Excerpts from Experts on Reiki

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A general question asked by many When given intro about Reiki….What is Reiki?

Let’s find out ….


Reiki is an awareness….energy awareness…we are made up of energy but when we realize this subtle healing energy within us and how beautifully it works with us, for the betterment of ourselves ….we just amaze at it…

And my personal favorite…

“I want Reiki to be as common as Aspirin”  –     Hawayo Takata Sensei

Great vision, Let’s all try to make her vision a reality.   Amen !!!

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Hey Friends,

Tell me in the comments below your biggest takeaway from the article or a question about Reiki.  I will be glad to guide you in the right direction.

Love, Light & Reiki

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8 thoughts on “Excerpts from Experts on Reiki”

  1. can i ask-how do you go about choosing a reiki pratitioner? i have had a bad experience with one practitioner, and a great experience with another, but we have moved to a new town and I would like to find someone i trust. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Hillary, thanks for your comment, and I feel very sorry for your bad experience especially with a Reiki Practitioner.
      There are many pre-requisits for this, first of all, I would suggest that before you start your Reiki session/training with any practitioner, try to figure out how that person reacts to your questions,from which Reiki lineage he/she is? How comfortable you are, and most importantly, does that person practice self-Reiki?
      I am really happy to learn that you are interested in Reiki, one more thing you can do is just ask the Universe to send or find a right Reiki Practitioner for you, you will get your answer in a few days.

  2. Hi Jivitaa,

    I’ve heard about Reiki and two of my friends are Reiki practitioners although I have not really understood it well. These videos are very helpful in explaining how to use this subtle and yet powerful energy.

    Until today, I didn’t realise you could use Reiki on yourself even though we naturally use our hands on parts of our bodies that hurt. This is a great revelation and I appreciate it.

    • Thanks Chuka for your comment.
      Really glad to know that your friends are Reiki practitioners, and I personally encourage you to have atleast Level 1 Reiki Attunement, and be sure with daily Self-Reiki you are more amazed with its results.


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