Difference between Reiki and Qi-gong

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reiki and qu gong

Introduction to Energy Healing

Human body is the amazing creation of Almighty, as it has some subtle powers in it.  Human body is rightly said to be a miniature of this entire universe.  So what ever out there in the universe, we find that in a human body in a miniature form.

Human body has an innate power of healing itself to a great extent.  If we take care of our body properly, most of the time body needs no extra medication.

In addition to this, if we include healthy eating habits, exercise, a bit of meditation the overall energy level increases.  Energy healing boosts the natural healing capacity of the human body.

There are the number of energy healing methods exists and no one can say the exact number of these modalities.  Every main method is further branch out in many other healing modalities.  Like Reiki, the origin of Reiki can go back to Vedic period, as its first mention of Reiki found in Atharvaveda, then known as by the name of  “Hasta Sparsha Rog NIvarana Vidya”  From there on, it came along a long way.  Buddha rediscovered Reiki, then Dr.Mikao Usui, again propogated it by the name of Reiki.  Futther it get branched out as Karuna Reiki and other hundreds of types of Reiki., each one of it having its own essence.

Now and then we hear the discussion about the effectiveness of energy healing.  People don’t believe it or find it difficult ot believe that by the simple techniques of breathing and simple momements of the body, we can keep the vibrationns high and protect it from diseases and illness.

People don’t believe in ancient healing methods, as no one teaches about energy healing, or how our body functions, which are the body systems thant can help the body to remain in a immune state.  We are not aware of the basic function of the human body because we don’t realize the value of our body and its system unless we fall ill or it starts disfunctioning.

Our body and this universe is made up of 5 elememnts- fire, earth, water, space and ether, and these are the same elements which also consist in our human body.  The reason we fall ill or disease – when we are not at ease – dis ease.  It happens when one of the element loses its equilibrium.  If one of the element goes out of proportion, the body reacts in the form of illenss or  disease.

So the very basic cure for any disease or illness is to maintain the equilibrium of the energy in the body.  Energy healing is the most powerful technique which can help us to maintain the energy equillibrium of the body.

Reiki and many other forms of energy healing like Qi gong based on the Prana or universal life force – “Ki – in Reiki and pronounced as “Qi” in Chinese.

In bothe of these energy healing system, it is believed that universal life force energy can be tapped by the human body and extend to heal the body.

Reiki practitioners believe that human body works as a channel when the Reiki is activated and we never use our personal energy.  As personal energy can be diluted by thoughts, and surroundings, on which one has no control.  So whille healilng Reiki Practitioners channel energy through Universe, and that way is more effective.

Qi gong is the ancient chinese healing method which includes specific physical movements, breathing techniques, and mental imagery that direct the Qi within the body.

Qi means life force energy, vitality and gong means transformation, transforming the self.

Elements of Qi Gong:

Meditation : seating and moving meditation



It works on the philosophy of Good-Better-Best.

Qi gong works for everyone, whether one believes it or not.  But if you believe, definitely you realise the benefits much easily and subtly.

Qi gong on the mind, body , spirit and th energy flow through the merridians, and blockages if any, removed through the contiunous practice of Qi gong.

Any symptom of pain, uneasyness in any area of your existence- pysical, menal, emotional and spiritual- is a message of blockage that need to be addressed.  Movements and intention plays the huge role in Qi gong energy healing.

Good and Bad Energy

Qi gong does not label energy as a good or a bad energy but too much energy or too low energy in a particular arena of life.  In any situation, it creates blockages in our existence. But the practice of energy healing, all blockages can be dissolved.

5 elements of Qi gong are happiness, Joy, Peace, Content and Gratitude.  These are the steps we should follow each day, and they help us in raising our vibrations.

It is claimed that energy healling can be used to treat many ailments including tumors, cysts, paraplegia and hemiplegia, muscular atrophy, stress and insomnia, immune deficiency disorders, migraine headaches, and pain.  To a great extent it has givene some astounding results.

Qigong 2 was 50% meditation and 50% subtle movement. This is the beginning of learning to move the Qi of your own body with the mind, heart, and intent. and it is learned Heart Spirit as One Qigong.

Reiki and Qi gong operates on a similar principal of Energy – it believes that everthing in this universe is energy, plants, planets, book, table, etc.  each one has its own energy.  Energy is constantly transformed, in a positive or a negative.

Energy healilng makes it sure that this energy transformation takes place in a postive way and therby prevens from diseases and illness.  That way Energy Healing is a preventive in nature.


Meaning of Reiki

Reiki is made up of two words Rei and Ki.  Rei means Universal and Ki means Universal Life Force. This life force or KI – Energy, exists in every one- plants, animals, stones, tables and chair.

The entire Universe is nothing but the energy.  Reiki is tapping this spiritual healing energy, which enters through Crown Chakra, moving down to Third Eye, throat and then to Heart Chakra- and there by extension of heart is our hands, through these hands and palms we pass on the Reiki – Spiritual healing Energy.

By giving Reiki, we try to balance the energy equilibrium, dissove any blockages in the existence on every level – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual plane.

Though as a Reiki Practitioner, we can channel Reiki energy through us and with intention we guide Reiki to help us to heal that part, but the fact is Reiki flows where it is most needed.  We may give Reiki to ourself, to heal our headache.  that is the intention we can and we should set, but Reiki can flow to other part of our existence like our mental plane may have/ had disturbed or had some reason circumstance in our past lives, which is still seated in our sub conscious and creating imbalance in our physical plane.  Now when we intend to remove headache, Reiki may folllow these sub conscious pattersns, and heals mental plane first.  Or may be emotional plane.

We can’t decide the real reason of imbalace in the existence, but when we believe in the energy healing, trust it – Reiki gives us the better results.

