Set The New Moon Intentions For Quick Manifestation


We all want to manifest our heart’s desires and wishes in the real world and there are many ways that can really help us to manifest quickly.  New Moon is time, you should consider manifesting your wishes.  Moon is closely related to our mind and in Astrology, it is considered as the Karak of our mind.  Moon can affect our minds in positive as well as negative ways.  But if you know the phases of the moon, that can help us manifest our desires, it will be much easier.  In this article, we will be discussing how to set the new moon intentions, so that it can quickly manifest in the real world.

Many of you must have known the popular ritual of writing New Moon Abundance Cheque, to manifest wealth & prosperity in life. It is a very easy yet very powerful ritual.  Even Jim Carrey shared his experience of how he manifested ten million dollars by writing a cheque. It feels so good that the Universe has given this simple method to manifest our wishes in reality.

How Moon Can Help Us To Manifest Wishes?

Moon is very closely related to Earth and Human lives.  We all know that the moon is the closest to the Earth and can affect the earth and its living beings.

The Moon has such a dramatic effect on the Earth that it can cause the tide in Oceans.  So if the moon can create tides in the Oceans which is thousands of miles (384,400km.) away from the earth, it is obvious that it also affects the human body, and mind which has water in the majority. The human body consists of 60% of water.

Secondly, human emotions are ruled by the water element, and that’s why we find many mood swings during particular moon phases.

The everyday moon changes its phases and that’s why we have Waxing and Waning moon.  The moon increases every day from the New Moon and decreases from the Full Moon.  So the concept with the New Moon is that whatever we wish or intend it will increase by every passing day like the moon.

It is a very popular ritual, therefore, to set the new moon intentions with the hope to manifest it quickly.  The more you trust the process, the more quickly it manifest.  As we all know, our subconscious governs our life.  So if you successfully imprint this message on your subconscious that whatever intentions are set on the new moon, get quickly fulfilled, you will be surprised how easily & quickly you can manifest.

Steps for Setting Intentions With the New Moon

Pray To The Universe

set the new moon intentions universe

Always start with a small and simple prayer to the universe, asking the Universe to show you the right method to help you manifest your desires.

It need not be a very complicated process, just put your heart in the prayer and ask for guidance and help from the Universe.

Create A Sacred Alter or Place

set the new moon intentions crystal alter

We all have a place to worship in our home, you can use that or you can create another sacred alter for your spiritual practices. You can use crystals, plants, Tibetian bowls, candles, incense, fragrances, idols or photos of deity, Archangels, etc, basically anything that can help you to get inspired, grounded and connected to your deepest self.

Another way you can create a sacred place is in your mind.  It is more subtle and may take a bit of practice to create a Zen Zone in your mind.  But with practice, you can create a Sacred place where you can enter whenever you need peace and no one can disturb you.

To create a Zen Zone, start with a 10-minute meditation daily.  At first, you may find it difficult to concentrate, but with practice, you will be easily able to go deep down in your mind and create your own zone.

Clear the Space

set the new moon intentions Smudging-with-white-sage

Now whenever you want to work with New Moon Energy, first you clear your Alter.  After physically cleaning the Alter or your sacred space also try to cleanse with incense, Camphor or Frankincense.  These things easily clear the space with any negative energies.  Always use bells to ward off subtle negative energies.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner, use Flooding technique whenever possible, to keep your home energetically high.

If you want to clean your mental Zen Zone, Pranayama helps you to balance your energies and grounded.  Practice Pranayama whenever possible, even for 10 minutes.  It will help you to focus more quickly & easily.

Write Your Wishes With Pen & Paper

Once you clean your space, mental & Physical, do a short breathing exercise or pranayama.  This will help in grounding and focus your energies.

Keep a Pen & Paper ready beside you.  Now write down your wishes on the paper, but not more than 10.  Once you write down your wishes and intentions, go through one by one.

While writing your wishes or intentions, write in the present tense and as if it is fulfilled.

For example:

  •  Thank God, I have this beautiful job where I earn ——monthly/yearly.
  • Thank God, I am living a peaceful life with my family.
  • Thank God, I have a beautiful home.

In the end, write the date and the following: This, or something better, now manifests for the highest good of all concerned.  This will create more possibilities to fulfill your desires.

Read the first wish or intention in your mind or aloud.  Now focus all your energies on this wish and try to visualize it for a few minutes.  If for any reason, it does not feel right or resonate with you 100%, delete from the list.

Try to focus on each wish you have written, so you will get more perspective on your intentions and goals.

New Moon Meditation

Once your final list is ready, now close your eyes and meditate on the goals you have created.  At this stage, you can call upon higher energies, like Deities, Archangels, and angels.  Archangel Haniel, who can really help you to connect with moon energies.

Give Reiki to your wishes by placing the paper in your hand or mentally, as feel guided.  Put Reiki symbols like Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Cho Ku Rei or any other symbols Like Karuna Reiki you are attuned to.

Closing the New Moon Ritual

Once you are done with meditation, it is important to let go of the outcome with the Universe.  As it always works for the highest interest of you.

Close the ritual by a simple prayer or by paying Gratitude to the Universe & Almighty.  Keep this paper in a safe place until next month.

Next time, you can go over the list again and see which of your wishes are fulfilled or close to.  Revise the list if needed.

This whole process may take around 30 minutes or more but it is the best time to connect with your self and your inner world.  The whole process is rejuvenating on all planes, physical, mental and emotional.

So let me know your experience with the New Moon Intentions, I will be more than happy to read it in the comments.

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