How to Get Rid of Money Blocks? Allow Prosperity Now!

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How to get rid of money blocks that are hindering my Abundance & Prosperity?  one of the common question that needs to be addressed seriously.

We all know that there are money blocks within our mind that need to be clear, to attract wealth and abundance in our life.

Most of the times these money blocks are in the form of negative thoughts or limiting thoughts about money.  Any negative thought or negative conditioning about money creates severe money blockages in life.

The mindset about Money, Abundance & Prosperity

One major obstacle which creates blockages about money and abundance is our mindset.  We all have limiting beliefs about money in our brains and in our DNA, as these beliefs carry forward from generations and generations.

These limiting beliefs about money and abundance create blockages in our subconscious mind.  So the most important thing to get rid of money blocks is to work on our beliefs which you may be aware of or not.  These beliefs are so subtle sometimes, that hard to notice them.  The best way is to keep an eye on your reactions or your thoughts when you think of money, abundance & prosperity.

Our thoughts and feelings are the best guidelines when it comes to finding out the subtle money blocks in our mind.  Some very broad money beliefs which can create blockages in your life:

  1.  Money is limited and only limited people can have abundance & prosperity.

This is a very common money belief which creates blockages in the subconscious and hinders the overall growth of a person.  We are so used to this belief that at first we do not realize/accept that it is a negative belief or negative conditioning.

We have accepted this negative belief as a reality, I do not blame you because that is what we see around us in our daily life.

You must have heard this Law of Attraction rule: “Where You Focus Energy Flows”

So if you focus on lack, your energy flow there and that’s what you are attracting in your life.  Focus on abundance & Prosperity around you.

The fact is money is a form of energy, and it is widely available to all irrespective of caste, creed, age, gender and so on.

Almighty and the Universe is very generous and have given everything that we need to spend our lives peacefully and happily.  When we are born on this beautiful planet, we are provided with abundant air, water, sunlight, food and all the things which are needed.  Do you agree with me?  Do you find any lack of sunlight or air in nature?

No, it is abundantly available to all, so is the money.  Money as energy available to all abundantly, we just need to accept it, realize it.

Now note what are the thoughts running in your mind when you heard this statement.  Some may agree some may not, but if you are resisting to this thought that money is as abundant as air, try to think about Nature, whatever comes to mind, fresh air, water, sunlight, flowers, fruits, different kinds of vegetables, animals, plants whatever comes to your mind.  Now thought about its vastness, think about sea, sky how vast are these?  Unlimited, that’s why we say the sky is the limit right?

These are the basic qualities of the Universe and nature, that you should keep in mind.  The universe is limitless, abundant and generous.  If so is there any possibility that money is limited in this Universe?  No money is abundant.

Affirmation:  Money is as abundant as air.  At first, even if you find it difficult to believe, repeat this affirmation visualizing sunlight, sea, breeze of air to imbibe in your mind that money is as abundant as any other natural resources on the earth.

2.  It’s Noble to be Poor

This is a very common belief among people irrespective of religion, caste and creed.  Somewhere deep down in our mind, we believe that having good money or to be rich, is not good or a strong belief that rich people are all crooks and being poor is a way to showcase that you are a noble and honest person.

This belief can play havoc in creating riches in your life.  Unknowingly you are sending vibes to the Universe that you do not want to be rich because rich people are bad.

But as we know this belief is nothing but a myth.  You will find that all rich people indulge themselves in some or the other philanthropical cause and donate loads of money.   So this is good or bad?

Generosity is a virtue which is not limited to rich or poor, you will find that generous people are good people and if you notice, the more you give, the more you receive.

Affirmation: I Accept Money, Abundance & Prosperity in My life, in all Forms.

If you think you do not have enough money to give, offer something generously which you can easily give out.  A smile, a compliment, compassion for others, nothing else, bless generously to each and everything in your life, people, food, clothes, furniture, literally everything which you come across.

Try this and you will find significant changes in your mindset and slowly all blockages will dissolve and abundance & prosperity will flow into your life.

