New Moon Abundance Cheque – An Easy Way to Manifest Your Dreams.

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Moon is always symbolized as the best source of manifestation.  Moon plays a very important role in human lives.

Moon rules emotions and feelings, so it is said to be the KARAK of our mind in Astrology.  Moon is a natural benefic and is capable of giving great mental power and prosperity.

Moon also denotes emotional power.

Water is the element of the Moon.  Moon is the closest planet to the Earth and the gravitational force of Moon and Sun, causes tides in the ocean.

As we know, the human body consists of 60% water, as the Earth, the phases of the moon, bound to affect human lives.

the approximate % of water in the human body:

The Brain and heart are composed of 73% water,

The lungs are about 83%,

The skin contains 64% water,

Muscles and Kidneys are 79%

New moon and Full moon are the important phases of the moon which we can use in many ways.  The new moon is popularly known as Waning moon.  In India, it is known as AMAVASYA.

The Full moon is known as waxing moon or POORNIMA.

It is a well-known fact of Astrology that the “kala” of the moon increases every day from the New Moon and decreases from the Full Moon.

So it is the best ritual to seed your intentions on the New Moon day, to let the Universe know about your desires.

Moon rituals are symbolic actions.  The New Moon rituals are for seeding your intentions while the Full Moon ritual is for discarding or to cut off with unwanted habits.

The New Moon Ritual can be done for attracting love, abundance, money, and prosperity.  Abundance can be in any form and most probably you will see the results where it is most needed.

Sub Conscious mind and Symbolism

The human mind could be divided into three parts- Conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

The sub-conscious mind is much bigger than Conscious mind and accounts for around 60% of brain activities.

So Subconscious mind greatly affects human activities and we don’t have any active control over the sub-conscious mind.

But the Sub-conscious mind interacts with us with the help of symbols.

Dreams are the most powerful tool through which Subconscious conveys its messages through symbolic events.

Sub-conscious mind understands the symbolic gesture more easily.  so we write Abundance Checks on the New Moon day, as a symbol.

In this ritual, one may use other symbols also, like using crystals which carry moon frequencies like Opal, Moonstone.

You can also use incense sticks to make the ritual perfect.

Connect with Archangel Gabrial, and ask to open the doors of opportunities for you.

Wearing white clothes while performing the ritual, gives a dramatic effect.

The most important tip is not to rush through the ritual.  Keep aside at least 15 minutes to complete this ritual.

Be present in the moment, and complete the Abundance Check ritual.

The Last New Moon of 2016!

30th December 2016, is the last New Moon of the year.   So don’t forget to write a New Moon Abundance Check !!

What is a New Moon Abundance Check?

New Moon Abundance Check is a tool, by which you can let know the Universe of your wish of abundance.  Abundance does not mean only financial abundance but in the area where it is needed.

Though Abundance checks are to be written particularly for financial gain.

The ritual is quite popular and followed by all over the world, and its origin is unknown.

You need not believe this ritual, in a way, it is not a belief system where you have to believe in it to get the results.

Obviously, if you believe in the ritual, you are mentally assured of the results.

But I think it’s more like a circle, you perform the New Moon Ritual- you get results- again you perform the ritual.

When is the New Moon?

The Last New Moon of 2016 is on

December 29, 2016, at 06:53 ( Universal/Greenwich Time):

Calculate your own time zone here:

How to write Abundance Check?

Abundance check has to be written after the New moon day, within12 hours preferable in a day time, before sunset.

In India, it is on December 30, 2016 (8.00 AM – 1.00 PM)


1. Take a blank check,  or take a paper and write down all the details as per the check.




2.I have created a blank cheque, you can create your own or feel free to download.  Green is the color of abundance, so I prefer Green to manifest abundance.




