What is Reiki All About?


I am glad you asked this question, many people who are not heard of the term “Reiki” are many and to them, it is difficult to understand what Reiki is and how it works?

It is understandable when you heard something the first time, you are more either of curious or skeptical.  And that is perfectly fine.

We born as a little wonder of nature, but we need to learn how to crawl, walk, how to swim, how to sing and tons of activities that we need to learn.

These skills and capabilities are within all of us, but until these capacities are not unveiled, we ourselves do not know that these skills and subtle powers are within us.

Healing is also a subtle skill or subtle power within us, but no one told us or taught us that we can heal ourselves.

Again healing and Curing are two different things, curing is mostly on physical existence, but healing involves all planes of existence- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

A Doctor can cure you, a physical symptom like headache, he will give you some medication and you will feel relieved, but that is a temporary solution.

Whereas when you choose to heal a problem, it can go deep inside you and try to find out and cleanse any deep-rooted problem that may be causing an issue, or stress on the mental level which is resulting in a headache.

Healing is a holistic approach to any problem.  We come across many stressful situation or events that deeply hurt us, and that impressions still resides in us.  That trauma, agony come to the surface in some of the other ways.  It may appear as a physical illness, may create a mental and emotional blockage.  And we may not necessarily aware of this.  We carry forward these negative impressions and blocks over time, from years, maybe from many past lives.

It may sound like a very entangled situation, and in reality, it is, so when you choose to heal yourself and others, you are dealing with deep-rooted blockages and sanskaras.   Healing may take time, to cleanse and make you free from all the clutter inside you.

Another important thing that we need to understand that we are human beings, a bundle of emotions and thoughts.  Every second of our life, we deal with our emotions and thoughts.  Not a single of the moment we are emotionless or thoughtless.  Each and every second we are creating positive and negative emotions and thoughts within ourselves, unless you know how to deal with your emotions and thoughts.

Every emotion and thought affect our organs, glands, muscle, tissue, and it is equally true that with positive thought you can heal yourself.

Our body has a mind of itself, very strange to hear and accept, I know, but that is reality our body and every tissue of it has its own consciousness.

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I highly recommend a book You Can Heal Yourself by Louise Hay.  Louise was diagnosed with Cancer, but Louise chooses to heal herself and cures from a dangerous disease like Cancer.

I am not against medication or allopathy but is it now a proven fact that modern medications do more harm than cure.  And the billions of dollars involved in producing these medications and all the business involved in it is altogether a different subject of discussion.

Different Types of Healing

There are tons of healing types on this earth, as every tribe has its own way of healing mind and spirit.  These healing methods encompass into different categories like body/physical, mind, spiritual, meridians, etc.

Like Hypnotherapy particularly deal with a person’s mind and thought, Acupuncture focuses more on meridians and so on.

Healing, in fact, is the combination of all these,  healing includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing as one compound result.

What is Reiki All About?

Reiki is a Spiritual Healing Energy, within all of us.  It is made of two words Rei and KI – Rei means Universal and Ki means energy, prana.  In different regions, ki is known with different names like in India Ki is known as Prana Shakti, i.e.vital energy within us.

As the name suggests, Reiki means universal energy which is all prevalent, Reiki is present everywhere and you can access Reiki at any given time and place.

Reiki is spiritual healing energy within which has its own consciousness.  Because it is spiritual energy, it exactly knows where to flow and where healing is needed.

Reiki is basically a hand on healing energy, simply means you place your hand on different body parts or endocrine systems, chakras to revitalize these energy centers.

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Why hands are so important in Reiki?


At the basic level, Reiki Level I, particularly you taught to heal with your hands, placing your hands on 26 Reiki Points.

Why it is so?  If we search in detail, you will find that it is very closely related to Yog Mudra Vigyan, which is very popular in India, and have hundreds of years of history to back it.

In Yog Mudra, it is clearly mentioned that “Our body has the power of remaining immune to diseases, as well as curing them.”  According to Mudra Vigyan, the secret of good health lies in the hands and fingers and Mudras which can be performed with the help of fingers.

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An electromagnetic wave or the electricity of the body(aura) is continuously emitted from our hand and each of our fingers is a symbol of each element:

Thumb: Fire

Index Finger: Air

Middle Finger: Space

Ring: Earth

Ring: Water

So we can safely conclude, that when we put our hand on a body part, we are providing the basic 5 elements to the person.

One of the elements which may be lacking or having excess, get balance during Reiki session.  As we all know that Reiki is well known as balancing energy, Reiki maintains the homeostasis of existence.

When we get attuned, it is rightly said that we receive Reiki Hands with attunement.

Why Reiki is So Special?

As I mentioned above, Reiki is spiritual healing energy and has its own consciousness.  So even if you are sending healing to a difficult situation, you do not need to know how to send Reiki and will it be effective?  If you know the reason, well and good, but if you do not know the reason or if someone does not want to disclose, it will be equally effective.  Reiki knows where to flow and a person receives that much energy which is needed.

Reiki works on all levels of your existence.  When you treat a person with Reiki, be assured that you at the same time treating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane.  This is the unique feature of Reiki, which distinguishes Reiki from other healing modalities.  There are very few healing techniques which work so effectively.

