Thoughts Are Powerful : Can Affect Your Life


Humans are gifted with thoughts, and we run as many as 72,000 thoughts per day.  And basically, you can think anything – positive or negative.  So today, I want to remind you that thoughts are powerful and they can really affect your life!

Many times it’s beyond our control what we think, I know, but yes, we can control what we think. 

Your thoughts are powerful. Find interesting facts about thoughts on Wikipedia.

By becoming aware of what’s making you feel good and what’s making you feel bad, you will be able to modify your mood to feel even more positive. 

We are what we think, so why not make our life better, and just think about it, how powerful it is that you can change your day, by deciding to think positively.

Even we try to change our thinking a bit every day, I think we may end up changing our lives.  

Must Watch This Wonderful Video To Understand What I Mean:

The following suggestions are based on my own personal experiences which range from being on the happiest day of my life to being in the worst mood of my life.

1. It’s upto you: negative thoughts or see beauty

This is one of the best ways to change your thinking and create a positive feeling at any moment of your day. 

You can use all you see and all you hear and all you feel to create great positive memories in your life and then share those with others.

 I know it can be difficult to think positive and happy thoughts at all times especially when you notice your mood changing. 

Remember, no matter what you will always be capable of negative thoughts just as often as you can be able to see and sense beautiful thoughts.

2. Take a Short Break

Sometimes you might struggle with thinking positively.  If you don’t believe you can change your negative thoughts or mood, take a short break to watch the television or read the newspaper.

It’s my personal experience if you decide to keep yourself in a good mood, watching comedy serials on TV is really helpful.

You need to keep watch on your thoughts, it may take practice but once you get hold of it, most of the time you can change your mood very easily. Be Alert of your thoughts, and this is a technique for changing negative thoughts in a very subtle way. The more positive thoughts you have the less likely negative thoughts will appear in your mind.

3. Change the Negative Thought Into A Positive Thought.

Once you have found and identified the negative thought, this is the first step in changing it into a positive thought. 

Notice and notice what positive thoughts can be created if you could change the thought into a better positive thought. Remember, by adding new positive thoughts, more positive thoughts will appear in your mind 

What is a Thought? One of the Most Powerful Tools…

You think you have no control over your thoughts and feelings. However, you actually have a great deal. 

We are a part of God’s creation, in which we are all unique and special. We have free will, but we don’t always exercise it in the best way. 

In the movie Super Size Me, Matt Damon asks why he can’t control his thoughts. He was speaking with Jim Carrey, who gave an interesting response. It is interesting to note that we have free will. 

There is no absolute rule to control your thoughts and feelings. However, you do have a tremendous amount of control over your thoughts and feelings. Here are some great ways to use that power to your advantage.

Your Thoughts Are Not Your Fault: 

Most of us spend so much time dwelling on negative thoughts that it seems as if we are always thinking negative and mean thoughts. 

We spend most of our lives trying to figure out why we are not living the life that we want to have. 

The truth is, your thoughts are very much a product of your environment. They are driven by the influences we’ve been exposed to in our life. 

Those influences tell us whether we would like to continue to have the same type of experiences or whether we would like to have new experiences. 

Unfortunately, we often accept those thoughts from our environment. We don’t look at them, but we just allow them to run our course. 

We try to figure out why we are so negative and depressed. We try and figure out why we are so stuck in our life. 

We try to convince ourselves that we are unhappy and alone. However, in reality, life is not like that. 

One day, you will wake up and discover that there were many more experiences in your life than you thought about. If you focus on good things in your life, you will find more events to feel good and happy and vice versa.

It Takes Time to Change Our Thoughts: 

We are sometimes very impatient people. We want things as soon as we can get them. Bit it takes time for us to allow our thoughts to change. 

Our thoughts are very much influenced by the past. They are very much influenced by the things that happened early in life. But that doesn’t mean you allow your thoughts to affect you negatively.

If you allow your mind to wander around, especially negative thoughts, it can be really harmful and drowning. So take charge of your thoughts and thinking.

How to Use the Power of Thought and How to Train Your Thoughts

The power of your thoughts is literally infinite when you understand the techniques of thought activation. If you continue to work on your thoughts it can create the following outcomes in your life:

  • Increased ability to make decisions
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Freedom from anxiety
  • Power over self-deception
  • A heightened ability to deal with difficult situations
  • Enlarged possibilities
  • More freedom of mind
  • A sense of purpose in life

Use the mental tools of thought activation to your highest advantage and personal benefit.

It’s all about the power of the right words, one of the most overlooked, yet most potent tools for success.

Your Life Is Not Your Life, It’s Your Thinking

Your thoughts create your reality! Your thoughts are the only real you. What about your feelings? I want to tell you the secret, your feelings depend on your thoughts.

For example, take any situation.  Now try to think of that situation in a positive way and you will feel really good and happy.

Now take the same situation and if you try to analyze it in a negative way, the feelings you generate, most probably are negative too.

I know it’s easier said than done unless you try it on a day-to-day basis.  There are some situations and circumstances when it’s bound to feel sad and negative. Leave those situations and circumstances that are irreparable.  

I want you to give a THOUGHT to Why do we have thoughts, and how do we go about controlling them? 

The answer lies with the power of thought, You Are the Creator, Your thoughts create your reality, and your thoughts are the only real you. 

I’m here to empower you with the power of your thoughts by showing you how to create a life of fulfillment based on the strength of your thoughts.

The more powerful you feel, the more power you have to affect your life. So what’s stopping you? 

Start to focus on Positive, and you will notice that your thoughts can really affect your life.

If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can send Reiki in advance to your day, the first thing in the morning.

“Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.” — Stephen Richards

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Reality is a projection-Thoughts Are Powerful.

Reiki Blessings,


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