5 Reasons One Should Learn Reiki.

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“Reiki” word is made up of two words Rei and Ki / Key – the key to your health.  Reiki is the key to keeping your health – physical, mental, and spiritual at excel.

What is a human body? If you know, it is nothing but a pure form of energy, how will you repair any imbalance in it? Of course, it can not be repaired by anything else than energy itself.


And why should you find anything else outside of yourself?  Reiki is inherited to you, just acknowledge it, learn it, attune it, and you are ready to cure and heal everything.

Really everything, you name it and you can heal it. Great! Doesn’t it?

If your health is of paramount importance, definitely you think about learning Reiki.

After learning about Reiki, I rarely visited any doctor. Touch Wood !! Am able to cure me, others as well.

This gives me huge satisfaction.

Do you know that existence is nothing but pure energy, be it human or in any other form.  Even non-living things are nothing but a form of energy.

So if there is an imbalance or disharmony, how you should correct it?

With energy, right?  this is one of the most important reasons that one should learn Reiki.

You are energy and any imbalance can be repaired only by Energy.

2.One body, numerous Diseases, and One Healing Energy

.Have you ever try to get the exact number of diseases any human body can have?  What ? Not possible no?  I mean you just can’t tell that.

Let’s see what Wikipedia says :

A disease is an abnormal condition affecting the body of an organism.

A disorder is a functional abnormality or disturbance.

List of cancer types

List of cutaneous conditions
List of endocrine diseases
List of eye diseases and disorders
List of intestinal diseases
List of infectious diseases
List of human diseases associated with infectious pathogens
List of human disease case fatality rates
List of notifiable diseases – diseases that should be reported to public health officials

List of communication disorders
List of genetic disorders
List of neurological disorders
List of voice disorders
List of vulvovaginal disorders
List of liver disorders
list of heart disorders

And please let me tell you, this is the list of  Physical diseases only.  and if you look at the list, it starts with a list of cancer types – and there are more than 100 types of cancer.

The list goes on and on.

The emotional, mental diseases are far more than this, they are more complex in nature.

But Reiki can effectively help in treating these diseases – physical, mental, emotional.  It is unbelievable, but Reiki can effectively help in all such conditions to a great extent.

3.Reiki Hands

For practicing Reiki, you don’t need any tools.  Your hands are your tools, so it is rightly termed as Reiki hands.

In the early 1980’s the frequency of trained healer’s hands were measured by Dr. John Zimmerman, (University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver), using a SQUID(Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) and found the surrounding bio-magnetic field of trained healers hands vibrated at alpha and theta wave ranges compared to the hands of non-healers.

On the more subtle level, it’s the only intention that needs, to heal a person.

4. In Extreme Conditions.

Can you just imagine the situation, when you need medical help, and it’s not possible?  How terrifying it?

Examples can be unlimited.

But in these critical conditions, Reiki can help you till you get medical help.

5.  Medical Cost –  According to Milliman Medical Index

In 2022, the cost of healthcare for a hypothetical American family of four covered by an average employer-sponsored preferred provider organization (PPO) plan is $30,260, according to the Milliman Medical Index (MMI)

medical expenses

It’s clear from the above research, that Health care expenses growing every single day.

How about it that you are paying less for your health care, just by practicing  Self Reiki for mere 15 minutes a day.

No Reiki practitioner ever tell you to stop your medicines. But it definitely reduces your visits to Doctors and Hospitals.

” Reiki works in conjunction with regular medical or psychological treatment.

If one has a medical or psychological condition, it is recommended that one sees a licensed health care professional in addition to receiving Reiki treatments.

Reiki energy works in harmony with all other forms of healing, including drugs, surgery, psychological care or any other method of alternative care and will improve the results.”- The International Center for Reiki Training.

These are broadly concluded results.  These results are only on the physical level.

The role of Reiki in emotional, mental, and spiritual harmony cannot be enough emphasized.

Harmony not only on the physical level, but the daily practice of Reiki balances the mind, body, and soul, read more about 26 Reiki Points to Refresh Yourself Everyday

Reiki Blessings.

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons One Should Learn Reiki.”

  1. I didn’t know about Reiki energy before reading your post. Sounds very logical, and if it can reduce Doctor visits, would be very practicable. Looking forward to reading your other posts and learn how this is done.
    Kind regards,

    • Hey Jeff,
      I am happy that you find this article helpful.
      Reiki is the most practicable thing which can help you in your daily life. And if you just learn Reiki-1, I am sure you will never regret Jeff.
      For learning Reiki, you have to look for a nearby Reiki Practitioner who can teach you in person.
      Thanks, Jeff.


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