We are not ONLY physical body.

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Human Body is a multi faceted and multi dimensional structure. At the gross level, we know our body mere as some body parts.

body parts

As we grow, we gain some more information about our body, we now know about our internal organs as well. We know about different systems, seven chakras and endocrine system and its functions to some extent.

We know about our gross body.e. our physical body, and take the utmost care, which one should be. But our existence is not limited to physical body only.

Do You Know seven bodies in total.

Yes, that is right. Do you know that we have in total seven bodies?


On a physical plane, we have 3 layers of physical, emotional and mental bodies, as also 3 layers on the spiritual level and the Astral layer which combines or a bridge between physical and spiritual layer.

  • The Etheric Body – First Layer

  • The Emotional Body – Second Layer

  • The Mental Body – Third Layer

  • The Astral Level – Fourth Layer

  • The Etheric Template Body – Fifth Layer

  • The Celestial Body – Sixth Layer

  • The Casual Body or Ketheric Template – Seventh Layer

It is called Aura, and it is interred connected with each other.

What is the best Tool to take care of all your bodies?

You must be thinking now, that taking care of physical body consumes so much time, money and energy, what is the way to take care of all of these bodies?

As I mentioned earlier, all these subtle bodies are interrelated, so the imbalance in any one of it results in the imbalance of the whole system.

Have you ever noticed that physical illness results in mental swings like depression, anxiety etc. and vice versa. If you are emotionally disturbed, it shows the symptom on the physical body.

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Our health depends on the energy equilibrium, balance of the energies.

Reiki is the simplest and easiest tool that helps to balance our energies, and at the same time, we heal our different layers of existence.

Reiki not only heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level at the same time. One of the key features of Reiki is it flows where it is needed. You may send Reiki to heal a headache but Reiki not only heals the physical symptom but also reaches to the emotional and metal layer.

In the above article, I have discussed how body parts are related to particular emotions, so when we treat a body part, we not only treating that part but also related emotions with it.

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