Active Natural Immunity

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What Is Immunity  and how can Reiki help to active Natural Immunity ?




Immunity is a balanced state of our existence, where  we have an adequate biological defense to fight disease and infection.  At the same time having adequate tolerance to avoid allergy.  Immunity is the condition in which an organism can resist disease.




The immune system consists of antibodies and lymphocytes.  The complex system guards the body against diseases.  The immune system consists of bone marrow, thymus gland, spleen, lymph nodes, tonsils, appendix and certain tissues in the small intestine.These are called as Lymphoid organs, as they are involved with the development and deployment of Lymphocytes (the white blood cells), which plays a crucial role in the healthy functioning of the Immune System.

Immunity is the very base of our healthy life,with a weak immune system we fell prey to diseases very easily. Dis-ease is a state when our body is not at ease.


Immunodeficiency or immune deficiency can be divided into primary and secondary.

Primary Immunodeficiency is also known as Congenital immunodeficiency generally .  Many of these disorders are hereditary.  there are over 80 recognized primary immunodeficiencies, generally grouped by the part of the immune system that is malfunctioning.

Secondary Immunodeficiency also known as acquired immunodeficiency can result from malnutrition, aging and particular medications like chemotherapy, disease-modifying, anti-rheumatic drugs, immune suppressive drugs.

Many diseases directly or indirectly cause immunosuppression like cancer like Leukemia, multiple Myeloma,and certain chronic infections.HIV directly impairs other immune system responses indirectly.


How can Reiki help to active natural immunity ?

Reiki energy acts as a catalyst to boost the immune system by reducing stress and bringing about peace, calm, and well-being.  Reiki significantly helps in maintaining the energy equilibrium so it is often recommended for the treatment of AIDS / HIV, Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1) and autoimmune disorders.

A study on a group of advanced AIDS received Reiki healing found significantly fewer doctor visits, fewer hospitalization, than who did not receive the Reiki treatment.

Another study was done at the Helfgott Research Institute (Hodsdon, W., Mendenhall, E., Green, R., Kates-Chinoy,S., Wacker, E, & Zwickey, H. “The Effect of Reiki on the Immune System”. Helfgott Research Institute at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, Oregon, USA) proved that the positive effects of Reiki upon the immune system can be scientifically measured. Patients who received Reiki experienced enhanced white and red blood cell counts. Patients who were in control groups experienced very little change.

I have treated some cancer patients claiming that Reiki has helped them with pain management, relaxation and by reducing side effects of chemotherapy treatment like nausea and stomach upset.

Reiki reduces stress level, relaxation and ability to handle the stress.

In the early 1980’s the frequency of trained healer’s hands were measured by Dr. John Zimmerman, (University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver), using a SQUID(Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) and found the surrounding bio-magnetic field of trained healers hands vibrated at alpha and theta wave ranges compared to the hands of non-healers.

When a healer places their hands on the chakra associated with the thymus gland, the gland becomes activated because it wants to match the bio-magnetic frequency of the healer’s hands, hence stimulating the unproductive chakra and gland to induce healthy frequencies increasing the body’s immune function.


Reiki definitely helps in restoring the energy equilibrium of the body, balance the immune system and maintain the health.  Reiki is a very easy to use, all-pervading energy healing technique that goes a long way to keeping the health at its best.Reiki is irreplaceable when it comes to maintaining the balance of immunity.


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