Do you Find Self-Reiki Boring ? Simple Tips to Make it Interesting !

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I hear a lot of this complaint from Reiki Level 1 students –  Do you also find self-Reiki boring?  I can understand that at the beginning when you attuned to level 1, it is mandatory for the students to practice Self-Reiki.

Students have to practice Self Reiki on all 26 points during their Reiki Detox Period.  But you must understand that if you want to build a successful Reiki practice you must have a solid foundation.

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Reiki level 1 attunement is the base and the most important headway for the future attunements.

Reiki is not a religious but a spiritual practice, and people from all walks of life get attuned to Reiki.  The early you start, better for you.  We come across many different and difficult situations as our life lessons to learn.

Surely the process is not easy, all the good and bad experiences of life -not only of this life but also from past lives – have some impressions on our sub – conscious mind.  These impressions mold our lives accordingly.

So when a person attuned to Degree1, everybody’s experience is different, because every person has his or her own karmic account.  That person’s overall existence- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – have different embedded impressions.  It’s obvious that no one’s attunement result is the same.

Reiki works for the Highest Interest of the person, so result differs from person to person. So, after you attuned to Degree 1 Reiki, it is made mandatory for all Attuned students, to follow a fixed or prescribed path to follow.

The first 21 days of detoxification is very crucial, as it clears/ detoxifies all your system including seven Chakras, endocrine glands, your aura – by balancing it TOGETHER.

Basically, 21 days are divided for detoxification of seven Chakras, related endocrine glands in the following way:

Mooladhar/ Root Chakra – 1, 8, 15th day.

Swadhisthan/ Sacral Chakra – 2,9,16th day.

Manipur/ Solar Plexus Chakra – 3,10,17th day.

Anahata/ Heart Chakra – 4,11,18th day.

Visshudhi/ Throat Chakra – 5, 12, 19th day.

Agnya/ Third Eye Chakra -6,13,20th day.

Sahastrar/ Crown Chakra – 7, 14,21th day.

So you see, it is a very systematic way to cleanse your mind, body, and soul and if you practice Reiki religiously you will get astonishing results.  Why ? Coz,  before attunement, our whole system has gone through different experiences, and as a result, some of our Chakras works less efficiently, some chakras got energetically blocked resulting in different physical and psychological issues.

The moment you start Self-Reiki, slowly but surely, your body starts to detoxify itself.  Your Chakras start getting cleaned and balanced.

Each and Every Chakra when in balanced condition bestow some subtle powers to the practitioner, which further enables the practitioner to be a good healer.

So Reiki Degree 1 attuned, never miss a single day of your 21 day ritual of detoxification!

These 21 Days of Detoxification, establishes you as a well practiced attuned Reiki practitioner, who are ready to go to the next level of attunement – Level 2 Reiki Attunement – which enables you to send Reiki through your intention.  How wonderful is that?

Three Symbols, heightened intuition and ability to heal this World just by your intention !!

As you move up to your levels, your Self-Reiki practice is get limited to seven Chakras or where it seems to be needed, Why is this so?

After completing your 21 days detoxification, your body is tuned to this newly gained vibrational change.

Your body is able to clean itself with Self-Reiki, so now it is sufficient if you practice Self-Reiki on seven chakras only.  Degree 1 attunement, no doubt, is the most difficult level.  This attunement needs very rigid 21-day detoxification daily practice with a perfect hands-on position to follow.

Once you complete this level and your daily schedule of 21 days detoxification, next levels are much easier and interesting.

Degree 2 onwards, you don’t need to follow a particular hands- on position to give Reiki.

Degree 2 enables one, to intuitively follow his/her daily Reiki Practice.  With the use of symbols and heightened intuition, sensitivity and upliftment in frequency level, you exactly practice your Reiki, where it is needed !!

The unique thing about Reiki is that you simultaneously healing your emotions while you practice on these points.  Every part of our body is related to a specific emotion as well.  Do you want to know which body part is related to which emotion?

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This list will be helpful to you while treating others and also while doing Self-Reiki.  When you practice Self-Reiki for a while, you will definitely notice the behavioral as well as emotional changes in the person.

Self-Reiki is not only for beginners, it is a must for every Reiki practitioner.

Self-Reiki is a must for every Reiki Practitioner.  Every Reiki Practitioner self-Reiki herself/himself every day, not because it is mandatory to a practitioner but a dedicated Reiki Practitioner understands the importance of a Self-Reiki.

After level 1, nothing is strictly prescribed for the advanced practitioners.  But does this mean that these advanced practitioners do not practice Reiki?

As you advance in your Reiki training, you understand that it is of utmost importance to self-Reiki every day.

Every level requires a different type of practice.  Level 2 is more of distant Reiki and symbols, whereas Master level, needs more practice of meditation.  Meditation adds a new dimension to your Reiki practice.  More you practice meditation, easily you can connect with your Higher Self and the guidance through it.

What is Self- Reiki?

Self-Reiki is to heal ourself- our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence, by placing our hands on different parts of our body.  We take good care of our physical health but do you know that our existence is not limited to physical only.


