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Learn Money ReikiBe a Reiki Grand Master

Money Reiki is a Spiritual Energy of Money.  Money Reiki is a system where we can tap this energy of money.  It is not a get rich quick system or a lottery, but it is an energy that heals your deep-rooted blockages related to Money. It is a Money Reiki Combo, including all levels and attunements to Money Reiki.

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Learn Animal Reiki

Price: $10 pamepr_your_pet_with_reiki_healing_therapy.png Like humans, pets can suffer from the same ailments like anxiety, fear, stress and many behavioral issues, so it’s important to look after them and ensure they are stress-free. Not only that, but pets love Reiki!

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Free Reiki Healing Session

As a Thank You to all my readers & Subscribers, I send weekly Free Reiki Healing Session.  I will be glad if you give me an opportunity to send you the healing energies of Reiki.  

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Free Meditation for Money meditation

Meditation for Money is a free resource for Money Reiki Students.  This meditation is for anyone and has very simple techniques like breathing to focus on your goal.  Though I have also included some additional tips for advanced users, I hope you will find it useful.  It is my first meditation for Money Reiki students, but expect more in a few days!

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Grace & Gratitude Jivita

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