Depression and Reiki


Depression is a mental state where a person feels sad, anxiety, loneliness, guilt, unwanted, and totally aloof from society. It is a state where a person loses all hopes, and unable to live a normal life, and unable to continue his daily routine enthusiastically, with a positive attitude.

According to World Health Organisation, around 400 million people, of all ages, caste, religion, suffer from Depression. Depression if not treated timely, can be damaging to the extent, a person can commit suicide.



When we see the different reasons and conditions for depression, the role of a family and of society cannot be overlooked. They are of utmost importance for the good mental health of an individual.

A person suffering from Depression constantly needs encouragement from his surrounding, by family or friends. It’s very important the person should be involved in some physical activity, as in most of the cases it found that the person tends to be aloof from friends and society.

How can Reiki help in Depression?

Reiki is a soothing energy: Most of the time, even first time Reiki receiver, feel relaxed and calm after Reiki treatment. It works on person’ emotional and mental level, giving him a balanced outlook towards life.

Depression can be cured by giving Reiki to all Chakras. Since Depression can turn into chronic disease, it’s better it should treat from day one,

Imbalance in any one Chakra can lead to an imbalance to all other Chakras, so it is very important that all Chakras be treated.

But most important are Mooladhar Chakra (Root Chakra), Swadhisthan Chakra (Sacral Chakra), Manipur Chakra (Solar Plexus).You can see that all of these chakras are lower chakras. In addition to these Chakras, the crown chakra of a person must be treated.

Let’s see how these chakras are important in treating a patient with depression.

Mooladhar chakra : Mooladhar chakra or Root chakra, is the foundation of our existence. Our whole physical existence depends on the healthy Mooladhar chakra. Its take care of our basic needs of clothing and shelter, its related to our basic existence, survival issues. So basically, healthy Mooladhar Chakra is essential for healthy physical existence.

So, obviously, in cases of depression, it is very necessary to have a balanced Mooladhar chakra. The sufferer of depression tends to make himself aloof from the society, thus making blockages in his energy field.

To balance his thoughts , counselling with an expert is most important. with proper medication, counselling and Reiki treatment, depression can be cured.

Swadhistan chakra : It is also known as Sacral chakra or Hara Chakra. As the name suggest SWA – ADHISTHAN, means swa or soul , resides here, ADHISTHAN.

Swadhisthan Chakra is associated with unconscious, which stores all memories, be it pleasant or unpleasant. Different sanskaras lie dormant in this Chakra.

Swadhisthan chakra is the centre of creativity. The most important function of this chakra is that it supplies power to the brain cells, by converting fat cells into brain cells.

The imbalance in Swadhisthan chakra may lead to emotional instability, addiction and depression.

The gentle energy of Reiki balances this chakra leads to the feeling of wellness. Reiki removes the subtle blockages in emotional strata, by working on his unconscious mind, where numerous sanskaras, of not only in this lifetime but of many lives, play a major role in a person’s current life behaviour.

Manipur Chakra :The next important chakra to be treated for depression is MANIPUR CHAKRA or SOLAR PLEXUS.

The person suffering from depression tends to be aloof from people and society. The main reason is they suffer from low self-esteem..They constantly need approval for their deeds, because they lack self-confidence. Other major symptoms of unbalanced Manipur chakra are lethargy, arrogance, lack of will power, indecisiveness.

The negative emotions like anger and frustration lead to more energy blockages.

Malfunctioning of Manipur Chakra leads to extreme in behaviours, which result in hypertension and overworking of adrenal.


The proper flow of energy in Manipur chakra restores the self-esteem and confidence in the person. The individual is more balanced in his behaviour and ready to take the challenges in his life.

balancing crown chakra :

The last but not the least, the importance of SAHASTRAR CHAKRA or CROWN CHAKRA can not be overlooked.

Love, Light and Reiki 


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18 thoughts on “Depression and Reiki”

  1. Glad I came across this site. I have not suffered from depression in a long time but recently feel like everything is getting on top of me and I feel depression coming back.
    Never thought about Reiki as a cure for depression as I know little about Reiki, I have only taken a mini course on the subject, but found it very interesting and I know it can heal people. Will look into this more.

    • Hi Jenny,

      As you have already learned Reiki, you are able to Self-Reiki yourself. M very sure if you start again Reiki practicing, you will be amazed how it heals you on the physical and mental level.

      If you have any queries, feel free, I will be happy to hear from you.

  2. Thanks for the information. I have never heard of reiki until now. I don’t normally go through depression much, but if it feels like it is coming back I will be sure to keep this in mind.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Derek, thanks for your comment.
      I will be glad if I will be able to convey the importance of Reiki to the people.
      Depression is alarmingly increasing in our society, so just to let everyone know, that possibly Reiki can help them.Thanks.

  3. i enjoyed reading this because I always thought about trying reiki. Its something I want to try sometime in the next two months. I know what it is like to feel depression and its one of the reasons why I created my site. Good post keep up the good work

    • Hi there,
      Just visited your website, I must say its really very nice. Thanks for your comments on my article.
      Depression is alarmingly increasing in all ages of people. Reiki helps in a natural way to balance the energy of the person.
      M happy that you are thinking of joining Reiki, Wish u all the best.
      Pl feel free for any queries. Thanks.

    • Hey Inyene, the family is the root of our existence, where we born and brought up. So, we always need family support and in cases such as Depression, a family should play a major role. Depressed person tends to avoid society. So family members should understand his mental status and help him out of the situation.

    • Yes Sana, Reiki can cure almost every problem be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Reiki is a spiritual healing energy and so when you get healed on Soul level, automatically most of the problems vanishes !