Myths and Facts about the Reiki.


Reiki the ancient energy  healing system, has become popular because of its simplicity and effectiveness.  Reiki is an easy way to heal your body in a natural way, as it does not include anything but the natural healing energy within oneself.  Reiki practitioner works as a mere channel between the Universal Life Force Energy and the receiver.  

Reiki also very easy to learn, it needs an attunement to open your chakras and align the newly received vibrations though attunement.  Attunemnet is a mystical process, which can be defined but can’t be explain how it works.  Reiki Master Teacher can pass attunement and can teach you how to attune other and explain the process but can’t define how the actual process done and how after attunemet your palms passes Alpha and Theta waves, compared to a non-attune person.

And because of this, over the years there are many myths about Reiki, which needs to be cleared.  I will discuss some of the most common myths about Reiki.

1. Reiki is for a particular religion.

First and foremost, Reiki is not a religionon and any one who is interested in energy healing and want to learn how to heal himself and others can learn Reiki.  Also, you does not need to change your religious beliefs.  Reiki is an Universal Energy which is available universally, can be used to maintain the energy equilibrium.  Reiki is known as a Spiritual Healing Energy, because mainly it heals the person on a soul, spirit  level.  AS the spirit or soul has no religion and beyond the boundries of religion, cast and creed, Reiki works beyond religion, cast and creed.  Anyone can learn Reiki, and you need not to change your religious practices to learn or practice REiki.

2.  Mikao Usui is the founder of Reiki.

Reiki has its origin in Vedas and derived from the Atharv Veda, then it is known as Hasta Sparsh Rog Nivaran Vidya.  In literal sense it means removal of disease by touch.  Over the years, it was lost  due to negligence and its Lord Buddha who rediscovered it and has its mention in PadmaSutra.  Again it was overlooked and lost to the humanity.

Its Mikao Usui who again established as a means to heal energy field and remove diseases.  We must be grateful to Dr.Mikao Usui, that he again established Reiki and work hard to propogate it.  

3.  Reiki is a Massage Theraphy.

Reiki is placing your hands gently on the body of the receiver and if the receiver is not comfortable placing hands on the body or deny for any reason, Reiki Practitioner give Reiki from an inch above the body.  Reiki is so powerful that it can be effective and heal the receiver without touching the body.  

As we all know, every one has a aura which expands beyond our body upto 2 or 3″, depends upon the vibrational energy force of the person.  So basically if your aura is strong, you will be free from any disease and illness.  

It is very established fact that any illness or disease enters first your aura and then the body, so Reiki practitioners first cleanse the aura of a person, then heal the body.

Reiki does not include manipulating bones and tissues of the body in any form..  One thing must be made clear, that Reiki sessions always given with full clothes on and you never need to remove your clothes to receive Reiki unlike Massage.

In some cases it is found that Reiki also works effectively, when given on the clients with plaster on and get relief from the pain.

4. Reiki deplets your own energy.

The basic priniciple of the Reiki is to receive Reiki from th Universe and pass itRe to the receiver, you merely act as a channel. and that is why Reiki Practitoners also known as Reiki Channels.

On the contrary to the myth that Reiki deplets the energy after your pass the healing, Reiki practitioner should feel energetic as first the Reiki Practitioner receives the Universal Energy Healing and then pass it to the receiver.

5. Reiki needs constant attunemens to work.

The fact is if only you have strong desire for healing work, the first attunement of Reiki is enough to heal yourself and others.  You need first attunement to start your healing work.  Once your attuned, you never lose the healilng abilities and you just need to practice religiously to strenghthen the bond.

though it is always beneficial if you attune time and again to cleanse any debris in your aura.  But if you are giving reiki yourself regulary, your aura becomes healthy and strong,

Final Thoughts

As REiki becomes popular, many myths about Reiki also arises.  The main reason that Reiki is not restricted to any caste, creed, religion and sex, people from all walks of life learn Reiki and get benefitted.  But unfortunately every person sees Reiki from different perspective which leads to many misconceptons and myths about Reiki.

Reiki is a Spiritual Healing Energy, which works beyond caste, creed and religion.  Reiki harms no one and works for the highest interest of the receiver.  

Reiki not only beneficial to humans  but animals, kids love and absorb reiki like a sponge.  Reiki also enhance the medical / healing propertiesss in crystal, plants.

Reiki is the easiest form of energy healing, which can be learned by anyone and Reiki can be given to a newborn as well as pregnant women.  Reiki is the safest energy healing method.

As a Reiki Practitioner we need to clarify the myths about the Reiki and should it make it very clear that Reiki is the most easiest and safest energy healing method.

Do you know any other myth that should be clarified about Reiki, pl let me know in the comment section below, also let me know if this discussion helps you clarify any misconceptions about Reiki that you have.

If you have any questions or suggestion about the subject or overall about the Reiki pl let me know, I would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

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