FAQ Money Reiki: 21 Things You Must Know About Money Reiki (Updated)

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Before Learning Money Reiki, it is important to know some basic things about it.  Many of you have asked about Money Reiki and how to practice it.

Here are 21 things that you must know about Money Reiki.

21 Things You Must Know About Money Reiki

What Is Money Reiki?

Money Reiki is a Spiritual Energy of Money.  Money Reiki is developed by Stephanie Brail, in a meditative state.  Money Reiki helps you to get rid of any negative thoughts about and around money.  It releases negative patterns in your aura.

Money Reiki can help you to cleanse and remove energetic issues like Negative Energies Directed at You From Others, Negative Entities and Thought Forms, Curses, Hexes, and Spells.

 How Money Reiki Works?

Money Reiki is the spiritual energy of money. Money is not a particular currency like the rupee, dollar, euro, and so on.  Money is a frequence like any other frequency.  We need to tap the money frequency by raising our vibration.

Money Reiki teaches you many simple hacks to tap the money vibration and helps you to raise your own vibration by blessing the money, making symbols on your devices like laptop, pc, smartphone, and so on.

Like any other healing modality, you need to practice Money Reiki on a regular basis.  When you practice money reiki regularly, it increases your frequency.  Slowly it starts enriching your aura, and once that happens, you become a money magnet.  You start attracting different opportunities to grow your income.

Why Do I Need To Learn Money Reiki?

Everyone should learn Money Reiki, as it helps to clear past, present as well as tribal healing.  So Money Reiki is not only limited to heal your own money-related issues but it also helps to increase the planetary money vibration.

When you practice Money Reiki, your vibration positively affects your home, your environment, and Mother Earth also.   You indirectly help to vibrational change of the planet.  How cool is that?

 How Money Reiki Can Help You?

Money Reiki can help you on different levels.  Most important, Money Reiki helps you get rid of mental and emotional clutter, which is a must if you need to raise your money frequency.  If you hold any negative patterns about money in your mind, it is difficult to raise your money frequency.  Money Reiki clears your mental plane.

Money Reiki can help you to attract opportunities that help you to achieve your money goals.  Money Reiki teaches you many hacks and introduces you to many tools like Money Reiki Box and how can you use these tools.

Features Of Money Reiki?

  1. Money is easy to learn and apply.
  2. Money Reiki can be applied to every situation in life.
  3. Money Reiki raises your personal vibrational frequency, which helps you to attract more money.
  4. Money Reiki teaches you how to heal your own as well as other financial issues.
  5. Money Reiki helps to heal on tribal, communal, national, and Planetary levels.
  6. Money Reiki works beyond time and space, so you can heal past events and release trauma related to it.
  7. Money Reiki makes you a Money Magnet.

Do I Also Need To Learn Reiki To Practice Money Reiki?

No, you do not need to be a Reiki Practitioner to learn and teach Money Reiki to others.  Money Reiki works with intention, which means you need to activate Money Reiki and intend where to send it- to a place, person, area, region, and so on.  So the basic principle of Money Reiki is to intend to whom you want to send Money Reiki healings.

But it definitely helps if you are a Reiki practitioner, as you are aware of the other Reiki Symbols which definitely help to make Money Reiki healing sessions more effective

How Much Time Does It Take To Be A Money Reiki GrandMaster?

Money Reiki is easy to learn and practice, so it depends on you, how much time you take to complete.  I personally recommend learning each level at least for a week, so you can have enough time to grasp all the symbols.

It takes hardly a week to go through all the three levels of Money Reiki but the most important thing is to practice each symbol several times and make Money Reiki your lifestyle.

You can become a Money Reiki GrandMaster in 15 days.

Does Money Reiki Really Work?

Yes, definitely Money Reiki works.  if Money Reiki was not effective, I would not have taught it.  I personally benefitted from Money Reiki immensely.

Stephanie Brail has given many incidents in Money Reiki manuals on how Money Reiki benefitted her.  It all depends on how you use it.  If you practice it regularly, it will definitely make a shift in your vibrational frequency.

How Many Levels Are There In Money Reiki?

21 thinks you must know about Money Reiki
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Money Reiki has three levels:

Money Reiki Practitioner

Money Reiki Master

Money Reiki GrandMaster

All these levels attune you to different symbols, which helps you to increase your money frequency and your mental and emotional frequency.

