Heal and Talk with Your Body Reiki ways


Talk with your body and heal
The best way to heal your body is to talk with your body. It is scientifically proven that communicating with your body can heal your body to a great extent.

Cleve Backster has proven it that plants can get intuitive when threatened.

Our body is a community of a 50 trillion cells and each cell has its own individual existence. Can you believe that all the systems in our body also exist in a tiny cell also?

Whenever we talk, our cells listen too – and have a positive or negative impact on our health. Positive thoughts can heal your body. so how to heal our body with positive thoughts and Reiki.

The most important thing is to realize that we need to have a compassionate outlook towards our body. Our body is made up trillions of cells, each cell having its own consciousness and emotion.

Secondly, build trust with your body by allowing a constructive communication to your brain and body. Have a dialogue with your brain and body about your ailments and diseases.

Guide your brain to achieve a specific result, for ex. weight loss, decide your goal for and give direction to your brain how much you want to lose and ask the brain to convey the message to your body.

Each cell has its consciousness and your instruction passed on to each cell. Not to expect instant results, you need to continually guide your brain and body.

So if you say that you want to become taller every day, your body cells won’t make you taller overnight, but the thought gets installed in your head and becomes a belief. It works on the concept that if you believe in something then your body will try its level best to make that belief come true.


Talk with your body reiki ways

Our body has a very structured system and a unique automated system. Our body is made of different systems like

Different Human body systems

All of these systems are interrelated and dependent on each other for optimal health of the body. every system has its own and independent functions, at the same time dependent on each other.

You can literally talk in your mind with each of your organs, do you find it crazy, might be. Nowadays we don’t have time to speak to our kids where we have time to talk to ourselves? right1

But communicating with your body immensely helps you to keep you healthy. Our body constantly sends us signal but we tend to ignore these signals.

Reiki helps you to have a better talk with your body. Reiki is a hand on practice, so you need to keep your hands on different body parts, a majority of times the points discussed are primary chakras or of vital importance in our body.

Want to know more about 26 Reiki Points, which also deals with our emotional healing, Read Here

Starting with Eyes, Reiki follows a pre-defined module to give Reiki to all your major systems and chakras. so why not have a talk with your body while giving Reiki to your body.

I would like to share how I talk with my body at the same time giving Reiki to my whole existence. As you all might be aware of the fact, that Human body is an amalgamation of physical, mental;, emotional, and spiritual existence.

I love this fact about Reiki that not only we are treating our physical ailments but at the same time, we are healing our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies also, which we are carrying along with us from time no one knows!

while giving Reiki to eyes, keep your hands gently on your eyes, covering eyebrows, cheeks, and facial arena.  I start with asking eyes, hey how are you today? are you all right, how are you feeling today and like that. You may notice some sensations keep giving reiki with all the symbols DKM, CKR, SHK, HSZSN and if guided to other symbols as well.

Now move on two Reiki point 2, forehead, now have a talk and give Reiki to forehead area. Repeat the same procedure again.

Try to read the feelings

At first, you may find it difficult and cumbersome. But it’s a great way to communicate with your body and get the response. You may feel uneasiness in some body parts, so energy level may be down there. Keep giving reiki until you are guided or you feel.

Your body is quite intuitive and will accept reiki as much-needed. You will intuitively feel to move your hand on another point.

On some points, you need to give Reiki more than 3 minutes, which is a basic thumb of the rule if you are new to Reiki. give Reiki till you feel to move to another point.

How to give Reiki to a specific ailment and related body part

Suppose someone is suffering from Diabetes, then you need to concentrate more on pancreas – the point on left, along with the whole body treatment.

Now once you know the location of the pancreas, you do not need to know the exact location of the pancreas- just remember the sequence of body parts if you are just started with Reiki.

Once you are to pancreas point, say whatever you want to convey to your body, talk to pancreas literally. Just say hi or how are your health and if it does not function properly, you want to keep the check on sugar level, literally instruct in a very gentle tone and ask to keep or maintain a normal sugar level.

If you are suffering from low or high blood pressure, Reiki the related point, with symbols and have a talk or maybe focus on the things which are responsible for these imbalances.

Is there any specific problem in the family or issue that you are upset with or anxiety, think about it what causing the trouble and ask for a stable blood pressure.