On the other hand Allopathy, does not heal you instead it focus on curing your symptoms.  Medication gives you temporary relife from the symptoms but does not heal it.  When you take a medication for a long time, you are doing nothing but the curing the imabalnces that have appeared in the form of symptoms.

Energy healing on the contrary, heals the root cause of the disease and gives relief on a deeper level.

5 percepts of Reiki

Dr. Mikkao Usui led down 5 percepts/principals of Reiki, which Reiki Pratitioners should try to incorporate in live.  When I was learning the first level of Reiki, I learned these 5 percepts of Reiki.  that time I thought it’s really not possible to practice these principals, as they are not practical.  In our day to day life, it seems impossible to me that time.

But I was instructed to follow it dailly, as much as possible.  I tried to and don’t know how much I am successful, but today I don’t think that following these 5 percepts are impossible.

What are these 5 percepts?

Just for today : Do Not Anger.

We can see anger on a physical level, but it also affects your mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Anger lead to anxiety, it produces the same physiological and psychological effects of stress which leads to depression.

Just for Today : Do Not Worry

Constant worry leads to stress hormones stimulates in blood circulations, results in tension in a nervous system and heart rate, this could result in Stroke and Heart Attack.

Just for Today : Be Grateful

There is a popular saying, Gratitude tuns into multitude.  But that should not be the reason we practice Gratitude.  gratitude must be a heartfelt feelling, for what we received in this life from the universe, from our surroundings, from our family and friends.

Surprisingly,  recent scientific studies show very positive results of people practicing Gratitude.

  • Stronger Immune System and lower blood pressure.
  • Positive attitude towards life.
  • Full of Compassion
  • Having general feeling of fulfillment.

Just for Today : Work Honestly

A study at Notre Dame clealy stated that practicing honesty experience less depression, headaches and sore throats.  Honesty is the best policy,   Dishonesty can have short-term benefits, but it adversely affects your health, your relationships, your social status.

Just for Today : Be Kind to Yourself and Others

Kindnes for yourself and others, literally improves your health, happiness and goodwill.  When you practice kindnees to others, you feel good inside, and this feeling of goodness improves your mental health and improves your physical health as well.

Practicing these 5 percepts may be difficult to practice when you start but as you follow these percepts on daily basis, you slowly get used to it and you will not find it difficult to practice.

Characteristics of Reiki

Purest form of spiritual healing energy.

Reiki does no harm.

It works on all plains – Pysical, mental.emotional and spiritual.

Reiki works best as Stress buster,  Stress is the main reason for all other diseases and imbalaces, When stress is relieved through reiki, you back to your energy equilibrium.


Symbols play an important role in reiki sessions.  Symbols help in focusing and concentrating our energies.  There is a constant debate in Reiki Circcle, should we discuss Symbols or not?

I personally feel we shoul spread a word of Reiki and symbols with other non attunes, when they realize how reiki and symbols can help them to achieve peace and health, they will follow and learn Reiki.  Which ultimatley going to build a healthy society.

Read More: Reiki Symbols secret or Sacred?


Attunements in reiki are mystic in nature, as one can not describe what actually happens when Reiki Master passes the attunement.  One can explain attunement step by step, but after attunements, how the energies are passed to, are unexpalinable.

Read More Attunments

Distant Healing

Distant Healing is the most imporatant characteristic of Reiki.  It’s really amazing how one can literally send Reiki to other person, across a room, a state, a snation and a country.  How amazing it that you can send Reiki and heal anything from plants to plantets.

Intention does matter in healing, but how our thoughts travel the space, is the main subject of discussion here.  Space is total different entitiy in the universe and has many subtle energies and powers in it.

When we speak, we think, every thought and word get recorded in this space and come back to us.  Intention plays a huge role here.


So friends, here is the brief discussion about hhese two healing modalities – Reiki and Qi gong.  Though the principal is same the operating system is different.

Reiki is more of a hands on healing where as Qi gong is the combination of meditation, movements and other things.

As a Reiki Matster Teacher, I am biased towards Reiki, as it is the simplest form of healing, with the additional tool of distant healing, suitable to send reiki to anyone and anywhere.  And it works!!!

You feel great when you send reiki distantly and your receive a positive feedback how they feel better.

What’s your opinion on the subject, how do you like energy healing ,are you in Reiki or any other healing modallities, pl let me know your experieces, suggestions, and queries i will be glad to anser it.




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2 thoughts on “Difference between Reiki and Qi-gong”

  1. I am learning Tai Chi right now and I can tell it has made an incredible difference in my life. I feel much better only after two months of practice. You feel the extra energy move through you. While it is not Qi Gong or Reiki, Tai Chi still boosts the body’s energy.

    I do have a question though. Distant healing intrigues me. How do I channel my energy to someone else to help them? I want to help my Dad.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Hey Alex, thanks for stopping by, I read some of your posts on hiking and was astonished by how much strength – physical, mental and emotional you might need daily.
      Alex, every energy healing has its own method and system to follow, though the base of healing remains the same. All energy healing is nothing but level or balances the energy within you and for that, every healer draws the energy from the source.
      Great to hear that you are learning Tai Chi and getting benefit from it. You also asked about distant healing.
      Distant healing is a unique feature of Reiki, how amazing it is to heal a person from anywhere in the world and you might be very suspicious at the same time.
      The Concept of distant healing is – space and time – Reiki is beyond space and time, say it’s a different time in India than in your country. In India it is evening, it might be morning or afternoon in another part of the earth.
      Similarly, it is not necessary in Reiki to be in same time zone or even in same space to send Reiki healing energies. Your intention is the main thing, on which Reiki Works.
      Pl read Does Reiki Distance Healing Works? for more information on Distant Healing.



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