Like in the first level of the Money Reiki Practitioner level, you are attuned to different currency symbols, like Dollar Symbol, which helps to increase your vibrational frequency on the physical level.

But as you progress, you get attuned to many advanced symbols like Attunement Symbol and Manifestation symbol, which makes a shift in your mental and emotional frequencies.

It also helps you to connect with your Third Eye Chakra, Heart Chakra, and Root Chakra.

How Many Symbols Are In Money Reiki?

Money Reiki symbols are very powerful tools to attract money. Money Reiki has a total of 7 symbols.  Money Reiki symbols can be used in every situation of life.

It is also important to do a short meditation on Money Reiki Symbols.  If you want to learn how to meditate on Money Reiki Symbols, check out: Dollar Symbol Meditation.

You can apply this meditation method to any symbol of Money Reiki.

How Many Attunements Are There In Money Reiki?

It depends on every Money Reiki GrandMaster how he/she prefers to pass attunements.  I personally prefer to send three attunements, one per level.

I send three attunements for all three Money Reiki Levels.

How Are You Attuned To Money Reiki?

Money Reiki Attunements are passed through chi balls, using distant reiki attunements.  Also, I send reiki attunements through Zoom. But Chi Ball is the most preferred way as most of the time it is not possible to be present personally if you stay at distance.

Personal Attunements are also given.

 Does Distant Attunement Work?

Distant Attunements are as effective and powerful as personal ones.  I personally receive my Reiki MasterTeacher and Money Reiki GrandMaster distantly and it was a beautiful experience each time.

Though in personal classes you are able to directly ask your questions and get solutions.

 Will You Receive Certificates?

Yes, you will receive a Money Reiki GrandMaster Certificate once you complete all the levels.  No individual certificate will be provided for each level.

 Can You Attune Others To Money Reiki?

The beauty of Money Reiki is once you are attuned to the second level- Money Reiki Master, you can actually attune others to Money Reiki and pass Money Reiki Healing Sessions.  You do not need to wait until you become Money Reiki GrandMaster.

Though I would strongly recommend you to wait until your become Money Reiki GrandMaster, as you get an additional attunement that further enhances your aura and vibrational frequency.

Can You Start Your Own Business With Money Reiki?

Definitely, Money Reiki helps you to earn an income by sending Money Reiki Healing Session, for which you can charge from your clients.  Once you become Money Reiki Master you can charge for your healing sessions.

You can also earn Energy Exchange by teaching Money Reiki to others.  You can start your own website about Money Reiki and spread the word about it.

A Small Gift From Me

If you learn Money Reiki from me, you will get a website totally free, plus you will get my personal guidance to set up your business.

 Where Can You Register For Money Reiki?

To Learn Money Reiki and Get Your Gift Click the link below, also you can send me an email at shubh@reikiamazes.com.

A one-time fee for all the 3 levels of Money Reiki is $44

Buy Money Reiki

Once you purchase the course, you will be redirected to your download area, where you can download all the manuals and bonus material.

Where Can You Download Money Reiki

Money Reiki has 3 manuals and you will be able to download them to your computer only once you clear your payment through Paypal.   Once you clear your payment you will be guided to the page where you can download all the manuals.

If you want to contact me and send me all the Money Reiki Combo manual, contact me at shubh@reikiamazes.com

 Can You personally Learn Money Reiki From Me?

Yes, many of you asked me for that and if you want to learn personally from me, contact me at the above email address.  I teach online through Zoom, you can ask me questions through Zoom or through Whatsapp.

 Money Reiki Support.

You will get full support for a month through Whatsapp and ongoing support for life through email.

One on One Money Reiki Healing Session

You can book my 1-on-1 Money Reiki Healing Session if you have any specific money-related problems.  It may take 7, 14, or 21 days as per the intensity of the problem.

I provide Money Reiki Healing Session by using Usui Reiki, Money Reiki, Affirmations, Switchwords, Astrology, and Angel Card Reading for $44.

It is a tailor-made Money Reiki Healing Session,  according to your needs.

I hope this FAQ is helpful to you, and if you have any further queries, pl let me know, I will be more than happy to guide you.

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