Ho’oponopono – Another great way to heal


these 4 magic lines dissolve every negative energy or negative emotions, like anger, hatred or jealousy. these feelings block our energy route and block the energy flow. this creates an energy imbalance in related organ or chakra which leads to discomfort, a disease in the body.

For ex, if you are struggling with expressing your emotions, whether positive or negative, a block forms in your throat chakra, creates energy imbalance and blockages in your throat chakra resulting in different types of throat problems.

If you are constantly in stressful situations, and not able to cope up with the situation it can create many problems at a time in different body parts leading to anxiety, depression, or in contrary emotions like an outburst of anger and violent behavior in some cases.

Ho” is a forgiveness prayer. these four lines four major principles of repentance, forgiveness, gratitude, and love.

The base of this theory is healing yourself and you will heal everything. there is nothing like out there, everything exists in our mind. so when you say this prayer with the intention it gives miraculous results.

How to apply Ho’oponopono to your body?

Whenever there is a pain in body or any ailing body part, try out this forgiveness prayer. You can say this prayer in your mind while giving Reiki to an ailing body part.

For ex-say, you are having a shoulder pain, keep your palms on your shoulder, give reiki if you are a Reiki practitioner and say this prayer to the ailing body part, in this case, shoulders. While keeping your hands on shoulders, say this prayer

I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you.

Try this method regularly you will feel the difference.

Don’t expect instant results

this method is more close to auto-suggestion and you are auto instructing your body while having a gentle talk along with providing healing reiki with it.

So it’s like giving three in one healing technique to heal yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally.

It’s a persistent and continuous process of healing. But you will be astonished by the results. If you are not a Reiki practitioner, then also you are going to benefit from it.

Healing becomes easy with gentle talk and healing touch with Reiki.


Talk with your body on a regular basis, our body sends us signals, pay attention to these signals and treat on time. If you follow this procedure, you will notice that your doctor visits have lessened in few months. You will feel more energetic, stable and peaceful.

When you can heal yourself, why to ignore the ailing symptoms of the body. Heal yourself while having a talk with your body!

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4 thoughts on “Heal and Talk with Your Body Reiki ways”

  1. Hi there,

    Great article!

    I really enjoyed the reading. One of my friends learned Reiki, and I remember her healing her father’s back pain with her hand. I couldn’t believe it, but he really felt good after the session. I wrote down the prayer on a paper so I can say it every time my body send me a signal.
    Just a question, please. Should I do the same with chronic fatigue? I am suddenly tired around 11 AM.

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hey Daniella,

      Thanks for stopping by.  

      Reiki is a natural healing energy within all of us and with a intention to heal, you can heal almost anything.  thanks for sharing your friend’s experience with Reiki.

      Can you pl share the prayer with me, would like to share on my blog.  It may help many others.

      Daniella, if you are suffering from fatigue at a particular time, pay attention to your daily schedule and as I mentioned in the article, your body always sends you signals.  

      May be your body needs a little rest, take a nap and see it it makes any difference.  



  2. I have always believed your body is energy. If you can train your mind to talk to your body like you mentioned, you will have control over the energy, that is your body. I practice this all the time. My daughter is a Reiki teacher and tried to teach me as much as she can. I wish I had the training she has had. Do you feel you have control over your body by talking to it?

    • Hey Jim, glad to know that your daughter is a Reiki teacher and you should take frequent Reiki sessions from her.  As I always say, Reiki can heal you on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

      It is really not necessary to know on which strata Reiki is working on.  Honestly, no Reiki channel can tell you where Reiki is flowing and which part of your existence is getting healed.

      As a Reiki Channel, our role is limited to channelize Reiki Energy to the receiver.  We can intend to heal the receiver on a physical level if he is suffering from an ailment.  But Reiki will flow where it is most needed, so if the receiver having some major and serious issues, that need to heal immediately, Reiki energy heals that first.

      The Reiki dynamics is unknown, but for sure Reiki works for the highest interest of the receiver.

      Jim you mentioned that you wish to learn Reiki, just go ahead and learn Reiki, it is such an easy to learn and apply.

      I do believe that if you  train your brain to pass over instructions to your cells, over the time you can control some body functions.

      Our subconscious mind controls how we function in our day to day life, not only on physical plain but also our thinking patterns are under control of our subconscious mind.

      As you know, thoughts are everything if you can able to mold your thoughts it can change your life.  So yes, train your subconscious and it will reflect in your life.

      Thanks Jim,




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