What is Harth – A Karuna Reiki Symbol

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Harth – a Karuna Reiki healing symbol – channeled by Kathleen Milner and Maroy Miller. The Harth is known as the symbol of unconditional love.  The harth can be used to create balance, love, truth, harmony, and beauty.

The harth is mainly characterized by the healing of issues of the heart – both physical and emotional.

At the same time, its uses can be defined as, but not limited to the following :

The hearth can be used effectively in problems relating to the heart.  Physically and emotionally also. Worldwide statistics of heart problem shows that 1 in 3 die of heart disease each year, approximately one woman every minute.

CHRONIC STRESS elevates the stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol.  These stress hormones also change the way blood clots, increasing the risk of a heart attack.

It can be very critical when it comes to treating a heart patient.  But with the help of  Reiki, can handle the situation very effectively and in a risk-free manner.

Stress is the main culprit of heart disease, so when we treat the person with  Reiki, the first benefit he gets is the release of stress and feels much more relaxed.

In the first session, he feels much more relaxed.

  • Apply Harth to the past, present, and future situations where he might deal with a stressful situation.  Seal his aura with Harth, CKR.

  • Apply Harth on the Sacral / swadhisthan Chakra ( as it stores the suppressed emotions )  and Heart / Anahata Chakra of the person.

  • Swadhisthan / Sacral chakra is the seat of all our emotions.  Our deepest emotions stored here, not only from this birth but from previous births also.

  • Reiki the Lower back, especially in Men, as stress and worries are accumulated in this area.

  • Meditating / Chanting of Harth can be very useful.

  • Activate Reiki and Harth to minimize the side effects of the medicines.  It is a known fact that Anti-platelet drugs can create side effects like Diarrhea, Rash/itching, Chest pain, abdominal pain, muscle aches, and dizziness.

  • Medication for anticoagulant drugs sometimes gives rise to bleeding and gangrene of the skin.

Harth Engraved Crystals

The use of Harth engraved crystals can be very useful.  It can be used in many ways.

Put Harth engraved crystal in a glass of water overnight, drinking this water can be very helpful.

Harth crystal can be kept near you to get healing vibrations.

Meditate with this Harth crystal kept in your palms, giving better results.  Meditation is the best medication for any problem.

harth a karuna reiki symbol

Beautiful Karuna Reiki Symbols set of 11 Rose quartz and Lapis Lazuli, available on Amazon.

I personally recommend the set of Rose Quartz, it is the stone of the heart, and has more soothing energies.

Lapis Lazuli is best when you work for removing negative energies, protect against psychic attacks, release stress and for bringing deep peace.  You can work with Lapis Lazuli engraved with Harth if you want to give protection from psychic attacks.

Check out this collection of Usui Reiki & Karuna Reiki symbols

Addiction   harth a karuna reiki symbol

Issues of Addiction clearly show the emotional imbalances in the person.  Addiction of any kind shows the emotional dependence of the person, on outer sources for getting relief from stress.

Addiction helps the person escape from reality when he is not able to face reality.  A person suffering from addiction looks upon it as a stress reliever and uses it to cover the painful memories in past.

Harth gives good results when used on the Third eye chakra, Crown Chakra / Sahastrar Chakra, and the Heart / Anahata  Chakra.

Constant encouragement is a must.

Harth – a symbol of unconditional love

“Where blocks have been removed, and the fear has been uprooted,

use Harth to fill the created space, with compassionate love.”

Very True!  Harth is the symbol of unconditional love, compassion, and harmony.  Harth can be used in critical conditions such as terrorism, and when extremists try to rule the community.

Harth can be used on a communal level, or for group healing.  Mother Earth needs healing more than ever before!  Harth creates compassion, unconditional love, and harmony. Harth promotes balance and the Ultimate Truth and brings out the beauty of the soul.

The third Eye Chakra and the Heart / Anahata Chakra is the best energy center to apply the Harth.

Much like the Reiki Symbol for Love, Harth has the power to transform energies and bring about a sense of peace and unity.

Harth and Higher Realms  harth a karuna reiki healing symbol

Harth can be effectively used to connect with higher vibrations of Archangels, Reiki Masters, and the Higher Self.  Karuna Reiki or compassion increases your vibrational frequencies and thus enables one to connect with Higher Energies.

