How to Apply Reiki to Improve Sleep Patterns



In today’s article, we will look at how Reiki can be used to improve your sleep habits. People lose sleep for a wide variety of reasons and Reiki is a great help to them all.

The coming of age is another reason some people have a harder time getting to sleep. There are also many health conditions that contribute to conditions of insomnia and restlessness at night time.

If untreated the conditions of sleeplessness can become aggravated and lead to other more serious conditions. Amnesia (memory loss), cardiac strain, depression, stress and even immune deficiency all result from improper sleep. There is even a risk of injury and death if tiredness overtakes the body and mind while behind the wheel of a car or operating heavy machinery.

Prevention is the key to avoiding these situations and in addition to proper medical advice and treatment, Reiki can be used to improve your conditions by improving the quality or your sleep.

There are many who rely on OTC sleep facilitators or the plethora of narcotics and alcoholic beverages available to induce sleep and fight off anxieties that can keep the mind awake. However, regular use of any of these substances can end up doing more harm than good. It would be preferable to rely on the natural and holistic remedy in a treatment such as Reiki.
Those that have studied Reiki, as well as those who have received Reiki treatment for their conditions of sleeplessness, have been able to induce a state of complete relaxation as a prelude to entering into a restful repose that lasts till morning. Raging insomniacs who have taken the first step toward relief through Reiki treatment have noticed a considerable improvement in their capacity to get some good sleep at nights.

In order to be rid of your conditions of Insomnia, it is important to learn the procedures of Reiki Self-treatment. These self-treatment procedures are essential for relaxing the mind and body and even preparing the soul for sleep. This is accomplished through a harmonization of the chakras, which are the important energy centers of the body. Best of all this can be applied at any time of the day to begin feeling more relaxed and rested, especially important for high-strung individuals and those with despondent tendencies.

Of course, the best time to begin this practice would be right before you lie down to sleep. This will induce a deeper form of relaxation which is a precursor to a restful sleep.

Reiki Self-Treatment Procedure for Improving Sleep

The Reiki practitioner must maintain each of the 4 positions for a minimum of 5 minutes. These should be followed sequentially from the first to the fourth.

Note: To enjoy optimal results from this self-treatment procedure, it is important to complete Reiki level 1 first. Nevertheless, you can expect at least some benefits from the procedure even if you have not completed the essential first level. Add this action to Amerisleep mattresses and you’ll improve sleep dramatically.

Position 1: In a comfortable lying position, close the eyes and rest the palms of each hand over them. Your palms should be rested on your cheekbones and covering the eyes, this is a position that relieves stress and clears the mind. You may also notice an increased meditative state. Maintain this position for a full five minutes.

Position 2:  The hands can then be placed on the chest with the fingers touching your collarbones (clavicles) from their lower sides. This position is essential for regulating blood pressure, harmonizing the heart’s rhythm and boosting the immune system. Maintain this potion for five minutes.

Position 3: The hands are then moved to the midsection of the body. One hand should be slightly above the umbilicus and the other slightly below the umbilicus. In this position, the practitioner should relax completely and allow the healing energies released in this position to travel through the body. This position is vital to boosting energy levels to improve the vital functions of the body at rest. Digestive disorders are also improved in this way. Those suffering from mental or emotional distress, fear and worry can also find relief.

Position 4: Move the hands further down to the pelvic area and lower abdomen till your fingertips reach the pubic area and pubic bone. Here set your hands in a “V” position. This position works to improve and balance the organs of the reproductive and excretory systems including the urethra and bladder. In the mind, this also works to improve confidence and this in itself is good for sleep patterns


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