How to define Reiki ?

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Define Reiki, somebody asks me sarcastically.That time I didn’t answer.

Reiki is unconditional love, Reiki is pure light.


Reiki Love Light

This universe made up of five elements, i.e. Earth (Prithvi), water (jal), Air (Vayu), fire(Agni), and ether(Akash).All these elements are made available universally to all of its creatures by the creator.

HE never made any discrimination.These elements are freely made available irrespective of caste, creed, religion or any other discriminations. Discriminations are made by human beings. Each one has an equal right to it, unconditionally given to this universe.

Reiki is also unconditionally available to each one of us, irrespective of age, caste, creed and religion.We made Reiki  conditioned by our narrow thoughts, narrow thinking.

We can apply Reiki to each and every thing, living or non-living.

Reiki is not based on a belief system. One need not to believe it to get benefit from it. Of course, the more you believe, more you realise it, feel it. Reiki works on each and every level of your existence, whether you believe in Reiki or not.

Reiki is pure light. Each one of us has our own fears and phobias.We have created different blocks in our energy field, in the form of negative thoughts, beliefs. Different negative emotions like anger, fear, worry, create different blocks in our system.

Reiki brings all these negative forms in light, give us an opportunity to work on it through different affirmations, symbols, intentions. Reiki guides us to work on these blockages.Reiki fills us with pure light.

Reiki is love, Reiki is light.

Love Light Reiki



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4 thoughts on “How to define Reiki ?”

  1. Interesting site. I enjoyed reading your content. I like reading about things like this.
    I actually took a mini course on Reiki years ago. It was very interesting subject to learn. And definitely something I would love to continue to learn.
    I like the picture on your site and the content is very easy to read.

    • Thanks Jenny for your kind words.

      Its really nice of you that you took out some time to visit my post. You mentioned that you completed small Reiki course, does it include attunment ? M really happy that you learned Reiki and just hope to continue with the practice, the result you get will be amazing.. If you have any query feel free and I will be more than happy to answer it.


  2. I have not heard the term reiki before. Very interesting. Is this a term used commonly? I love the idea of seeing and understanding that we all have goodness and light in us. Just the way we were created to be. I wasn’t familiar with it but I am loving the new term!

    • Hi Heather Grace,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Reiki is as common as our breaths, but as we are unaware of our breaths most of time, we are unaware of this subtle healing energy within us.

      There are many healing techniques available to human kind, but we termed them as ‘alternative medicine’ though they exist thousands of year before Allopathy.

      Due regards to all systems, m dedicated to Reiki.

      Every living and non living thing is made up of energy, so to heal anything Reiki is the best healing technique, because Reiki literally means Universal life force energy.



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