Reiki Chi Ball: How To Make & Receive Healing Energies

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Reiki Chi Ball is one of the most popular tools to send healing energies with the intention to a specific person, a group, past or future incidents, or situation.  In short, you can make Reiki Chi Ball for every possible situation.

Reiki Chi Ball is not from a traditional Reiki but due to its effectiveness and ease to send healing energies it has become a vital tool in distant healing.

Generally speaking, Reiki Masters make Reiki Chi Ball for different purposes but anyone can make Chi Ball and send their positive thinking, affirmations, and intention through Chi Ball.

“Chi” is a Chinese word that means vital force energy, known as “Prana” in Sanskrit and Bio-plasmic energy in Russian.  So it is made up of Universal Energy which is present in all of us and anyone can make Chi Ball.

But when you are a Reiki Channel or energy healer, you have far more tools that can be added in a Chi Ball to increase its effectivenss.

What Is A Chi Ball?

As I mentioned above Chi Ball is an energy circle or orb made up of higher energies to send different healings, empowerment, and attunements.

You can also ask higher energies to bless Chi Ball for instance Archangels, Reiki Master Teachers like Mikao Usui, and others, Money devas if it’s for Money Reiki.

In simple terms, it is a positive energy ball created with a specific intention, which is used for distant healing.  For example, you can make a Chi Ball for sending positive healing for a specific ailment or you can make a Chi Ball for giving healing for future surgery.  You can send healing via Chi Ball if you have an important meeting on a particular day and so on.

How To Make Reiki Chi Ball?

Reiki Chi Ball is very easy to make and anyone can make a Chi Ball.  To start with ground yourself firmly.  For grounding, sit comfortably on a chair and imagine silver roots from your feet, deep-going to the center of mother earth.

Now deep breath for a few minutes, quiet your thoughts, silence your mind, and relax your body.

Rub your hand for few seconds, once you feel the warmth in your palms, keep your hand in “Namaste” mudra.

Now slowly bring your hands apart to about 4 inches from one another, you will feel the energy like a magnet in your palms. it will pull your palms as you go closer.  Play around it, feel the magnetic field in your hands.

Once you feel this energy field in your palms, make movements like you are making a ball of energy.  It may take 5 to 10 minutes.

The energy is warm, and you can feel it build between your two palms. Mold that energy with your hands to form a ball round and complete. once it is done you will know that the Chi Ball is ready.

What To Put In Chi Ball? Reiki Chi Ball_ pinterest (1)

Now that the Chi Ball is ready, you can send your positive thoughts, affirmations, Reiki symbols that you are attuned to, Money Reiki Symbols, Karuna Reiki symbols, Switchwords, and many more things that are useful and related to your intention.

You can also visualize different colours for Chi Balls according to their intention.  For example, if you are making Chi Ball for a better relationship, you can visualize a pink Chi Ball.

For health, send a green Chi Ball, for Money Reiki Healing send a golden Chi Ball, for the protection you can visualize a blue or purple Chi Ball.

The size of a Chi Ball can vary and you can visualize as much big Chi Ball as you want.  Once you created a Chi Ball, you disconnect from it and it stands on its own, completely energized and ready to be sent.

It can exist in the Universe forever and you can activate it by making a request to receive the healing energies from the Chi Ball.

Once done, Chi Ball should be released in the Universe. Gently blow the Chi Ball with the intention of the highest interest of the receiver.

Where To Apply Reiki Chi Ball?

Reiki Chi Ball can be made for every instance, and particularly when it’s not possible to present physically in a situation.

Reiki Chi Ball can be made for aura brushing, cord-cutting, shielding a person, protecting the mother earth, and so on.

A very effective way to make Reiki Chi Ball is to visualize the end result for a specific situation or a person, state that the situation is healed, closed the Chi Ball with Cho Ku Rei, and send in the Universe.

How to Receive Chi Ball?

The above procedure is for how to make Reiki Chi Ball, but what if you want to receive a distant attunement or healing through Chi Ball.

Most of the time, attunements are sent through Chi Ball, because it’s convenient for the receiver. They can receive healing energies and attunements according to the best suitable time for them.

It’s very easy to receive Chi Ball healings, here is a short description.

When you are ready to receive the attunement by Chi Ball, first of all, ground and protect yourself.

Visualize yourself in a ball of white light or you can ask higher energies, Archangel Michael, to protect you in this whole process of attunement.

Sit in a comfortable position, or lie down.  Now intend to receive the Reiki distantly.  For a few minutes concentrating on your breaths.

Then call in the Chi Ball by intent.

“I now call in the Chi Ball which carried the_________(healing energy/attunement) from _______.

I accept this Chi Ball now with love, light, peace, and gratitude. Visualize the ball entering your Crown Chakra. The energy will begin to attune (initiate) and bring the healing energy to you.

You may also visualize the Chi Ball energizing and healing every part of your existence, physical, mental, and emotional.

You may feel a sensation on your crown chakra, or some may feel a tingling sensation in Agnya/Third eye chakra.

It may take 10 minutes or more, intuitively you know that you received the Reiki.

Once you are done, Thank all the higher energies for helping in the attunement process.

You have activated energy of great power inside of you to help you maintain good health, peace, and serenity.

You have given yourself a tool of great assistance to send and receive energy and attunements without absorbing any negative energy in the process.

By receiving attunements you provide yourself with proper shielding, maintain compassionate use of energy.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner, now you should send powerful attunements and healing to those in need.  By promoting energy healing and attunements, help the mother earth to be a great place for all of us.

Let me know in the comments below if you make Chi Ball for attunements and how is your experience with sending healing energies with Chi Ball.

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