5 Basic Principles for Attracting Abundance & Prosperity in Your Life


Attracting Abundance and Prosperity in life seems to be very difficult for the majority of the people.  There are many reasons for this, we all are conditioned to see and believe in lack.  Nobody has taught us to focus on the abundance that is all-pervasive in this universe.  If you think and observe how this universe works, it follows a certain pattern.  The pattern of abundance and prosperity.

For a moment, think of all that we received from the Universe, the Mother Earth, Star Galaxy – there are 100 billion galaxies in the Universe.  According to NASA, There are a billion Earth in this galaxy, roughly speaking. Not a million. A billion.  So when we speak of the Universe, we just can’t imagine its vastness, so its power.

The entire Universe is ruled by intelligence, even if you think of our human body, you will be amazed by the fact of how complicated it is and how beautifully it is organized and function.  All the things are well planned and executed, do you think this universe is just an accident and there is no Universal Intelligence who rules all this entire existence?

Universal is basically Abundant and Prosporoous at its core, so are we, being the creation of Almighty.  But things started going wrong when greed comes in.  A few handfuls of people try to control the Earth and its elements like earth, water, air, space and so on.

As a child of source, every one of us born as Abundant and Prosperous.  It’s just that we do not exercise our power of manifestation.  Take back your power as a powerful creation of the Almighty.

Once you realize that you have this innate power of manifestation, it will be much easier to follow the procedure.  The whole Law of Attraction concept can be summarized in the 5 Basic Principles, follow these 5 Principles religiously to raise your frequency so that you can easily attract Abundance and prosperity in your life.

Once you align with this frequency you will attract things, as easily as a magnet attract the iron.  So let’s see what are these 5 Basic Principles which you must practice on a daily basis.

  1.  Know What You Want and Fous on It

Once you realize the fact, that you are a part of this Universe, which is Abundant & prosperous, it is easier to manifest things in life.

The first thing which is most important is to be clear what you want from the Universe and focus on that.  We always complain about what we do not have in life, but never acknowledge what we have – a ton of things, we need to shift our focus, from lack to abundance.

Clearly ask Universe what you want, and be sure that it will be granted for the highest interest of you.  Most of the times people go on complaining about their problems, and according to the rule of Law of Attraction, that where you focus, energy flows there.  So if you focus on problems, rest assured problems will continue to grow in your life, because you are giving your energy to these problems.

Instead of giving your energy to problems in life, give energy to your dreams and goals in your life.

2. Know What You Want Is On Its Way

Once you decide what you want and started nurturing it by giving proper attention through positive thinking and positive affirmations, you will definitely be seeing some subtle signs from the Universe.  It will always guide you in the right direction, you just need to believe in the Universe and a firm belief that what you want is on its way.

It should not be difficult as you already started getting positive signs to form the Universe, with each sign you reaffirm this belief that it’s on the way.

Faith also plays a major role in believing in the Universe and the Almighty.  Faith keeps you on the track.


what are you grateful for today

Gratitude is one of the simplest exercises you should be doing to raise your vibration. We pay Gratitude when a thing has already happened.

Start practicing Gratitude for everything that is in your life.  You need not want to be searching for big things to be grateful for, you can start with simple yet powerful things like breaths.  Every day we inhale and exhale, without paying any attention to it, even though our entire existence depends on the breaths,  So pay Gratitude for the breaths you are taking now.

Pay Gratitude for the bright sunshine, and air that we experience every day and never realize its importance.

Every day first thing in the morning and last thing in the night, practice gratitude daily.  Bless each activity and each person you come across the day.  This will surely raise your vibrational frequency instantaneously.

Many ask me, how to and why bless a person who has done wrong to you?  One thing you need to understand that if you are attracting an unpleasant incident in life, somewhere you are on the same frequency.  But in spite of unpleasantness, when you bless the situation and the persons involved, you suddenly raise your vibration and become free from the situation as your vibrations become more positive than others.  So if you want to release a situation, person bless them and release them.

4.  Take Inspired Action

Many of us argue that how is it possible to attract things just by thinking and visualizing without doing any work.

But the thing one must remember that if you follow the above three perfectly, it is not possible that you will not take any action, on the contrary, you will be guided to take the right action.  So is it good or bad, that instead of not knowing what you are doing is right or wrong?   your intuition and higher self always guide you to take right actions which will be in the highest interest of you.

If your message has rightly penetrated in your subconscious mind, it will force you to take the desired action.

Also, all the above these steps involved a lot of work on a mental plane, it is very subtle but very powerful.  It is not at all easy job to do all this mental work on a consistent basis.  On the contrary, in real-world, situations may be very difficult, then what you try to achieve.  Unless you have unwavering faith in Almighty, Universe, and Positive Affirmations it is highly impossible to achieve your dreams.

5. Allow

This step is one of the important steps in manifesting your desires.  Many a time we desire something, but on a subconscious level, we are obstructing it from manifesting in our life.

We may have some beliefs, some past experience or any blockage on a subconscious level, which is actually blocking the manifestation.

A simple exercise of repeating this affirmation can help in a great way, I Allow Myself ———–(wish)

Also, another exercise recommended by Lousie Hay is to repeat “I Approve Myself” 300 to 400 times daily.  Sometimes it may be happening on a subconscious level that you may not consider yourself worthy, for some or the other reason.  Repeating this daily will give great result.

A book which I cannot resist but to recommend is The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

An essential aspect of the Law of Attraction is understanding the art of allowing. You ask the universe for what you desire and then the universe provides it for you – but only if you can allow it to come to you. This book contains the simple steps that you need to allow your ultimate desires to manifest.

The book is recommended none other than Dr.Wayne Dyer and Doreen Virtue.

‘My prayer is that everyone, everywhere reads The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, a book of pure healing power and love, written in a practical and accessible style. Abraham’s energy and words will soothe, comfort, guide, and empower you.’
Doreen Virtue, PhD, author of Goddesses & Angels

Allowing yourself, your entire existence to receive what you want is a major step in manifesting your dreams.

With these simple yet powerful basic principles of Law of Attraction, you are on your journey to manifest things in life.


Law of Attraction and why it works for some people and not for others is always a controversial topic.  But I think the Universe is very kind and benevolent if the manifestation is difficult for you, practice all the above principles daily.

We need to understand the core nature of the Universe and Nature, it believes in unconditional love and the act of giving.  You need not be giving what is not possible for you.  But I am sure you have many things in your life which you can give to others like unconditional love, a smile, a genuine appreciation,  encouragement to others, heartfelt compassion toward the people.

All these things are not for others, but for you, if you practice these things, it will open up your Heart Chakra, and then manifestation will be much easier for you.

Power Thoughts or Positive Affirmations can help greatly to manifest your dreams and desires in an easy way.

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I hope these 5 Basic Principles will help to manifest your dreams into reality.

Happy Manifesting?

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