Reiki is the simplest yet powerful healing system.  Once you learn Reiki, it always stays with you.  It is not right, as many people say that they don’t’ feel Reiki, but one of the most important principals of Reiki is that the more you give, the more you receive.

If ever you feel that you don’t FEEL Reiki, start practicing more Reiki, the more you give Reiki, better the chance you will start noticing tinglings, sensations in your hand.

With Reiki you can literally heal anyone, it is not restricted to humans.  You can give Reiki to plants to Planets.  Unlike modern medication, you need different specialist, different types of tablets for a different disease, Reiki is far away from these limitations.  Once you learn Reiki, you can heal any disease just with your intention.  You need not have any special knowledge about the disease or body parts.

Same is the situation with pets, human medicines and human doctors are of no use when it comes to pets.  They need a different kind of specialists and medications.  But pets love Reiki, and you can easily give Reiki to your pets as well without any hesitation.

As you progress with Reiki, you work with higher energies and higher realms.   Reiki being spiritual healing energy, very easy to get connected with other higher spiritual beings like Angels, Archangels and higher frequencies.

The whole process gets more pleasurable and divine when you start working with Angels.  One of the Prominent Archangel famous for healing is Archangel Raphael.

Reiki saves you from a ton of mishaps.  Reiki Symbols are unique symbols, which you can use for different purposes like power, protection, and prosperity.  Cho Ku Rei is one symbol which helps you in all situations.

I have a number of incidents when I am saved by Reiki.  Reiki is multi-faced and multifunctional energy, which guides you through all of your life.

Reiki reveals a whole new world to you, of healing, it guides you in the strangest ways to what is right for you.

I highly recommend everyone to learn Reiki and get healed on every plane every day.  You can learn Reiki Online also, nowadays it is easy to Learn Reiki Online if you do not find any local teacher who can teach you in person.

If you have any questions or suggestions, pl let me know in the comments below, and I will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

Also if you find this article, do not forget to share with your friends and family.

Love, Light & Reiki.

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18 thoughts on “What is Reiki All About?”

  1. Hi 

    I am well aware of Reiki but never really went into it. Thanks to your article I now understand about Reiki much more and like most procedures it may benefit some people whilst for others it will not be so beneficial. I am a believer in using alternative medicine with conventional medicine, as they can benefit each other. I think it is dangerous to rely sole on one technique and we can learn something from  all.

    Thank you for writing this article.


    • Yes Antonio,

      I totally agree with you, that alternative medicine with conventional medicine will give better results.  But I till date I have to come across anyone, whom Reiki is not beneficial.  Reiki is as natural as breathing, but may there are some people to whom Reiki is not beneficial.

      Totally agree with your opinion that it is dangerous to rely on any one technique. 

      Love, Light & Reiki

  2.  I like your article very much. I think that spiritual healing and healing coming from with them is very important and can still be done. But Western medicine doesn’t except this practice very easily as you can imagine. Unless it’s a real big moneymaker you’re not gonna find corporations that are willing to invest in this kind of healing approach. I’m glad you raise the issue because I think it’s something that needs to be talked about once again. 

    The cancer patient that you mentioned as an example I think is outstanding I’m very happy for her. But it does show the power of spiritual healing and calling on the body to heal itself.  I do think there is a place for Western medicine and physical healing but we become too dependent on it. It’s almost like going to see a stranger when you go see a doctor and you’re hoping that you get diagnosed correctly and that you will heal. But this is not always 100% true. Doctors do the best they can but again they’re trained in technology has the answer for healing. 

     Great article thank you again for raising issues. By the way I recently had back surgery so I’m going to focus more on my inner energy and try hard to help the healing process along by using more of a spiritual approach. My surgery was June 13 about three weeks ago. It’s coming along but I’m impatient. 

    • Yes Tim, 

      it’s really sad to see that to earn money people do not hesitate to pay with patient’s lives.  Particularly if we take the example, Cancer is curable if detected in early stages.  Even in later stages, there are many healing methods which can cure Cancer Patients.

      Particularly in India, a lot of research is going on and until now it shows many positive results. There is a definite healing method which can cure Cancer, without dangerous treatments like chemo.

      Reiki Certainly helps Cancer patients, and it is medically proven.  I wish you a full recovery from back pain.

      Love, Light & Reiki

  3. I had never heard of Reiki before stumbling upon your very informative post. I find it very nurturing and intriguing and had heard of Chakra before and wondered how it works. I am also wondering if these Chakra points are akin to pressure points used in acupressure. So far the most interesting metaphysical healing I have experienced has been acupuncture but I use meditation learned from tai-chi to unlock much of my stress and rid myself of most pain. Your article shows I may be thinking too immediat and not getting to the source of such issues. Looking forward to reading more. 

    • Thanks Andy for stopping by,

      Glad you have great experiences with acupuncture, meditation, and tai-chi, so you are familiar with alternative healing therapies.

      As I mentioned in the article also, there are many energy healing systems available, it is just a matter of which one is more suitable to you.

      I recommend you to have a Reiki session if Reiki Practitioners are available nearby you and I am sure you will love the experience, 

      Love, Light & Reiki