Pamper Your Pet Dog With the Reiki Healing Therapy


Pamper Your Pet With the Reiki Healing Therapy

Reiki is a Spiritual healing energy which pampers your pets and does wonder to your dog’s health and well being.  Reiki balances emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects and can help with issues such as anxiety, fear, stress, and many behavioral issues.

Dogs can suffer from many of the same ailments we humans do, so it’s important to look after them and ensure they are stress-free. Not only that, but they love Reiki!

Distant healing is another great feature of Reiki and can be done effectively irrespective of space and time.  Reiki works beyond space and time.  We all are connected on a spiritual level with another being, and offering to heal your pets is a great way to ensure their all-around wellness.

Healing Your Pets With Reiki will help them with both emotional and physical problems they might have. It’s also a great way to keep an animal healthy and in a balanced state.

Animals act very often as an energy sponge, so many issues that your pet expresses might not even be its own.  Your furry friend is carrying and collecting your energetic debris in its body.  This is the reason why many ailments, especially chronic issues, are misdiagnosed and are not getting better with conventional treatment, let alone being cured.

At least one of the symptoms, expressions or disturbances was an exchange or attachment stemming from the caretaker or another member of the family. In some cases, the symptom-complex (or dis-ease if you will) was a sponged energy. This is true for both, physical ailments and behavioral and emotional expressions.

How Does Reiki for Dogs Work?

Reiki is a powerful modality that works alike for animals and humans. The most important characteristic of Reiki is it balances the energy system and maintains energy equilibrium.

By balancing your pet’s energy field Reiki can help bring about emotional and physical harmony to allow the animal to heal. We are all made of energy – everything is. Sometimes our energy fields can become depleted or unbalanced and that is where illness can occur.

Reiki can be used in conjunction with all other holistic medical, therapeutic techniques and traditional medical treatments.
Word of Caution: Energy healing is not meant to replace veterinary care – Reiki is a complementary therapy for animals. There are no possible harmful side effects of Reiki healing, it can only help your pet, but please do use it alongside the care and advice your vet provides.

Why Do Dogs need Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a preventive Healing Therapy

Regular Reiki sessions with your pet dogs balance the energy level of the being at the same time making the immune system stronger.

It is a misconception that Reiki is just for sick and injured animals, Reiki can be given to sick and injured animals, it is best to use Reiki to prevent any potential illness or ailment.

Reiki can greatly help to maintain general well being of your dog.

Reiki sessions can also be done remotely or in person, at any time of day or night. Reiki is quite flexible healing modality as Reiki can be sent distantly, at any corner of the world and at any time. Reiki works beyond space and time. So it’s easy to choose the most suitable time for a Reiki session.

The brachial chakra in a dog
Humans have seven main chakras. Dogs have the same seven chakras plus one additional chakra known as the brachial chakra.

The brachial chakra in a dog is the beginning point for clearing chakras in dogs. Each of the chakras regulates a specific area or areas of the body. However, all the chakras work together to keep the body’s energy aligned and flowing smoothly.

When there is a physical or emotional problem within the body, the chakras will become blocked and energy will not flow properly. Which chakras are blocked will depend on the area(s) of the body affected. Until the chakra is cleared of its blockage, the issue will remain.

Benefits of Reiki Therapy with Dogs

The very basic nature of Reiki is to provide comfort and relaxation to the receiver. Every session of Reiki is beneficial as Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of the being.

Reiki can help your Pet dogs in many ways

The soothing and calming energy of Reiki is quite useful for highly strung, hyperactive and stressed animals.

Reiki provides comfort, relief from pain, fear, and anxiety.

Reiki provides relief from the effects of arthritis, rheumatism and other debilitating conditions.

Reiki can accelerate healing in post-surgical trauma, wounds, breaks, and sprains.

Reiki can help in transitions such as moving house, introduction to, loss of, another pet.

Reiki helps rescued animals to adjust to their new surroundings and preparing them for a future in a safe and stable life.

Reiki helps by comforting them and their owner during the transition from this world to the next.

As you see Reiki can help your pet dog in a number of ways, as it is holistic energy. It works best for all, be it humans or animals. Reiki is spiritual healing energy, it is harmless and gentle energy and works for the highest interest of the receiver. So regular sessions of Reiki improves the emotional, mental, and physical health of your pets.

So why not learn Animal Reiki and pamper your pet.

Learn Animal Reiki 

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