Reasons to Learn Reiki

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Reiki as we all know is a spiritual healing energy.  Reiki is a very subtle energy and pentrates deep down in our existence.  It is this function of Reiki, that allows the patient to heal beyond time limit.  It is a well know fact, that whatever apperas on the physcial level in fomr of disease and illness, is the result of deep down emotions which may need healling.

In our day to day life, we came across many incidents and experieces, which is not good or had some bad expereices.  These impression of pain, subconsciously creates some negative impressions witin us

these accumulated expressions of pain, anger and so on start culminating in our body and ultimately results in the form of an illness.

Let’s see how Reiki can help us with healing with day to day struggles and the reason why everyone should learn the Reiki I

 Reiki is very subtle and delicate energy

Reiki is very subtle and comforting energy and one instantly feels relax and much more calm.  Reiki do no harm and it works for the highest interest of the receiver.  It is very delicate energy and flows where it needed.  While learning Reiki, many students worrried about this question, as whether they will be able to direct the Reiki Energy,  

But Reiki channels woks mere as a medium between practitioner and patienct.  In fact, only appropriate Reiki will be accepted by the receiver and no extra reiki can be givento anyone.

Reiki Hands

After attunement, many feels the warmthe in the palms fo the practitioner.  As it its very normal tthat after attument, people feel Reiki in their hands.  After REiki  attunement, our normal hands turn into reiki hands  and we are able now to heal ourselves.  Reiki 1 allows only hands 

Many santists has provedd that after attunement our normal hands turn into Reiki Hands and now when we give reiki tthe we our handss emit alpha and theta waves.

AS we all know Alpja  and Theta waves produce the highest heallilng within us

mid brain activation

Mid Brain Activation is the process where we try to recharge our mid brain by some exercise, meditation and many other techniques.  but REiki is the simplest form where you can activate your brain by applying Reiki tp the specific points at temple earforehead, back of the neck modulla obliganta, which is the most important part of our brain

By daily appllication of Reiki to these points rest assured that positive results will be acquied.

most cost effective 

Reiki is natural healin method in our body, and our bodoy actually lovesthe soothing energies of REiki.  As aagainst huge fees of docors and medical expenses, Reiki is far beyon inexpensive.

Once you are attuned to Reiki, on mever lose the REiki Connection.  But daily Reiki practie should be done so that the energy path of the the Reiki remains clear and clean,.

Kids and animal loves Reiki

Reiki is subtle energy which can be feel by kids and animals as they are more sensitive to teEnergy  Reiki is a harmless healing method which can be applied to kids ddirectly without any side effects. On the contrary kids loves the heallilng touch of the Reiki.

Animals are energy sensitive beings, so they natuallu love the healing energies o the Reiki.  You will notice that when you start giving Reiki to animals even disstantly, slowly within 5-10minutes animals like cat, dog com near to you and appreciate the healing energies of the reiki.

Similarly Plants also love Reiki and it is seen that plants which are given Reiki onregualr basis , grows very well and bear more fruits and production.  It is proved now scientifically also.

REiki cut cross your medical charges

Anyone who ever learned Reiki knows that after reiki 2 attunement, our health system goes a major upgradation and now after Reiki ttunement becomes more strong and sturdy.

Consequently, your expenses on medicines cut down to a great extent, and a you give reiki to your family mememts, they also feel better and more healthy.

So even if one person of the family learned the REiki, the entire home becomes healthy and happy.

REiki Directly benefits the Immune system

one of the major reason that one feels great after learning REiki is that our immune system gets healling on a reagular bassis and therefore we feel more energetic and lively.

REiki deeply absorbs in every cell and tissue of our body, so every tiny part of oru body gets healing, and whole of our sytem is in homeostatis.

hey friedns,

this is a very basic benefits of the Reiki, REiki works more on a memntal and emotional level.  So learn REiki Now and you will notice the difference within few days.

If u have any question, pl let me know in the comements section below, I will be more than happy to anser them.

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