Try to write all the money beliefs which are creating money blockages in your life, and work on each of them.

You Deserve Abundance & Prosperity

One of the thought patterns which blocks money & abundance in any form is that you think you don’t deserve money and abundance.

As I mentioned above Almighty & the Universe has created everything for everyone.  Do you think air, sun, are created only for specific people and not for you and you do not deserve air or sunlight?

NO, air and sunlight are the musts if you want to alive, without air and sunlight can you imagine yourself?  Then why do you have this mindset that money is only for a few people?  Money is available to all if it is not manifesting in your life, it is very clear that there are blockages, you need to clear.

A simple exercise for deserving: I Accept for Myself————(Your Wish).  Whatever you want to manifest in your life money, job, relationship, fill in space and repeat this sentence like a mantra.

Also if you think you do not deserve a specific thing in life, you create an inferiority complex in yourself, which further create a blockage.

Money Reiki helped me greatly to cleanse my limiting beliefs about money and opened up the doors of new opportunities in my life.

so, Cleansing and Deserving are two important steps in getting rid of money blockages, in the next article we will see some other factors which will help you to clear money blocks from your subconscious.


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24 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Money Blocks? Allow Prosperity Now!”

  1. Hmm! This is actually for the thick skinned and unless one is ready to get away from the comfort zone and have a better mindset towards getting wealthy, then it is possible one may never get wealthy. I learnt quite a lot through this article especially based on the aspect of mindset and how to overcome it. Interesting to know of. Also the saying of being poiir is Nobel is totally bad and I will never fall for that myth because there is no nobility about being poor or broke. Thanks for the aetucle

    • Thanks Tracy,

      Some money beliefs are so rigid and subtle, that we really are very alert of what we think about particular money beliefs like this one – Being poor is noble, and I personally have seen the people who really believe that being poor means more honest and noble.


  2. I should try out this money reiki for cleansing purposes. I feel that one of the reasons why people are not blessed with a lot of money is because of the way they see money. This beliefs are very true  and when I was young, I used to believe too that not having money is noble. I believed that the rich are wicked and it was money that made them tbis way. Growing up I learn better and I tweaked my mindset. All the same, I need the reiki for total cleansing and to change my mindset of money. Thank you!

    • Hey Henderson,

      We all have some or the other kind of money blockages and as our consciousness grows, these blockages fade away, but sometimes we need to work on them and Money Reiki is the best way to cleanse our Money blockages.

  3. Thank you for this very interesting and inspiring article. I have read about money blocks and different techniques or methods of removing them. I even tried EFT tapping, and some kinds of meditations. To be honest, I am not one hundred percent certain it worked. I think to some point it did, but I still sometimes have negative thoughts about money.

    Can Reiki really help with that?

    • Sandy,

      Yes, it can be very hard sometimes to get rid of money blockages, but be consistent and slowly these blockages will fade away:)

      Particularly EFT is a very powerful tool, which I personally practice every day for different things.

  4. This is an use  which is to be taken serious. The mindset if any individual most times determine the level at which he/she attain success. Having a negative though will and have always deterred the level of success attained by someone, this post would go a long way to helping everyone. Thanks for this very important post.

    • Thanks Dan,

      Positive mindset and thoughts are very important, thoughts create our reality, and we should be very careful about what we think:)

  5. This is a very great article! I love all the declarations / affirmations! I am a big fan of personal development books, seminars, and workshops. I couldn’t agree more about everything that you said.

    And yes we all have to change our limiting beliefs. It all starts with our mindset. Always remember T-F-A-R. Your thoughts lead to your feelings that lead to your actions then lead to your results. 

    • Thanks AJ,

      for sharing such a nice thought T-F-A-R with all of us, Our Thoughts are everything and we must think positive:)

      As you said rightly our thoughts create feelings, which lead to actions and results.
      It is obvious that negative thoughts may pop up sometimes, but it is important not to focus on them.

