your attunement.

21 days cleansing period / Reiki Detox –  is for 7 Chakras.

We have seven Chakras, each chakra takes 3 days for cleansing .

Root Chakra / Mooladhar Chakra : Day 1, 8, 15


Sacral / Swadhisthan Chakra : Day 2, 9,16.

Solar Plexus / Manipur Chakra : Day 3, 10, 17.

Heart / Anahata Chakra : Day 4, 11, 18.

Throat / Visshudhi Chakra : Day 5, 12, 19.

Third Eye / Agnya Chakra : Day 6, 13, 20.

Crown / Sahastrar Chakra : Day 7, 14,21.


Some may feel Cleansing Syndromes, but it cleanses your system and make you more balanced energetically


 Which are  these 26 Reiki Points ?

Below are listed 26 points for self-treatment.  Every point / every body part is related with some emotion, so simultaneously we are treating the said emotions also.

Start with Attitude of Gratitude :



 Close your eyes, say mentally…

I thank God for being here.

I thank Reiki for being here.

I thank Dr.Mikao Usui for being here.

I thank  ———– ( Your Teacher’s Name) for being here.

I thank myself ( Your Higher Self ) for being here.

I thank ————-(Self-Name) for self-treatment / I thank ———————-  (Patient’s name) for the treatment of others.


Open your eyes and Start Self -Treatment 

Self Treatment is divided into two parts : 1. Front of the Body.  &  2.Back of the Body.


 Body Parts and  Related emotions

Head Positions – 1. Eyes –( Windows of the Soul, represents how you see the world / your perception towards the world.)

Eyebrows–Emotional Expression – Third Eye/ Agnya Chakra.


2. Temples—


3.Ears–(capacity to hear/ good and bad.)




4.Forehead / Back of the Head———(Forehead represents Intellectual expression / Third Eye Chakra)




5. Occipital Lobes – both hands at the back of the Head.


6.Throat and Neck—(Intellectual thoughts and emotions; stiffness in neck is due to withheld statements.)



7.Thyroid and Thymus Gland


8.Heart / Anahata Chakra—(Love and Compassion)


9.Solar Plexus / Manipur Chakra—(Power Issues and Wisdom Center)




11.Lung tips


12.Spleen, Pancreas


13.Hara / Swadhisthan Chakra—(seat of emotions, deepest feeling stored here)


14.Ovaries-Pelvis / Spermatic Chords—(root of basic survival issues, seat of Kundalini Energy)

14-ovaries.jpg 14-spermatic-cord.jpg


15.thighs—(Personal Strength, trust in one’s own ability)


16.Knees—(fear of change, responsibility, fear of death, self / ego problems)


17.Calf Muscles—(self-control issues)



18.Ankles—(creates balance)



19.Foot Soles—(stability / connected with completion of goals)




Back Of The Body

20.Shoulders—(fear of responsibility)


21.Thyroid and Thymus Gland


22.Heart / Anahata Chakra


23.Solar Plexus / Manipur Chakra




25.Hara / Swadhisthan Chakra


26. Root / Mooladhar Chakra- Base of the Spine.


Our body has  seven major chakras with many other minor chakras.  While treating Chakras, except Crown and Root Chakra, all the other Chakras have openings on both side- front  and back of the body.  so it is very important to treat both, the front and back chakras also.


These 26 points of Self-Reiki treatment is a must after Reiki I attunement,  afterward you need to Reiki only the major chakras / endocrine points to keep your system healthy and balanced.

When you practice these points, give Reiki to each point for minimum 3 minutes or as much as needed/ or guided to.  You need to follow this routine for 21 days religiously.  This detox your body and  occurs vibrational upliftment.

Reiki is the only healing energy, which heals you on every level of your existence.  It heals physically,mentally, emotionally and spiritually simultaneously.

So never miss a single day of this 26 points of self-Reiki treatment to  refresh yourself everyday !!