  • Write NOW, where  Date is written/leave it blank.
  • Write Your Name where PAY is written.
  • Write PAID IN FULL, where RUPEES is written and also in the box provided for the amount written in the numbers.
  • Write THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE, in the A/C NO box and where SIGN is written.
  • On the back side of the check, you can write your name.
  • Pray in your mind to manifest you wish, pay Gratitude!
  • If you are a Reiki Practitioner and want to add a Reiki touch, draw CKR symbol on the four sides of the check.  You can draw any symbol, you are drawn to!
  • Give Reiki to the Check !!
  • Keep your check in a safe place and forget it!  The Universe will take care of your desires.
  • Continue this ritual for consecutive 3 New Moon, on the 4th New moon, burn the old ones (total 3) or you can tear it up.

Energy Circle for New Moon!



This is an EC (Energy Circle) created for the New Moon.  Switchwords and healing numbers/frequencies are included in Energy Circles.

 Blueiris is one of the most authentic site on Switchwords.

Above EC is from Rhoda mam’s collection:

Energy Circles created on a NEW Moon day! carry a lot of power!

This ALL IN Healthy BE EC is one such

Use it however, you wish!

55-PERSONAL-TRUST. Show the way to becoming a success, balance Chakras.

ADJUST-Blue Bonnet-BALANCE-DIPOLE-AMBROSIA-TOGETHER-BE~ Keep yourself fit as a fiddle!

ALL IN ~Totally enjoying, embracing and absorbing; 100% unshakable, unstoppable certainty; move forward; total realization; break through on all levels – physical, mental, spiritual; a miracle beyond triumph and victory

1712210-Happy healthy prosperous number.

10,000 Hz Beneficial Frequency.


Let’s write a  New Moon Abundance Check and start manifesting for the highest good of all!  Do share your experiences with me!

Happy Manifesting!

I wish all of you a Very Happy Near from!


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  1. Hi
    Really love what you write. It’s so easy to understand and implement.

    Divine Thanks

    1. Hey Harshita,
      Writing Abundance Check on New Moon eve, is a very beneficial ritual, do believe in it. Not necessarily it aims at financial goal, abundance can be in any area of your life, mainly where it is needed the most. I hope you will write one on the next New Moon.
      free website 4 u

  2. Hi Shubhangi,

    That’s an interesting info on manifesting our dreams. Have few questions.

    1) Do we need to write “PAID IN FULL” in the box provided for the amount written in the numbers, too?

    2) Do we need to write “THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE” where SIGN is written or place our signature?


    1. Yes, Carthik, write Paid in Full, in the amount box also, you can not keep it blank. Yes, you can write your desired amount in critical conditions, but why limit yourself to a particular amount. The Universe is abundant by nature. A simple example, you sow a few seeds but we get unlimited in return. Don’t limit yourself.

      When we write a check, we put our sign, right? Now This Abundance is coming to us through The Law of Abundance. We are assuming that this check is signed by The Law of Abundance, and so we are assured that our wish is going to fulfill.

      Don’t forget to sign the back of the check, (Your Sign), as if we are going to deposit the check in the bank.

      People who follow this ritual, are always get their desired results, in most of the cases.
      Do try this out, and pl let me know your findings.

  3. Thank you, Shubhangi. Could you please confirm the next 3 New Moon days are as below?

    Jan 28 – Saturday – 05:38 – Abundance cheque to be written before 17:38,
    Feb 26 – Sunday – 20:30 – Abundance cheque to be written before 08:30 (Feb 27),
    Mar 28 – Tuesday – 08:29 – Abundance cheque to be written before 20:29


    1. Yes Carthik, dates are right but just make sure by checking here

      Also check with your local timing Carthik, as it differs according to longitude and latitude.

      Hope you will find it useful.
      If need any clarification, pl let me know.

  4. Hi dear
    I’m very glad you’re providing nice information through this portal God bless you keep on going

    1. Thanks Varsha,

      glad you like the post, and appreciate your comments.
      I always try to give every possible information which will help all of us in some or the other way.
      will try my best to provide you with best of my thoughts:))

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