  6. It is very nice you share your experience with us. I fully agree that we must first accept ourselves and every aspect of ourselves and all the goods we have been given by any strength anyone believes. What we have been offered is exactly what we need. And the belief that this is where I am focused this comes to us, whether it’s money, good fortune, or love, or prosperity is absolutely right.
    Your article has helped me and made me reconsider some things. Thanks for that.

    • Thanks very much

      It is the rule, where we focus our energy flows so it is important to focus on positive thoughts:)

      Most of the people, face problems in life because mostly we focus on negative things instead of positive.
      When we try to focus on positive things of life, how little it may be, it certainly helps. You can start positive thinking at any moment of our lives and trust me, from that second your life starts changing.

  7. It all boils down to our mindset, is it not? Regardless of money blocks or other matters in life, having a positive mindset is utmost important. Also, we must be grateful for what we have, never compare. Should we want anything greater, hard work is a must. Do it positively!

    I enjoyed the read. Thanks.

    • Thanks Sharon,

      A positive mindset and gratitude is the key, 

      I personally feel affirming that we can achieve things only by doing hard work, it is also a subtle blockage. As I said in the article, money is as abundant as air, so do we need to do hard work to get air or breathe? It is so natural that we hardly notice it, so try to affirm: Money comes to me easily and effortlessly:)

  8. Its really amazing reading through this post, I would go on and reading this post non stop. In my course of reading I saw an aspect where it says “being poor is noble”, this is one very bad thinking of so many people especially some few who are being lazy to work. I want to sag say to everyone that success is in our DNA and we shouldn’t kill it with negative thoughts. Thanks you.

    • Hey Chole,

      that sounds like a great affirmation: Success is in My DNA, thanks for sharing with all of us.  yes, some money beliefs are very strange, and I think it’s not their laziness but their mindset that needs to be changed.

  9. Shubhangi, thank you for these words of wisdom related to money and abundance. I agree money is as abundant as air. I like the idea of visualizing sunlight, sea breeze of air while repeating this mantra. I will try this technique. I have request more information about Money Reki. Bless you, and blessing to your loved ones. Thank you again.


    • Thanks tom,

      glad that you like these money reiki blogs, sure I will write more on the topic.  Thank you for encouraging me:)

  10. Thanks Shubhang for bringing this information that will lead to self development and having the right mindset. I always enjoy reading spiritual  and motivational messages like this one. I also read that to attract money you really don’t need to get obsessive over that desire. Yes affirmation and visualisation are great too.

    • You are right grea8J,

      One basic rule of law of attraction is you must not be obsessed. Affirmations are great as they work as a seed which we plant in our subconscious, though we may not see the fully developed tree in the see it has every potential of it. The universe always works in My Favour – try this affirmation:)

  11. Excellent article on how to get rid of money block,I’ve learned greatly from your write-up,the ways you explained was quite amazing,as the air and sunlight are in abundant,so also should money be,Money as energy available to all abundantly, we just need to accept it, realize it,I agree with your words.Money is as abundant as air,money is as abundant as any other natural resources on the earth,this is a powerful word that I believe it so much but some people would not believe the word,what you believe is what you will be,great article indeed,reading through your post today its awesome,thank you for sharing.

    • That’s true Abayomi, not all people believe that money is as abundant as air.  But money is nothing but an energy, and energy is everywhere, so it’s just you need to realize this equation.

      People do not accept this fact, because they see lack everywhere, but once they start accepting money as an energy, it will be easier to tor them to accept it.

  12. That’s a great topic for your article.  So many people struggle with the Law of Attraction – I appreciate Bob Proctor’s video that you used.  The affirmations you provided were very positive and did a great job of encompassing issues with having money in general.  I also enjoyed your comments regarding possible reasons of why we develop money blockages.  Great job!

    • Thanks Michelle,

      If we try to follow the general rules of Law of Attraction, blockages start getting dissolved in every area of life, and money blockages are one part of it.

      As you apply Law of Attraction, your consciousness expands and that’s the key to attract Abundance & Prosperity.


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