Plusvalue Wooden Sriparni Sri Yantra -Must for Every House

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IntroductionShree Yantra

Shree Yantra is the most sacred and worshipped yantra in not only in India, but other cojntries as well.  Shree Yanta the word is made up of two words Shree and Yantra.  Shree means Maa(Mother), Laxmi(Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance) and Yantra means machine.

So in literal sense Shree Yantra means the machine for creating the Wealth and Prosperity.  The meaning of Shree is not limited only to the money only but it is a all purvasive word.  As abundace and prosperity does not only means currencey but also abundace in all forms.

Shree Yantra is worshipped throughout the country. for its beneficial results on all plane.

What is shriparni Shree Yantra?

Shriparni is the famous tree in India, which said to be the house of Ma Laxmi.  It is said that Ma Laxmi resided in the this tree and many Shri parni products are very popular

Shriparni Shree Yantra is made up of Shriparni and very useful for everyone.  If you have any specific wish, you can use Shree yantra, tell the yantra lo, help you with the  shree yantra

Shriparni Shree Yantra is very powerful tool for the blessing of Laxmi ji.  At the same time, it consits the energies of Shree Yantra, shriparni .

Shriparni Shree Yantra Review – Must have for every home.

Shree Yantra is so powerful Yantra, it is said that wherever it is sthapana (to sit) it creates the positve arua and any negativity if any get dissove.

The very existence of the Shree Yantra in the home keeps away any negatitivity and makes the atmosphere blessed and peaceful

As mentioned above yantra means machine, and this machine once sthapith in your home, it works 24×7, for the betterment of the rvery member of the house.

How Wooden Shriparni Shree Yantra works?

Yantra means machine and Wooden Shriparni Shree Yantra is made from the Shriparni woods whcih works 24×7 once it is activate.

the Shree Yantra needs to be activated by proper pooja and daily chanting of the  beej Mantra.  The more you offer japa, the more stronger the vibes of the Shree Yantra.

You can perform pooja by yourself or be offered by some other person who know the beej mantra and how to worship the Shree Yantra.

Pros and Cons

Pros of the Shree Yantra

  Shree Yantra is beautifully carved in the Shriparni Wooden and  qite useful to carry with you. If possibke, never share your Shree Yantra with others.  Even if you are carrying one, you should not exchane with others.  Every yantra has its own energy field and certain powers absorb during pooja.

2.  It can be placed in your Pooja Ghar, car, or if you want you can carry with you one,  

3.  Since it is wooden, no chances of breaking it.

4.  It is made of Shriparni wood, which is said to be the abode of Ma Laxmi,  so if you have one can use to charge your intentions, affirmations and Goals.

5.  Best if you can put it in a Money Reiki Box or Pyranmid box.

6. Giving Shree Yantra as a Gift to others, is it said that it increase the money flow. 

Cons of the wooden Shriparni shree Yantra

It is made up of Wood, so when you offer Abhishekam it’s hard to clean.

The size o 4 x 4″ are small to make a frame and keep it in pooja ghar.

Over the time, it can loose its texture and beauty after performing Abhishek on it

What is better than?

Honestly, Shree Yantra is so powerful Yantra, I don’t think any yantra is powerful than this.  In India, almost every house has a Shree Yantra in it.  Yes, Shree Yantra is available in different materials like wooden, crystal, copper engraved, panch dhatu shree yantra and so on.

Every Shree Yantra has its own benefit, so whichever Shree Yantra you choose, surely give you the better results.  But it is important to note than the impact of the Shree Yantra is depend on the weight and height of the Yantra.  A small Shree Yantra has a small aura nd therefore the range of its effectiveness is also limited.


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Price: 1250/-

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Shree Yantra is the most popular Yantra in India, and worshipped in every house,  the impact of shree yantra is beyond imagination and always work for the betterment of the home  and its members.

As the name denotes Shree is the symbol of Ma Lazmi and as a mother takes care of her childrens, Shree Yantra takes the care of all the memebrs.

Wooden Shriparni Shree Yantra is a great comination of Shriparni and Shree Yantra.  So one receives the blessing from bI oth.

I highly recommed to have a Shree Yantra in the house as it also increases the vvibration of the house.

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