Raise the Vibrational Frequency of YourSelf


Everything in this nature is energy, and everything has its own vibration or frequency.  As per the law of attraction, you attract the same thing as per your frequency. So let’s learn how to raise the Vibrational Frequency of YourSelf 

So it is important to raise our frequency by applying and practicing different things in our life.  There are many things through which we can increase our frequency.

Practicing yoga, reiki or any other healing modality automatically raises your vibration as it involves the balancing of our chakra system.

As we all know, our system evolves around the chakra system and every chakra has alloted with some specific objectives.

At the same time practicing gratitude immensely increases our vibration.  When you pay gratitude for anything, the universe offers many opportunities to be grateful for.

Food is another way, through which you can raise your vibration.  It is well known that there are some foods which are very good for increasing our vibration for e.g raw fruits, vegetables,nuts, and seeds, etc.

 Raise the vibration of your food in many ways with the help of Reiki.

First of All, you can reiki water before you cook the meal.   Once you charge the water, you can use it for making a meal or drink.

Water is the most absorbent of all and easily absorb the energy you send.

How to Charge Water With Reiki?

You can hold a water bottle, a pitcher in your hand, and place another hand on top of the bottle.  Charge water with all reiki symbols, though it is not mandatory.

Charge the water for 2 to 5 minutes or as guided to.

If you are not a Reiki practitioner, say an affirmation while covering the bottle.  You can charge water with any affirmation. Like I am getting healthier every day.

While preparing food:

While preparing food, invoke angles or reiki to raise the vibration of your food.  You can visualize a bright white light flowing through your eyes, and your heart chakras.

Visualize it clears all the negativities if any in the meal, making it clear from any impurities.  You can do this while cooking or after finishing your meal.

You can always chant I Love You while cooking, thus increasing your own vibration and also of the food.

While eating a meal, visualize reiki flows through your whole body and digesting the food very easily.  It not only digest the food but makes everybody part stronger and healthier.

If you forget to reiki your food while preparing, you can give reiki when it is still in a digestion process.  Place your palms on your stomach and give reiki for 5 to 10 minutes.

It will help assimilate the food properly and at the same time will help to boost your vibrations.

As we know, we all have a specific vibrational signature.  But it is important to note that it is not food only, but your thinking has a major effect on your aura.

Every thought of yours create a certain aura and if you have more positive thought s your aura emits a particular color in your aura.

If you have more negative thoughts your aura will emit darker or blackish color from your aura.

Seasonal food that is available throughout the year, are a good source of vitamins and therefore should be eaten raw.  It can also help to raise your vibration.

How to know if our vibration is right?

When your daily practice reiki eats healthy food, generally you are on a good vibrational frequency and you rarely fall sick.  It is one of the criteria to check whether your frequency is high.

Another sign of your vibrational shift is your alignment with the universe gets better.  You will find more synchronicities in your life.

When you vibrate on a high frequency, you are empathetic towards others and can able to see the world from their point of view.

You are highly creative and bursting with creative ideas.

You are emotionally balanced.

You are highly intuitive

These are some of the characteristics of low & high vibrational frequencies.  The more you are attuned to your inner self, the more you are at a high vibrational frequency.


It is important to raise our vibration by eating the right food, exercise and practicing the right things in life.  

Eating the right food is important, at the same time giving reiki is tremendously important to raise the vibration of our food.

There are many ways you can give reiki to the food.  You can give reiki before cooking while preparing a meal, and after having your meal.

It is not important to give reiki in all these 3 phases, it is ok if you give reiki only once per meal.  Of course, if you reiki yourself it is much better.

Giving Reiki to your food, not only make it healthier, make it more easily digestible but also improves the quality of the food.

Exercising yoga or any other modality definitely helps to improve the vibration frequency of the body as it detoxifies our body.  

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