Look at the following picture




The physical body is densest of all as it carries all the seven layers, these layers are known as  – Human Energy field or Aura.  When we practice Self-Reiki, simultaneously, we are healing all these levels as well.

Self-Reiki is one of the easiest ways to heal ourselves on all – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, and maintain the Energy Equilibrium.

The importance of Self-Reiki.

Self-Reiki is immensely important for all the Reiki Practitioners, as Self-Reiki helps each of us to know the minute modus of the Reiki on how it can be worked out best.  The basic principle of the Reiki is – The More You Give, The More You Receive.  So Practice Reiki, as much as possible.  you will come to know the  minute details of Reiki only by practicing it more and more and as often as can.

Reiki 1 attuned, practice Self-Reiki for 21 days rigorously.   In this process, you get so habitual and familiar to hand placements, that you don’t have to think twice of where and how to put your hands – when you actually giving Reiki to someone else.  It becomes your next nature.

The main feature of Reiki is to maintain the balance.  Self-Reiki cleanses your system, your Chakras, and Endocrine system, and thus maintains the balance.

Disease as the name suggests Dis – Ease, is the result of an imbalance in our system.  By practicing Self-Reiki,  you will notice that one becomes healthier and happier.

Not only on the physical plane but your mental and emotional state also benefits from Self-Reiki.  You become more positive, enthusiast and ready to take any challenges that life offers you.

Self-Reiki helps in vibrational upliftment, as you practice  Reiki, your Chakras get tuned to this new vibrational change and you will be able to connect with higher energies more easily and get guidance from them.

Benefits of Self-Reiki.

The best part of Self-Reiki is that you get instant results.  You get instant benefits for yourself as well as for others.

The most common benefit of Self-Reiki is relaxation.  You can instantly feel relaxed the moment you start Self-Reiki.  Reiki can be defined as a Stress buster.  The main reason for all the modern diseases is Stress-related or Psychosomatic.

The Reiki works on our endocrine glands, endocrine glands secrete the hormones in our system.

2.  Reiki balances your health:

Reiki mainly works as an energy equalizer, so it is obvious that when your practice Self-Reiki, your health get balanced.

3.  Self-Reiki helps you to follow a healthy lifestyle.  Daily practice of Self-Reiki leads you to follow a healthy lifestyle, be it with healthy food, or to follow any other healthy way to naturally follow it.

4.  Self Reiki detoxes you, at the same time distress you.  These changes lead to a better sleep pattern.  Any problems of insomnia or any other sleep disorders like sleep apnea, hypersomnia get minimized.  Good sleep is necessary for the overall health of a person as it can affect a person’s mood, weight, and hormonal level.

5.Self-Reiki helps you to feel grounded and calmer.

 Simple Tips to Self-Reiki.

1.Only Degree 1 of Reiki, has a very detailed prescribed 26 points for Self-Reiki,  after that you can frame out your Self-Reiki Schedule as guided by your intuition.

2.Be Flexible in your Self-Reiki Schedule.  It is always good to have a fixed time for your practice but allow yourself to make some changes in your timings if it does not suit your schedule for the day.

3.If possible, practice Self-Reiki in the group.  If you have friends who follow Reiki, it is always better to practice Self-Reiki with them.  Your Reiki friends will motivate you in your practice.

4.Be present in the moment.  While practicing Self-Reiki always concentrate on the feelings, sensation, or warmth in your palms.  It is very common when your practice Reiki, you get these positive sensations.  So always concentrate on your practice.

5.If possible, keep in writing, your experiences during Self-Reiki.  You can always discuss it with your Reiki Teacher and they can further guide you.

6.visualization can be of great help during Self-Reiki.  Visualize the desired result with your Self-Reiki practice.  For e.g. Muladhar Chakra/ Root Chakra is mainly associated with basic needs of human lives.  So while treating this Chakra, visualize that by giving Reiki to this Chakra, you are free from any worries regarding your daily needs of money and so on.

Swadhisthan/ sacral Chakra:  mainly related to creativity and past karmas.

Manipur/ Solar Plexus: Power issues.

Anahata/ Heart Chakra: Relationship issues.

Visshudhi/ throat Chakra: related to Communication.

Agnya/ Third eye Chakra: Better decision-making power, intuition, and spirituality.

Sahastrar/ Crown Chakra: Spiritual upliftment

These are the very basic functions of the Chakras.  Concentrate on these functions, it will be easier to Self-Reiki on these Chakras.

7.Focus on your final aim of becoming a Reiki-Mater, if you build your foundation of 21 days of Self- Reiki very strong, it will be easier for you, to become an expert in Reiki.


Self-Reiki is going to benefit you and your practice as a Reiki practitioner.  In any field, you will notice that practice makes the man perfect. Reiki is no different, as stated above – The more you give, the more you receive – is the principle of Reiki.

So practice Reiki every day, and say proudly I PRACTICE SELF REIKI EVERY DAY.

I hope now on you will practice Self-Reiki daily and if you want more tips and suggestions on Self-Reiki, subscribe to our newsletter!

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