Free Vasudha Symbol Attunement: Tips for Reiki & Money Reiki Students


In the last session, we discussed some of the ways you can Use the Vasudha symbol in daily life.

In this video, I am offering some simple tips for Reiki & Money Reiki students. If you are a Reiki or Money Reiki student, you have many more tools, symbols in your toolkit. While adding Vasudha Symbol in your daily life, you can also add other Reiki & Money Reiki symbols to it. It will definitely be going to amplify the results.

Cho Ku Rei(CKR), Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Dollar Symbol, Clearing & Manifestation symbol are some of them.

Money Reiki has dedicated 7 symbols that you should use while manifesting your financial goals. In this video, I have added some additional tips, especially for Reiki & Money Reiki students.

In the next session, we are going to Heal our Chakras with Vasudha Symbol.

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Wondering How To Make Your Money Reiki Box Rock?

You can download this money affirmation with the vasudha symbol sheet to write all your money goals and affirmations.You can also add it to yourMoney Reiki box if you have one. Vasudha symbol on all 4 corners seal the energy and thus will provide Vasudha symbol healing energies 24×7 to your money goals.

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