Reiki Copper Symbol Plates – Why You Must Have One!

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Reiki Symbols are an integral part of Reiki and serve many purposes during a Reiki Session.  The main purpose of using Reiki Symbols is to focus on a definite intention and get the optimal results.  Every Symbol can be used in many different situations and intentions.  It is entirely on the Reiki Practitioner, how to and when to use any particular symbol, as every Reiki Practitioner deals with a specific situation in a different manner.

But every symbol has a definite meaning and a specific purpose to serve.  The four major symbols in Reiki are Cho Ku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sehi Hei Kei, and Dai Ko Miyo.

Cho Ku Rei  is an all-purpose Reiki Symbol and very popular in Reiki Practitioners and its main purpose is to give power to any intention and situation and so it is also known as Power Symbol.

Sei Hei Ki as mainly used for balancing the energies and emotional and mental wellness.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen works beyond space and time and is used to connect and heal with past, present or future events.

Dai Ko Myo is a Master Symbol and works beyond human imagination and understanding.  It is often known for creating miraculous results.

Reiki Symbols are strictly used by Reiki Attunes, or who have received Reiki Attunements and practiced it for a while.  All the above symbols are received only through attunements on different levels of Reiki.

Still because of its usefulness and effectiveness, many want to use these symbols in daily usage.  So what is the best way to receive these symbols?

The best way which I can recommend is to learn Reiki, get attunement, and practice and use it.  That way you can feel and realize how Reiki energy works.

But if you have not learned and attuned to Reiki, Should you use Reiki and Reiki Symbols?

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As a Reiki Master Teacher, and working with Reiki for more than 15+ years, I can safely say that Reiki Symbols do no harm, as Reiki itself do no harm and works for the highest interest of the receiver.

Most of the Reiki Practitioners invoke symbols mentally whenever the situation demands, or you can draw these symbols with a pen, but I found a great handy tool which can be used by anyone- Reiki Copper Symbol Plates

What is Reiki Copper Symbol Plates?

Reiki Copper Symbol Plates are Copper plates of different sizes from 2″ and 4″, which have different Reiki Symbols engraved on it.

Some Reiki Copper Symbol Plates have major Reiki Symbols while others have a combination of Reiki Symbols, Karuna Reiki Symbols and prosperity symbols like Vasudha.

Why Reiki Copper Symbol Plates are powerful?

From more than 2000 years, India is using Copper for daily usage of vessels and Yantras.  Copper is known as a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity.

copper was used as the best metal to transmit energy, preserve clean water etc.
Copper can destroy undesirable Virus and bacteria. Ayurveda recommends storing water in Copper Vessels.

In India for thousands of years, Yantras are worshipped as a remedy for many situations and problems.  First Yantras are used to be made on palm leaves but later it was discovered that Copper is an efficient conductor and lasts much longer.

Since then it is a very popular trend to engrave yantras (sacred geometrical patterns), Yantra literally means Machines, which is worshipped for desired results.

You will come across most of the powerful yantras are made up of Copper as it is the most useful and result oriented. So these Reiki Copper Symbol Plates, give great results with Reiki Symbols engraved on it.  It combines both energies – of Reiki and Copper.

How to use Reiki Copper Symbol Plates?

Reiki Copper Symbol Plates can be used in many different ways.  It also depends on the size of the plates-some are of 2″  and that is best for carrying with you.  4″ Reiki Copper Symbol Plates are best to use for the in-home remedial purpose.  Of course, you can carry it with you if needed.

  1. Money Reiki Box

Money Reiki Box is a great way to use Reiki Copper Symbol Plates.  In most cases, we place affirmations, crystals, and handwritten goals into Money Reiki Box.  You also can put your jewelry in Money Reiki Box.

The best way is to place Reiki Copper Symbol Plates at the bottom of the box, and now you can put your goals, affirmations, crystals and any related images in the box.

Your affirmations and intentions will get Reiki energies and healing 24×7 this way.  It is always a best practice to give Reiki to your Money Reiki Box daily.

Another tip for Money Reiki Box is to stick a mirror on the top and on the sides of the Money Reiki Box, that way the crystals, and Cash you placed in it get reflected and will give result manifold.

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Money Reiki Box is a simple and very effective tool, to keep your intentions in a place and charge the box with Reiki Healing Energies.

2.Clear Quartz Pyramid and Reiki Copper Symbols Plate

Clear Quartz Pyramid, itself is a very powerful tool as it combines the sacred geometry of a pyramid and the healing energies of Clear Quartz Crystal  Clear Quartz is regarded as the Master Healer and can be used while in meditation and Reiki Energy Healing Sessions.  It is an all in one Crystal which can be charged with any intention.

Pyramids have the ability to amplify and focus the energy of one’s intention. The Sacred Geometry inherent within any pyramid’s design is what gives it the power within. The most powerful area in a pyramid is in the center, near the apex, so it can be helpful to focus your intention into this spot. When working with these powerful items, be sure you have stated a purpose for the highest good, and are clear about your desires.

You can use this clear crystal pyramid, with combination with Reiki Copper Symbol Plate in a Money Reiki Box/ Pyramid Wish Box.

Place Reiki Copper Symbol Plate in the Money Reiki Box, keep your intention chits/ affirmations on the plate and on top keep Clear Crystal Pyramid.  Your affirmations and intentions will get energized at 24×7 by  Reiki, Pyramid, and Crystal energies.

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If you don’t want to use Money Reiki Box, you can always use Clear Crystal Pyramid and Copper Symbol Plate to charge your intentions.

Reiki Grids and Reiki Copper Symbol Plates

Crystal grids are an incredibly powerful energy tool to use when manifesting your desires, goals, and intentions. The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between the healing stones, sacred geometry, and your intention.

basic rose quartz crystal grid

As you all know, we can create any kind of crystal grids for health, prosperity, love, relationships and so on.  Above is a very basic Rose quartz Crystal Grid, you can place Reiki Copper Symbol Plate in the middle, and can place also Rose Quartz on top of it to maximize the result.

Keep it in your purse

The Small 2″ or even of 4″ Reiki Copper Symbol Plates can be kept in your purse with the intention to always provide Reiki Healing.

You can also use these Plates to charge your all money related documents or any documents to energize them 24×7.

Keep a plate in your locker, to always energize it.

Basically, you can use these Reiki Copper Symbol Plates any way you want.  The main purpose of these plates are to empower the things you put on it, as it constantly provides Reiki and its symbols energies.

Where to get these Reiki Copper Symbol Plates?

You can get these Symbol Plates on any Online Shops, but if you want a reliable place to get these plates I would recommend it to check out Amazon.  Amazon has a great return policy if you don’t like the product.  Secondly, most of the times, products are all inclusive of courier charges, so a hassle-free shopping experience at Amazon.

Check out Reiki Copper Symbol Plates on Amazon

You will different Symbol Plates on Amazon, select one which is appropriate and relevant to your intention and purpose.

Final Thoughts

Reiki Copper Symbol Plates are a very useful tool to everyone, even if you are not attuned to Reiki Energies.  As all Reiki Symbols are engraved on the plate, just intend to use it for your specific need.

And if you are a Reiki Practitioner, you can use these plates in a number of ways besides the above-discussed one.

Remember to cleanse your Reiki Copper Symbol Plates before using it.  Once cleansed charged the plates with Reiki energies, even if Reiki Symbols are engraved on it, to seal the energies end with Cho Ku Rei Symbol

If you need any suggestions, tips or have any questions or queries, feel free to comment below and I will be more than happy to answer.


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