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  1. wow…. Nice photos, i understood every part of the write up, thank you

    1. You are most welcome Henry !

  2. thanks 4 sharing. Realy interesting

    1. Thanks Pospi, you find it interesting !

  3. This practice is nothing easy but you are so clear on explaining the routine to follow to detox you body and soul! If well motivated, one can keep lots of benefots

    1. Yes Sabrina, Reiki detox you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Just keep calm and do / recieve Reiki :))

  4. I wish that the info on emotions on each reiki point was complete. Would love to know more! 🙂

    1. Sure Katrina, definitely going to post a new article on emotions :))

  5. I keep hearing so many wonderful things about reiki but haven’t quite understood what it is. I’m definitely going to make an appointment now you have explained it so beautifully <3

    1. Thanks Jen and glad you decided to have a Reiki session. I am quite sure that you are going to love it.

  6. Should I say exercises have it all, from healing to energy and general healthy living. Thanks for this beautiful explanation on how to do this good stuff to our body.

    1. Hi Inyene, exercise has a great effect on our physical, mental level compare to the emotional level. Exercise do no good to your Spiritual health. Reiki mainly is a Spiritual Healing Energy.
      Inyene, it’s my personal opinion, you may differ and You can always have your own views.
      Thanks for commenting.

  7. great post. very useful. I enjoyed.

    1. Thanks Pavani, glad you like it.

  8. The pictures made it easy to understand. Nice addition.

    1. Pictures are a must for new students of Reiki, otherwise it’s very difficult to understand the exact hand placements.Thanks Keith.

  9. this is a very useful post, health is wealth and am glad a blog has something this nice that touches alot of places in one single post.

    1. Thanks Lex, yes Health is Wealth, we must take a good care of it.

  10. Heard it for the first time. Sounds really useful technique. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sumita, Reiki is a wonderful technique to keep your mind, body and soul in total balance. Thanks.

  11. I liked your blog. I want to learn Reiki in 2017. Will visit your blog frequently

    1. Hey Nisha,
      Glad you are going to learn Reiki, wish you all the success !

  12. Hi shabhangi
    I am kawtarr i suffered from tinnitus for almost two year, i noticed that the change in atmospheric pressure will make my tinnitus worsen my tinnitus, i reduced salt sugar and I stopped exposing to loud sound. i am taking multivitamins. practicing some exercises like waking even meditation i am new in Reikihealing .what if I’practice Reikihealing .does reiki work for me

  13. Hello i just want to ask about the most suitable time to practice Reiki I. Plus can we start practicing by placing hands on th 7 chakras only at first to shorten the time ? Thanks

    1. Nagham, it’s always better to practice Reiki at a particular time, if your schedule permits. If you have a busy schedule, feel free to practice it whenever you get enough time.
      Reiki I, needs a lot of practice since the hand placements have to practice properly, I will not suggest you practice only on Chakras. We have many minor and major chakras in our body, and all needs to be cleansed thoroughly, to flow Reiki energy properly.
      You must have heard the cases, where many students complain that they did not feel Reiki Energy flowing through their palms, it just needs more practice.
      Another reason, one must practice it religiously, is that new vibrational upliftment after First Attunement needs to be absorbed by your system.
      This daily practice after your first attunement cleanses your entire system, not only on the physical but also on the mental and emotional level. And that’s why sometimes this detoxification results in temporary physical symptoms.
      So hope you will practice your daily 21-day routine religiously, to become more profound Reiki Practitioner!

      Wish you all the best:)

      WEalthy Affiliate

  14. Hi awesomely explained and it was a pleasure reading the article..I practiced the above for 21 days but now am finding it difficult to spare 1hr 20 mins in the morning or evening at a stretch…is there a shorter procedure or can I split the same in two like front in the morning back in the night and skip the legs..and practice all26 points during weekends

    1. Hey Rohan,
      Great to hear that you completed your 21 day ritual after your first Reiki Attunement. You have to follow this procedure as a cleansing procedure after your attunment, to detox yourself. Thus helping yourself to absorb the new higher frequencies.
      After 21 days, feel free to adjust the Reiki practice session according to your schedule. It’s perfectly ok to split the Reiki points according to your convenience.
      Just make it sure to practice regularly:)

  15. After 21 days daily all levels(I,II,III) reiki practice in 26 points ????
    Daily reiki practice 26 points ??

    1. Somdatta,

      Thanks for asking this question. You need to practice 26 Reiki points in First Level Reiki, once you attuned and practiced for 21 days, you need not need to practice all 21 points.

      After that, you practice on seven chakras only.


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