Reiki Practices For Corona Pandemic ’20


With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and the growing number of infected people, created an obvious fearful atmosphere in the whole world.

It is necessary to follow the instructions of the govt. are issuing, and taking all precautionary measurements like self-hygiene, washing hands at regular intervals with soap and water.

Most parts of the World are under lock-down and in these fearful situations, Reiki can help tremendously not only to protect you on physical but also on a mental and emotional level.

How Reiki Can Help In This Pandemic?

Reiki works on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Reiki is a holistic energy healing, which means it can heal on all levels like physical, mental and emotional.  In this situation, when people are fearful, it harms more on the mental and then physical level.  People are so stressed and anxious about this pandemic, that they can harm him making him mentally weak.

If you have learned Reiki or in that matter any healing modality, it can help you tremendously.  Reiki is a hidden tool that makes you strong internally.  When there is no medically approved medicine or vaccine for the disease, you can Reiki yourself and everyone else and boost their morale.

Reiki has proven medical records of improving immunity, and it is of utmost importance to improve and strengthen the immunity system and help our body.  Our body has an inbuild immunity system to protect us from any disease.  But since the virus has no previous history, our immune system may take time to recognize and fight against the virus.  Still, practicing self-Reiki daily, we can help our system to remain strong and healthy.

Reiki Maintains homeostasis

Reiki is a Self-healing modality to increase our immune response as well as Reiki is known for its ability to maintain the homeostasis of the body.

In this critical social atmosphere, when everyone is under fear and stress, it going to affect physical health.  Reiki not only balances the physical but also mental and emotional strata, thus really helps to maintain the overall health.

As a Reiki Practitioner, we can help ourselves as well as others by following the simple daily routine.


Self-Reiki is necessary as unless we are in the best of health conditions, we can’t send healing energies to others.  Self-Reiki helps to calm our frayed nerves and stay centered amidst the fear and drama.

Be of Service to Others

Reiki works beyond space and time and you can send Reiki not only to your loved ones but to the entire planet from your home.  Distant Reiki can heal people across the globe and in such testing times, Reiki can do wonders.

There are thousands of people who need help to get over this trauma or going through the mediation process, the doctors, the whole medical staff will certainly benefit from this healing energy.

Send healing energies to everyone who is affected by this pandemic and set intentions to protect the world from Coronavirus.

As we all know, Reiki is basically a balancing healing energy, so it will help others also to balance.

Limit the access of Social media & Television

Yes, it is necessary to get the latest information about the situation but that does not mean you should glue to TV or spend hours watching the news and scrolling social media.

social media and TV news are full of fearful stories and that will be absorbed by a greater fear in you.  These fearmongering stories on social media will further lower your vibration and make you feel helpless.  Instead, spend quality time with your family in this lockdown period, make some positive changes in your and yours life.

Access Reiki & Other Healing Energy Groups & forums

Fortunately, you will find many healing groups working coherently near and around you.  You can also search online for Reiki Free Healing groups and forums, that providing free healings.

These healing sessions are immensely helpful as they work on physical as well as mental and emotional planes.  Not only that you will find many like-minded people on these forums, which will help you to share any stress or anxiety if you have any.

It is proven that group meditation can have a major impact on the globe as well.

There is immense power to group work as evidenced by experiments carried out by Transcendental Meditation groups. A 1% shift in consciousness has an impact on the entire population, when 1% of a population is engaged in meditation for example, it lowers crime rate for the entire town.

You can join these group meditation online or you can spend a set amount of time for healing the world.

You can join my Free Reiki Healing Session Here.

This Too Shall Pass…

Not to forget the whole world is going through this phase and everyone is fearful about the situation.  But as a Reiki Practitioner, we can send Reiki healing to the whole world from the comfort of our home, right?  And always remember that This Too Shall Pass…..

Remember the Five Percepts of Reiki

Just For Today, I will not Worry…

Power Thoughts or Affirmations

Affirmations or power thoughts are one of the most powerful tools around.  Affirmations directly impact our subconscious mind. If we successfully convey the message to the Subconscious mind, it will start working for it.

So Simple affirmations work wonders.  Choose an affirmation that resonates with you, chant it 27 times thrice a day.  Slowly it starts penetrating in your subconscious mind and it will manifest in life.

Every day, I share Affirmations For Immunity on my FB Page Reiki Amazes, Join Me.

Affirmations for immunity

Final Thoughts

There are many theories around this virus, but one thing is clear that it is important to equip ourselves and our children with some safety energy healing tools.  There may be a situation like today when there is no medical help available and people find themselves helpless.

Reiki or any other healing modality makes you stronger from inside, and you stay centered even in critical conditions.  But it is important to self-Reiki first, then you will be able to send healing energies to needy people.

The most important feature of Reiki is that it boosts our immune system, which is necessary to keep us healthy in any condition.

So I request you to learn Reiki or any other healing modality, which can help you in any critical situation and you don’t end up feeling helpless.

As always, feel free to ask any questions or suggestions in the comment below and if you think, this post can be helpful to your friends, share it?

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