Healing versus Curing


Energy Equilibrium

A disease is a state, when we are not at ease of our existence be it at physical, emotional, mental level, i.e.why it is called as dis-ease.  When we are not at ease, this health condition results in the emergence of an illness.

It’s an ongoing discussion for years now, whether your mental condition results in a physical disease or vice versa.  We have 7 layers of other subtle bodies around our gross body.  We call it as Aura.  Some argue contrary.

The first thing that we must understand that all these subtle bodies and our physical body is interwoven in one another.  So obviously, whenever a disease enteres anny of these bodies, it first shows up its symptoms in a physical body.

Our physical body is the reflection of our other subtle bodies. Physical body is the mirror of our internal status.  As a result, whenever there is a dis harmony in our internal world, it reflects on our outer plane i.e our physical body.

Whenever a symptom occures we need to take proper care of it, and must try to balance the energy equilibrium of our body.  What is the best way to maintain the energy equilibrium of oour body?

Modern Medicine is best when the condition is critical, but it is not the best option when we need to Heal our symptoms and restore the energy equilibrium.

Modern Medicine cure the symptom but certainly doesnot heal the symptom. What is the difference between curing and Healing?

What is Health?

According to Wikipedia and WHO (World Health Organisation) defined Health as:

“a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

This defination clearly state the importance of Healing, when it says that Health is a state of not merely the absence of disease.

If absence of disease is not not health, then what other factors are important to be healthy?  As mentioned in above defination it is a state of  complete physical, mental and social well-being of a person.

What is Healing

Healing is wholeness.  In a Healthy person  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is at a optimum state.  Healing can happen on different levels.

Healing does not include physical healing, healing may happen or needed on a mental, or on an emotional level.  Our physcial body consists of different systems like skeletal, muscular, digestive, endocrine and so on.

Endocrine system is a combination of different glands, each of which have different functions to play on physical, mental and emotional level.

Read More on Chakra and Endocrine system

So our existence is a beautiful amalgamation of different subtle layers which is inter woven.  Optimum health can be obtained through healing, as it healed from the core.

What is Curing

Restoration of Health is the main objective of curing.  Curing aim at absence of symptoms or remedy of disease.  Curing does not take into consideration the emotional and mental aspect of a disease.

Curing only aims at eliminating all evidence of disease, and most of the time does not cure root cause of the disease.  You can be cured without healing.

But healing is all inclusive, including curing.  As most of the diseases today is psycho somatic, having its root cause in emotioanl and mental condition rather than physical, when you heal a person on emotional and mental level, definitely physical recovery is much faster.

What is your take on Healing and Curing?  As a healer, do you agree that healing is all inclusive.  Pl let me know in comment below.

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