Reiki and Vibrations

We all know Reiki as a spiritual healing enrgy  and the easiest form of healing.  Reiki is made up of two words – REI and KI, Rei means Universal and Ki means healing energy.

It is now a proven fact, that Reiki helps the energy equilibrium and helps in maintaining the balance and energy flow.  

How does Reiki Works?

Reiki is a spiritual healing energy and everything in this world is energy, each and every object is made up of energy.  So if anything goes wrong or an imbalance occures on a energy level, you fill discomfort and disease and illness occures.

Disease nothing but the dis ease on an energy level and we worsen the situation by taking antibiotics and allopathic medicines.  When the problem arises on an energy level, the solution must be done by the energy healing only.

Reiki and Vibrations

Reiki plays a major role in keeping your health at best.  But Vibrations also plays a major role in keeping  and maintaing our health.  

When you attune to Reiki, you receive healing energies of higher vibrations, and so you need to 21 day religious practice after your first attunement.

We all need cleansing on daily basis, as we tend to culminate some debris in our auric field.  In our day to day life we face many situations of anger, fear, jealosy and so on which lowers our vibration.  These negative feellings left some unconsious mark in our mind and in our auric field.

Same is the situation, if a person had gone through a bad experiece in life, itcreates subconscious blockages in the person, which needs to be cleansed.

So when one attune to first level of Reiki, it is mandatory on the person’s part, to go throught the 21 day cleansing ritual, to clean all the residuals of the blockages.  Some people also feel symptoms like cold, cough, dysentry, diarreia,and one need not to worry about these symptoms.  As this is the sign of Reiki is working and cleansing the system.

Any negativity on an auric and in physical level, get cleansed during this 21 day ritual.  In these days, one feel vibrational upliftment as he practices the daily Reiki Practice.

26 points and Reiki

On the first level of Attunement when you practice on these 26 points, some major and minor chakras are located.  When you give Reiki to these points, it cleanses chakras at the same time it also heals the emtions related to these points.  Every body part is related to any particular emotion.  So when we heal the body part we also heal the emotions.

While all these cleansing occures, our body retains the energy equilibrium as we also give Reiki at the same time.  Every chakra in our body is the center meeting point of many nadis in one place and can call an energy centers in our body.  We have major seven chakras in our body, located near main endocrine systems in our physical body.  Chakras are not located in physical but in energy body of our existence.  But it is almost near to each other.  So the healthy Chakraa denotes to the healthy endocrine system and physical as well as healthy existence.

How Reiki Effects Vibrations?

A Reiki Practitioner gives Reiki by gently placing palms on the body.  According to Yog Mudra, each finger denotes to a tatva, like little finger is about jal tatva(water) in our body, ring finger ( earth element), midddle finger(sky element), index finger(Air elerment), Thumb(Fire Elemt).

It is also known fact, that our fingers constantly radiates elector magnetic waves by 24×7.  So when we place our palms on our body we at the same time, giving our bdoy theses electro magnetic waves, and the universal life energy at the same time.

When we give Reiki daily to our chakra system, obviously it cleanses and makes it more balanced.  With every positive and negative experiece our chakras tend to srink or expand.  By giving Reiki to chakras we maintain the healthy chakras.  When our chakras work properly, our health also get benefitted.

All these resulted in higher vibrations,  as we reiki ourselves and all the major chakras, slowly all the debris and negative feeling which is accumulated in the auric system get dissolved.  Reiki works on subtle bodies, and when our aura and chakras get cleansed our vibrational upliftment occures.

It is very well known fact that when we are in positive atmospher or higher vibrations, we less fall sick and our immune system gets stronger.

Reiki itself is a pure light so the basic function of Reiki is cleansing and when cleansing occures on physical, mental, emotioanal and spiritual level, vibrational upliftment occures.

Other Ways to Vibrational Upliftment

Other than Reiki, Yoga, nature, enefy healing methods, also uplifts your vibration.  Positivity generally uplifts your vibration and keeps away you from diseases and illness. 

Yoga also directly works with Chakra system, gives better results.  

Choose one of the above to uplift your vibrations and keep yourself healthy and happy.

Final Thoughts

Reiki is a natural way of healing yourself and others, at the same time it’s a great way to uplift your vibrations.  When you start practicing Reiki, immediately you don’t feel any chane but as you complete your 21 day ritual, you slowly feels the impact of practicing Reiki daily.

Slowly your chakras, aura get healthy and this vibrational upliftment not only stays away from diseases but also connects with the higher realms.  As your vibrations become higher, you can easily connect with the higher realms like angels, fairies, and so on.

Hey my Reiki Friends,  do you agree with me that Reiki improves your vibration and make you more happy and healthy.  As Reiki directly deals with your chakras, it makes your chakras more stronger and healthier.

Which other methods do you suggest for vibrational upliftment,  pl let me know in the comments below.  If you have any questions, queries pl let me know, I will be more than happy to answe them.

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