What Happens if Self Reiki Not Practiced

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What happens if self-reiki does not practice for the first 14 days will this affect me?, this is the most common question get asked after first attunement.

Normally the process of Self-Reiki is simple but consumes a lot of time. As a result, of many attuned students, do not practice it religiously.

The first 14 days after 1st attunement is most important as many vibrational changes occur on frequency level. To attune to this vibrational changes, the daily practice of Reiki is necessary.

Importance of Self Reiki Practice

When you first attuned to Reiki, some frequencies passed on by the teacher to the student. Now, these new frequencies need to be adjusted to your own frequencies.

Daily Self Reiki practice helps you as you practice all the points of your body. With daily practice, detox symptoms arise such as diarrhea, fever, cold etc.

These symptoms show that Reiki is working on subtle bodies and any negativity present in the system get released. These symptoms get cured within a few days, and after your initial 14-day self-reiki, you are ready to heal yourself and others also.

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What happens if you don’t’ practice self-Reiki

Does it affect if you don’t practice for 14 days? No, it does not affect you but after the first attunement, you need to practice self-reiki, to occur vibrational upliftment.

If you don’t practice, these subtle vibrational changes do not occur, and as a result, you do not feel reiki vibrations while giving Reiki to your clients.

As a practitioner, you feel warmth, cool, tingling sensations while activating Reiki, but if you do not practice, the chakras of your hands don’t open and pass on reiki energies little to no.

Our palms have many subtle chakras, which need to be opened by practicing self-reiki. So it is advised to practice self-reiki after your first attunement.

Certainly, it does not harm but it will harm your Reiki Practice. So practice Self-Reiki without fail, after first attunement!

Do you practice your Self-Reiki daily?  Do you need any suggestions and guidance on how to self-reiki daily? pl let me know in the comment section below.

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