Are Reiki Symbols Sacred or Secret?

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Reiki a gentle hands on healing

Reiki – hands-on healing technique – is the easiest and safest healing method. Reiki is easy to learn and apply, once you are attuned to Reiki, you can heal anything from plants to planets. Reiki has different levels, and with every level, you learn more advanced techniques of healing. After level 1, next two levels consists of different symbols.

A symbol has its specific function and role to play, but not limited to. Every practitioner uses different symbols for their healing sessions as they are guided to as intuition plays a huge role while applying Reiki.

Though Reiki has a basic structure laid down as how to apply Reiki, how to send distant Reiki, how to and when to use symbols, a guideline on symbols etc, every healer has its own method on how to apply this knowledge while applying Reiki.

Symbols are introduced in Reiki level 2 – the three major symbols Cho Ku Rei, Sei he ki and Hon sha ze sho nen were passed on to the students through attunement.

In Reiki Level 3 – Reiki Master Teacher – the most powerful symbol of Dai Ko Mio – introduced to the Reiki Masters. After completing Reiki Level 2 – you become a Reiki Master.

Along the way, if you drew to Karuna Reiki, more symbols are introduced to the Reiki Masters.

So, Symbols play a major role in your healing session and also helps a lot a healer to focus and concentrate his/her healing energies.

Not to forget, that every healer may receive other symbols intuitively along his/her journey on discovering the Reiki or other healing modalities.

Besides, Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki Symbols, you will find hundreds of other symbols discussed by many other healers as they may be guided to and received intuitively.

I have no doubt that you receive many other symbols during your healing journey, as I myself received three another symbols while healing my ailing mother.

Along with receiving these symbols intuitively, you also receive directions and ways to apply these symbols. It’s very difficult to explain the whole procedure of how you receive this information intuitively.

But most of the time your receive guidelines through your Agnya/ Third Eye chakra. You may receive visuals in your mind, you may see pictures or you just download the information.

Not to discuss Reiki Symbols with non-attunes

In Usui Reiki, it is clearly instructed not to discuss the Reiki symbols other than who are attuned to Reiki. You should not discuss the Reiki symbols and how to use these symbols.

In Karuna Reiki, there is no such guideline and restriction whether to discuss symbols with other non-attunes.

The first thing that we should know about the Reiki symbols is that Dr.Mikao Usui, who reinvented Reiki, never used to teach Reiki symbols to his students and never teach hand placements which we follow today.

It is clearly mentioned in documents, that Mikao Usui, never discussed symbols while teaching Reiki. It’s when Mikao Usui passed away, Dr.Chijorao Hayashi and Madam Takata, who introduced and started teaching Symbols to their students.

The whole Reiki world is divided on this topic and now and then we found discussions whether Reiki Symbols should be discussed or keep secret.

Reiki symbols Secret or Sacred

My personal opinion is we should spread a word of Reiki, and promote Reiki as it is one of the easiest and safest method of healing.

Everyone agrees that Reiki is the easiest to learn and apply. You just need to keep your hands very gently on your/ receiver’s body. Of course, Distant Reiki is the other powerful function of Reiki.

You can access every piece of information, with a click of a button on Internet, so why not educate these people about Reiki and its huge scope as a healing modality.

I have no fear in my mind someone misusing Reiki and its symbols because without attunement Reiki and its symbols cannot be activated.

A person who does not have any knowledge about Reiki and its symbols, and how to activate Reiki, unlikely to misuse it. It’s only the person who has thorough knowledge and powerReiki,  of can misuse it. Did you get my point?

Once you know the main features of Reiki and how Reiki works, you are assured that Reiki itself is a harmless healing modality and no one in any form can harm others by using Reiki.

Main Reiki Features.

1.Reiki is safe, and do no harm.

It is the basic and most important feature of Reiki. Reiki is safe to apply, you can give Reiki to a newborn as well as to an ailing person, in the most gentle and harmless ways.

2.Reiki works for the highest interest of the concern people.

Whenever you apply Reiki, it works for the highest interest of the person, so do not worry about the effectiveness of Reiki.

