SoulMate Reiki: A Gentle Healing Energy To Attract Your Soulmate

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The healing power of love is a topic that has been widely explored in various fields, including psychology, sociology, and medicine. Love is often described as a powerful force that has the potential to bring about significant emotional and physical healing. When individuals feel loved and supported, they experience a sense of comfort and security that can positively impact their overall well-being.

Life becomes so much easier and enjoyable if you are with the people who are a perfect match for you.  People who are aligned with your energy, your dreams, and your life purpose, life becomes just amazing.

But always that’s not the case, we all face some conflicts, tensions, and misalignment in our relationships.  There are an increasing number of divorces and single parenting all over the globe.  When a relationship ends its pain shakes the person deep inside and it takes years to get over the sorrow.

I am sure many of you have come across the situation when we create a great bond immediately with some people.  Why does it happens that with some people we bond very well while with some the relationship does not flourish well?

Wouldn’t it be better if we knew in advance who can be our best partner and with whom we can share a fulfilled life?

Are you thinking that if this can really possible?  Yes, Reiki and Soulmate Reiki can definitely help you to find out the people who are energetically aligned with you.

What Is SoulMate Reiki

SoulMate Reiki is a specialized form of Reiki developed by Stephanie Brail in 2007.  Stephanie has discussed many topics in this SoulMate Reiki like soulmate and twin flames, one soulmate or “The One” soulmate, multiple soulmates, and also about soul friends.

So it’s clear that SoulMate Reiki can be activated and channeled for many other issues just then the traditional “SoulMate” concept.  According to Stephanie, Soulmates can be anyone with whom we perfectly match vibrationally.

It can be your parents, best friends, and anyone with whom you share a great affinity and a deep bond.

But most of the time “SoulMate” is referred to as a romantic partner and that’s why you will find many simple techniques in SoulMate Reiki that can applied to attract a romantic partner.

But there is a warning here.  You can not change another person’s free will or force a soulmate to be with you or a client if they are not ready or do not want to be.

How SoulMate Reiki Works?

SoulMate Reiki can be applied on two levels:

  1. It helps to clear out any blocks or issues that may be creating a hindrance in your relationship.
  2. Activate SoulMate Reiki for manifesting a SoulMate relationship.  It can be romantic or non-romantic.

Once you are attuned to SoulMate Reiki, you can work on different issues, improve your relationships, make your present relations stronger or attract a SoulMate.

Clear Out Negative Attachments:

Sometimes it may happen that our past bad relationships still linger on in energetic forms.  Fights, quarrels, that we have in past still affect our minds in an adverse way.  It can be very devasting.  So first these energies need to be cleared out.

Send SoulMate Reiki to the past and ask the higher energies to clear any negative residuals in your aura.

Daily see yourself in a big ball of SoulMate Reiki for a few minutes, preferably 5-10 minutes.  That way you will clear out any negative emotions.  You need to continue this short meditation until you feel that you cleared all past memories.

Manifesting A SoulMate Relationship

Once you are cleared of any past issues that may be hindering your love life, now you need to work on manifesting a SoulMate Relationship.

Stephanie has given many short exercises that you can practice to manifest your loved one in your life.

Affirmations: A Great Tool To Manifest

Affirmation is a great tool to manifest your heart’s desire. Affirmations are nothing but positive thoughts or tiny seeds that grow slowly in your subconscious mind.

Once you are able to sow the seeds of positive thoughts in your subconscious mind, it will start manifesting in your real life.

Choose the affirmations that are relevant to your situation.  If you looking for making your present relationship to be healthier choose the affirmations accordingly.

  • My relationships are always fulfilling.
  • I am grateful for the love in my life.
  • My partner shows me deep, passionate love.
  • I am in a wonderful relationship with someone who treats me right.
  • I am in a relationship with someone I respect who also respects me.

If you want to attract a new relationship, then you should try some of the following affirmations.

  • The Universe wants the most fulfilling, wonderful love for me.
  • The universe is bringing my soulmate to me.
  • I deserve love and affection.
  • I am attracting the perfect person for me
  • I am worthy of a healthy, loving relationship.
  • I deserve to be happy in my relationship.

A healthy mindset is very important for a fulfilling relationship, so always stay positive.

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SoulMate Reiki Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What is the requirement to learn SoulMate Reiki?

SoulMate Reiki Can be learned by anyone, better if he/she is a Reiki II level practitioner.  But if he is not a Reiki II practitioner, it’s important that the person had received a Reiki session in the past week before attuning to SoulMate Reiki.

2. Can he attune others to SoulMate Reiki?

Once a person is attuned to SoulMate Reiki, he can attune others to SoulMate Reiki.

3.  How many levels SoulMate Reiki has?

SoulMate Reiki has only one level and one symbol.  But Stephanie has advised you to meditate on your relationship to create your own symbol.

4.  Is SoulMate Reiki has a particular colour to visualize?

In Reiki we visualize it as bright white light, in Money Reiki we visualize it in the Golden Yellow light, so I prefer to visualize SoulMate Reiki as a light pink light.  Though Stephanie has not mentioned any particular colour.

5.  Is there a specific way to draw the SoulMate Reiki symbol?

Stephanie has not mentioned any specific way to draw the SoulMate Reiki symbol, so let your intuition guide you on how to draw the symbol.

6.  Should we use other tools like crystals while sending SoulMate Reiki?

Crystals, affirmations, switch words, or any other tools that you think will be useful for healing or manifesting a relationship can definitely be used.

7.  Can we send SoulMate Reiki healing and attunements distantly?

Reiki is beyond space and time so definitely SoulMate Reiki healings and attunements can be sent distantly.  Distant Reiki is as powerful as in person.  Chi Ball is one of the best tools to send your healing distantly.


SoulMate Reiki is a powerful tool to make your relationships stronger and healthier.  It teaches you how to cleanse any past bad relationship residues in your aura.  At the same time, you can manifest and attract true love in your life with the help of SoulMate Reiki.

Having a partner who is a perfect vibrational match makes your life much easier.  In SoulMate relations, you have a great bond with each other and a greater understanding of each other.  Fewer quarrels, fewer fights, and a more fulfilling relationship. A deep sense of peace, and tranquility, that’s what we all search for, isn’t it?

Why Not Try SoulMate Reiki and Have A More Fulfilling Life?

Learn SoulMate Reiki

What You Will Get?

  • You will receive:
    • Original SoulMate Reiki Manual in PDF format
    • Attunement by Chi Ball
    • 5 High-Resolution (300 DPI) Wall Arts with Switchwords worth $25.
    • Switchwords meaning in  Txt format.
    • Build Magical Bonds with Couples Activity Book worth $3.75
    • Additional resources like PDF relating to the course
    • Ongoing support via email.

Once you are attuned you can use the energies, like regular Reiki energies.

You can use the energies to connect with your soulmate. You can use the energies to connect your client, with their soulmate. It can be used to help existing relationships, as well as being used to manifest new relationships.

Although not require some knowledge of healing and energy work is useful. Before taking this attunement. Please read, what you need to know before buying a distant attunement.

SoulMate Reiki Is The Best Gift To Yourself

Learn SoulMate Reiki

Price: $28

I have created a printable SoulMate Reiki Symbol, which can be used for meditation, or offered as a gift to your dear one.

SoulMate Reiki symbol with Switchwords (DIVINE-TOGETHER-WITH-LOVE) can be a powerful tool if you use it regularly.  It is said that you should chant or write Switchwords for maximum benefits.

Buy SoulMate Reiki Symbol 

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Reiki Blessings…

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