Review : Reiki Copper Symbol Plate for Goal Achievement

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Reiki Copper Symbol Plate for Goal Achievement – The Overview and Rankings

Company Name – Reiki Crystal Products

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Product Effectiveness : 10/10

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Price: 8/10

My Overall Rankings : 9/10



Reiki Copper Symbol Plate for Goal Achievement is the tool which you can use for many purposes, specifically for the achievement of goals.  The copper is used for making yantras from the ancient times for its effectiveness.  This Goal Achievement plate beholds both energies of Reiki and Copper.

The major four symbols of Reiki are engraved on the Goal Achievement plate, so becomes more powerful.  Master Symbol has the strongest energy in these symbols.  This Plate should be placed at the bottom of Money Reiki Box, Reiki Box, or even in your Cash Box.

It can be used in Crystal grids, place it in the center and write an intention chit and place above it, also you can place relevant crystal stone to maximize its effect.

The Goal Achievement place is really a useful tool, which can be used in many ways.

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Goal Achievement Plate Information

ColorCopperItem Weight99.8 package Dimensions13 x 11 x 9 cmShipping Weight99.8 GramsItem Model NumberReiki-Goal-Achievement-Plate-3 pcItem Part NumberReiki-Goal-Achievement-Plate-3 pcPrimary materialCopperCapacityStandardNumber of Pieces3What is in the box?Reiki-Goal-Achievement-Plate-3 pcItem ShapeSquare


Goal Achievement Plates Effectiveness

As I mentioned above, Goal Achievement Plates are very useful for anyone and can be used in different ways.  The major four symbols of Reiki Cho ku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei Hei Ki, and Dai Ku Myo are engraved on the plate, which makes it more useful.

For the maximum impact, first cleanse the product with Reiki, then give Reiki to Goal Achievement Plate for minimum 10 minutes or till needed.

If you are not a Reiki Practitioner, do not worry, still the plate is effective, but if you want to charge the Goal Achievement Plate by Reiki, contact me at shubh@reikiamazes.com, will do the FREE cleansing and charging for you.

Goal Achievement Plate Benefits

AS the name suggests this Reiki Plate can mainly be used for the intention of Goal Achievement.  Write your goal on a paper, fold it and keep in on the Goal Achievement Plate.  The Reiki energy will charge your gpal 24×7.  For the best result, you can put your plate and Intention Chit in a MOney Reiki Box.

Other than this, this plate can be kept in your office, Money Locker, on your study table, for kids keep near their study table.  It can be used in numorous ways.

Goal Achievement Price

M.R.P.   1,999.00  (Pack of 3)
Price:   699.00 You Save:   1,300.00 (65%)Inclusive of all taxes

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Reiki Copper Symbol Plate for Goal Achievement with 4 Reiki Symbols Engraved 4 inch, is a great product for Reiki Practitioners as well as who want to access the Reiki Healing.

Goal Achievement plate and engraved Reiki Symbols provides Reiki Healing to concern goals 24×7, if you keep this plate in a proper place, the best way is to keep this goal in a Money Reiki Box.

Even if you are not a Reiki Practitioner, there is no harm in putting it in your wealth box or whenever you need the Reiki healing energy.

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