How Do You React to Change?


How to do you react to change?  This question may upset some people, as most of the people do not like to change.  Most of the time, it is walking out of your comfort zone, so people try to avoid this question.

But should change be so scary?  Change is the only important thing in this world.  The world has evolved over the years, human beings have changed over the thousands of years, therefore change should be a very natural procedure for all of us.

Each and every day we change, our body change, though we do not realize it.  so how do you face change in your life?

changes can be on a small scale or large scale, and I can understand that if an incident going to affect your life on a large scale, and especially sudden changes can be scary at first.

What are the emotions – Panic, Confusion, Joy, Denial or refusing to change that surface in your mind?  Whatever is the situation, your positive mindset can help you a lot to overcome any problem.  It is the most important thing how you approach a situation.

I know it is easier said than done, but with practice and positive affirmations, you can balance yourself even in critical conditions.  If you are firm in your thoughts that every incident will result in the highest interest of you and your loved ones, immediately you feel a bit relaxed.

As you practice this thought more and more, the anxiety and panic replaced by calmness.

With each new breath, I inhale strength and exhale fear.

It is also important to practice balancing in our daily lives on a daily basis.  Though it may seem very small and frivolous at first, this technique will help you to remain balanced and calm, if a critical condition arise.

Some of you may ask is it really possible to balance ourselves in our day to day life?  I know we all lead a different lifestyle, and so the different problems and challenges.

But I want to assure you that it is possible to balance ourselves in almost all situations if we practice some techniques and since I am a Yoga Teacher also, I will be suggesting some simple tips, to help you practice balance in a day to day life.

 Balancing yourself is not a difficult task and you have done it many times.

Most of you must be knowing how to ride a bicycle, riding your life is nothing different.  First, you need to be very careful but as you practice, you master the skill.

Balancing and keep calm and stable, might seems difficult and take a lot of patience and persistence, but once you are tuned with your thoughts it will be easier.

One major thing that will always put you off balance is a distraction.  Try to figure out what are the distracting you from your daily schedule?

Might you have the habit of spending time watching binge tv or spending much time on social media like Facebook?  Cut down that time slowly and add more value to your life by investing that time on completing your goal, researching or reading something that will be helpful to you.

Spending time in nature helps many people, walking or trekking if possible once in a while, feel you more connected to your inner world and more relaxing.

There are many benefits of spending time in nature like you get more Vitamin D when you are in nature, it’s also good for eyes, as most of the time we are staring at our computer or mobile screens.

Spending time in nature also proven that it helps to get better mental health, we get fresh air, also helps to ground ourselves.

Enjoy in joy activity

Indulge yourself in a hobby or a passion once in a week, so that you get mental relaxation and feel at ease.

Whatever may be your joy activity, walking, cooking, gardening try to indulge in it and spend time on a regular basis, you will be much more relaxed and calm.

 Simple Yoga Tips

  1.  If you are a Yoga follower, great, continue your practice daily, even if you have just 10 minutes a day.  Try to incorporate some Asanas and Pranayam in a daily schedule.  If you have very limited time, try different asanas each day.  On one day only standing asanas, next day only sitting asanas, next day lying asanas and so on.

Also, you can try alternate pranayama to accommodate all breathing exercises.  also, you can choose pranayama according to the season, for e.g. avoid sheetali pranayama on cold days.  Avoid Surya pranayama in summer.

2.  When we are discussing balance, one pranayama which is immensely helpful is Anulom vilom Pranayama.  The main function of this pranayama is balancing breaths.  Simultaneously, it also helps you to balance your overall response to different situations.

Anulomvilom is alternative breathing through left and right nostril which symbolizes Moon and Sun, Ida and Pingla Nadi.  When we balance this main two breathing Nadis,  automatically you train your whole system to be in balance.

AnulomVilom not only balances your breaths but balances male and female energies and make a person more balanced.

Balancing Asanas

Another important tip for getting a better balance in your life is to practice balancing asanas daily.  As the name suggests it train your brain to balance you, which also help you balance yourself more confidently in difficult situations of life.

Though balancing asanas are difficult to perform, always try with the simplest form of balancing asanas like Tadasana or Mountain Pose.

Gradually, you can move to more complex asanas, but it is not at all important to do complex asanas to get preferred results.

Final Thoughts:

Change is a part of our life and we should accept it in a very positive way. To maintain balance in all these transformative situations is very important.

Positive Attitude, Affirmations, Reiki and Yoga can help you tremendously to balance yourself.  Reiki and Yoga are helpful in stressful situations as in both of these modalities, maintain the balance or homeostasis of the energy is the main characteristic.

I would like to know what helps you to maintain your balance in your daily life, pl let me know in the comments below.


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