3. Reiki is a divine intellect, Reiki flow where it is needed,

Reiki is a Divine healing method, as a practitioner, we can intend for a specific result, but as a Divine Intellect, Reiki knows what part is needed healing- physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

So Reiki flows where it is most needed, and we cannot decide and govern its flow. But rest assured, every Reiki session has its effect, though we may not immediately measure it.

4.We are mere Channels of this spiritual Healing Energy.

If you are a firm believer in four of the above principles of Reiki, you will not worry about Reiki and its symbols being misused.

The most important thing for me that we must remember that we are mere Channels of this Spiritual Healing Energy-Reiki, and we are blessed that Universe has given us the opportunity to heal others using Reiki.

Are symbols Sacred or Secret?

Reiki is a Spiritual Healing Energy and we draw the energy from the Divine Source.  So there is no doubt that Reiki Symbols are Sacred.SEI HE KI

When we are attuned to Reiki, we are instructed to treat them as a Sacred and keep them Secret.

But as I mentioned above, with the growing popularity of the Internet, each and every symbol of Reiki, get posted on the Internet.

But from a layman’s point of view, Symbols are nothing but a mere diagram, and definitely has no knowledge about how effective they can be to improve his health.

With due respect to everyone, we need to spread the knowledge of Reiki to each person.  Without discussing and explaining Symbols and its effectiveness, it’s a tough job.

If we explain what Reiki is and how each symbol is going to improve his physical, mental, emotional state, he may think of Reiki as an additional tool for improving his health.

Like Reiki, Yoga also supposed to be sacred and secret.

Yoga is another ancient tradition of India.  You will be surprised to know that in ancient times Yoga was supposed to be practiced by saints and other few people only.

It was not allowed to discuss yoga and its traditions with other people.  For many thousands of years, Yoga was not introduced to people just because it is supposed to be sacred and secret.

Nowadays, when Yoga is benefitting one and all, what do you think is it better or not that few of the dedicated people like B.K.R.Iyengar, and thousand others, spent all of their lives spreading and propagating yoga.

Like Yoga, Reiki can benefit you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

The Indian tradition of secrecy

All of the Indian great traditions like Yoga, Astrology, Bhagwad Gita, and all of the Vedic knowledge instructed to keep secret and was not avail to people.  Bhagwad Gita till date believed to be preached to only Brahmins, and not to share its knowledge to other lower casts!

It’s altogether a different discussion whom to call a Brahmin.  Definitely, our forefathers have a great wisdom – giving a definition of Brahmins as who follows the path of Brahma.  Of course, Brahmin is not a cast related term.

Reiki has its mention in Atharva Veda and Patanjali sutra as a healing method. Reiki originated in India,  no wonder, instructed to keep it secret.

Is it disrespectful to our teachers?

Each one of us who are attuned, instructed by our teachers, not to discuss Reiki symbols with those who are not attuned to Reiki.  So for many of us, it is a huge dilemma whether it will be disrespectful to our teachers if we do not follow their instructions.

For me personally, it’s not disrespecting to our teachers if we share the knowledge of symbols to them who are not attuned.  I  have a clear intention of spreading Reiki Knowledge to others for a better healthy society, I never feel any guilt within me.

I always share my blog posts with my senior Reiki Teachers, and I am grateful that they always supported my cause and never once I receive any criticism discussing Reiki Symbols.

Reiki Symbols are a part of every healing session and symbols make our healing more profound, as they have greater reach and power to heal our problems.

I would genuinely like to know your take on this topic.  What is your opinion, should we spread the knowledge of symbols with non attunes or not?  Pl, share your thoughts in comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Are Reiki Symbols Sacred or Secret?”

  1. Hi firstly i would like to thank you for leaving a comment on my site i appreciate your input. While it is my first time hearing the term Reiki, I have watched movies depicting its usage i just never thot it was applicable in real life. This is truly fascinating and unique.
    I also don’t think Reiki can cause any harm for people to see the symbols as they would have very little or no meaning to a person like me. I enjoyed reading and thanks for sharing

    • Hey there,
      Reiki is a healing energy, which causes no harm. Even if it’s symbols need to be activated by an attuned Reiki Practitioner. Unless symbols are activated, it can not be applied.
      Reiki or any other healing modalities or in that sense, any knowledge or information is need to be practice in our daily life. Reiki is useful in our daily lives.



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