Activate Reiki and Harth to connect with any Higher Frequencies and ask for their guidance and solution in any difficult situation.

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harth a karuna reiki symbol

Harth can be used when we want to create some fundamental changes in our lives.  Visualize a situation that you want to change for the betterment / or for the highest interest of the concerned.

Activate Reiki and Harth, and visualized the results accomplished.  Harth helps us to understand that we are the creator of life, and whatever changes we need in our life, we must firsts visualize it and try to accomplish it.

Like every symbol, Harth has a specific purpose or a definite role to play mainly to heal problems related to heart, broken relationships, stress, and growing hatred in society.

We must activate Reiki and Harth to heal the situations more frequently!

Click Here To Download The Infographic Of Karuna Reiki Symbols – 1& 2!

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22 thoughts on “What is Harth – A Karuna Reiki Symbol”

  1. Thank you for this! I am always willing to learn and explore this area as I find it soo interesting! I must ask though, is there a specific way you need to store these engraved stone? Or do you need to have a special place to keep them in? Also, what is your experience like with these? 🙂

    • Yes Katrina You should. Reiki is an exceptional practice, which helps and balances you in every way ! Yes, engraved stones aka crystals should be kept in a particular place which is clean and have positive energy.Of course, you can keep them in your surroundings, like in your cupboard, jewellery box, wherever you want to. Just keep them clean. that’s it ! Crystals have their own healing vibrations,have their own energy.
      I just love crystals and you will find crystals all over me, I am wearing at least six different gemstones in my jewellery, in bracelet, rings ! src=”https://reikiamazes.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/button_free-website-u-1.png” alt=”null” />

  2. Thank you for posting this, I wish they’d teach this kind of thing in schools; it has been a very long road for me to find out about the healing powers of things like Reiki and I think so many people in the world could do with the healing power of Harth.

    • You are right Keith. Reiki is channeled through the Source, you call it by any name. Reiki is beyond any religion. Being religious and being spiritual are two different things. Reiki is a Spiritual Healing Energy.

    • Hey there, Reiki is a Spiritual Healing Energy, which empowered by meditation. Harth is a Karuna Reiki Symbol.
      Karuna Reiki can be learned only after you complete your Master level in Traditional Usui Reiki.
      So, it is obvious that you can use Harth symbol after you complete your Karuna Reiki.
      Pl feel free to ask any queries you have on Reiki.

  3. I have done Reiki and it helps me to solve issues in my daily life. I’m getting help from wolf in many things, my depression is significantly lover than previous. I did tapping to release the limitting pattern,it helped.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Alan, thanks for sharing your experience with Reiki. I am glad that you found Reiki useful and continuing with your sessions. Nice to hear that you are out of your depression phase. If you need any suggestion or help regarding depression, pl let me know. In the mean time go through this article on depression, I am sure you will get some tips on how to overcome depression.
      All the best Alan.

  4. Shubhangi ji stay blessed.
    You are an angel. Again your article on Harth has proved it.you are better even than William Rand..Kindly post all symbols of Karuna reiki in similar fashion. I just fell in love with this Harth symbol explanation after Zonar. Other symbols are expected in same way.
    Thanks a ton again. God bless you for your selfless service to mankind.
    Love and Light and Reiki.

    • Namaste Jashvir,
      Thanks for your kind words, I am a mere Reiki Channel and grateful to the Universe, was given the ability to serve those who need healing. I am no way closer to any Reiki Grand Master.
      I have discussed all Karuna Reiki Symbols in this post. I hope you will like this post, and pl let me know if you want to know any aspect of Reiki.

      Love, light & Reiki

  5. Thanks for the reply. Kindly explain other symbols like Rama, Shanty, Kriya,
    IAVA etc. Also any combination to treat
    Alcohol and drug addiction.
    Thank you. With Love, Light and Reiki

    • Thanks Jasvir for supporting reikiamazes.com.

      I have explained Karuna Reiki symbols in a blog post, but definitely will try to write on each one of them.
      Also, I have also written on how to treat any type of addiction through Karuna Reiki Symbol Harth.

      Pl let me know if you want any other topic on which you want me to write:)

      Love, Light & Reiki,


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